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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 78 years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Accepted via email: 

Is the astonishing flooding on the Pear River in Mississippi related to the New Madrid pressure rather than local rainfall as reported?
[and from another]
More Rain to Come
February 18, 2020
The crest came after what Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves called a “long weekend” due to rising floodwaters and additional evacuations throughout Jackson and the broader central Mississippi area. The river, which reached major flood stage over the weekend, crested near Jackson at around 36.67 feet. Still, a 38-foot water height was reported along the river in the area of Highway 25 north to the Barnett Reservoir dam.

The Pearl River was backing up, due to heaving above the New Orleans and Batan Rouge area where numerous unexplained explosions have occurred in recent months. The rock strata on the Mississippi just to the west of Jackson is a pinch in the soft rock that has been absorbing the New Madrid adjustment since the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed. When the tug to the East can no longer be accommodated by a stretch in the rock, the tug bunches up into hard rock, thus the heaving. Heaving is most often temporary, but will return until the hard rock starts to rip.

Accepted via email: 

Given Philip Haney's history, this seems fishy.
[and from another]
DHS Ordered Me to Scrub Records of Muslims with Terror Ties
February 5, 2016
Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.” He said, “this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had.” His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away.
[and from another]
Philip Haney, DHS Whistleblower during Obama Era, Found Dead
February 22, 2020
Philip Haney, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower who was an outspoken critic of the administration of former President Barack Obama, was found dead Friday, about 40 miles east of Sacramento, Calif. Haney, 66, "appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound". In June 2016, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he alleged that the Obama-era DHS had ordered him to delete hundreds of files about reputed associates of Islamic terrorist groups. In November, Haney contacted the Examiner about plans to publish a sequel to the book.

It is well known that a cornered animal will be vicious, feeling it has no other option to escape. Blind rage, where the animal knows naught but the desire to eliminate its attacker, emerges in such settings. Tribunals under President Trump and civil investigations under the DOJ have reached the point where many involved in treason in 2016 are seeking plea deals, and those who still hope to escape the jaws of justice are trying to send a message. Of course Haney was assassinated, execution style, as a warning to others who might want to emerge with information that might help connect the dots.

Nancy, Modi seems very happy to see Trump.  Is there a deal in the works to cast a life line to India from the US?


Juan F Martinez said:

Nancy, Modi seems very happy to see Trump. 

Is there a deal in the works to cast a life line to India from the US?
[and from another]
Trump, Melania visit famed Taj Mahal after Joining Modi for Massive India Rally
February 24, 2020
President Trump and first lady Melania visited the Taj Mahal, hours after the U.S. leader gave a rousing speech to more than 110,000 at a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, India. The president and first lady strolled around the grounds of India's most famous attraction, taking in the sights. It was a rare occasion of the president visiting a cultural site on an international visit.
[and from another]
It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (reigned from 1628 to 1658) to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The tomb includes a mosque.  

President Trump’s visit to India would presumably be to facilitate trade deals, favorable to both India and the US. This of course was part of the package, but the primary thrust was to prevent India from being swallowed up by the Russia/China coalition. Putin invited India to immigrate to the Far East, and Modi promptly put up a billion dollars showing his enthusiasm for this migrant opening. China is already working with Putin to develop the Far East. Russia is selling Russian armaments
to India, and President Trump would prefer Modi buy from the US, especially since President Trump is engaged in sanctions against Russia at the present time.

The trip to the Taj Mahal was more than just optics, to take the lovely Melania to the white marble tomb built for a favorite wife. Melania is increasingly participating in the 2020 campaign, and these optics and the prosecution of Avenatti hopefully erase the memory of the Stormy Daniels fiasco. It makes a statement. The US has 3 million East Indians living and working in the US. These are in the main well educated, technically proficient, and hardworking. The US, as a country experiencing a zero growth rate in its population, would like more of them. This too is likely to be part of the deal making on the table. However, President Trump is not offering the open door that Putin has for his Far East.

Accepted via email: 

Remarkable similarities! Is this another Annunaki result?
[and from another]
Amazing! How Come Two Unrelated Communities Built Similar Temples on both Side of the Pacific Ocean Without Knowing Each Other?
February 19, 2019
The temples in the picture – Khmer’s Baksei (left) and the Mayan’s Temple of the Masks (right) – are strikingly similar. However, the people that built them are completely unrelated and have never seen each other. The Khmer and the Mayans were indeed separated by the Pacific Ocean.

It is beyond coincidental that an ancient temple built by the Khmer in Cambodia and the Mayans in Central America have such similar architectural features. They had the same architect. As is known, the Annunaki had technology equivalent to mankind’s technology today. They had aircraft with lift and propulsion, rockets that went to the Moon and Mars, and assistance from aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation who helped them levitate great stones during construction of the Great Pyramids and other such structures.

As we have detailed, these dome shaped pyramids were used for human sacrifice,
the steep stairs meant to discourage rescue of those who were to have their hearts ripped, still beating, from their chests. The Annunaki mined for Gold worldwide, and thus held slaves in many locations. A slave population is intimidated to suppress rebellion. That little knowledge of their use remain shows that the slave population quickly abandoned the area, wanting only to forget.

Prior 1995 ZT:
Legend has it that human sacrifices were performed atop pyramid like platforms, hearts ripped from the chests of the living, yet no trace of these practices exist among the local peoples. 

Accepted via email: 

Exploding oil refineries are becoming very common. Any comment on the
Marathon Oil Refinery explosion in the LA region of CA?
[and from another]
Explosion Rocks Largest Oil Refinery Plant On West Coast
February 26, 2020
A massive explosion ripped through the largest oil refinery plant on the West Coast in the overnight hours, sending giant fireballs into the sky, visible from 20 miles away. The refinery is the largest on the West Coast, processing upwards of 363,000 barrels per day. The plant processes crude to make gasoline and diesel fuel, along with distillates, petroleum coke, anode-grade coke, chemical-grade propylene, fuel-grade coke, heavy fuel oil, and propane. 
[and from another]
Refinery fire in metro Los Angeles controlled by firefighters
February 26, 2020
Firefighters have controlled a fire at a large refinery in metro Los Angeles.
The fire erupted at the Marathon Petroleum refinery in the city of Carson. Authorities could not immediately say what sparked the fire.
[and from another]
Gas Pipeline Rupture Injures 46, Forces 300 to Evacuate in Mississippi
February 24, 2020
More than 300 people were forced to evacuate and 46 were sent to the hospital after a gas pipeline ruptured in Mississippi. The pipeline was used by the company Denbury Enterprises to transport carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide for oilfield operations.

The US coastline along the Gulf has experienced repeated explosions in its petrol plants during the last few months. Starting in October when the Hard Rock Hotel
in New Orleans collapsed, accompanied by a snapped water main break, the DOW explosions
near Baton Rouge in November, and explosions in a chemical plant
in Port Neches, Texas in December, a factory explosion
in Houston and booms in Mississippi in January, and then an ExxonMobil refinery
explosion in Baton Rouge in February. Now we have yet another gas line explosion in Mississippi and a seemingly unrelated refinery explosion in LA. It is not unrelated.

As we have stressed repeatedly, the N American continent is being pulled into a bow shape, with the center of this bow at San Diego, just below LA. All parts of the blow are under extreme stress, from the Aleutian Islands to the tip of Mexico. The center of the bow is under a compression stress, whereas the periphery of the bow at the East Coast is under a stretch. The New Madrid Fault Line is pulling apart at the Gulf, pulling refinery pipelines apart, and thus the explosions. Whether a stretch or a crunch during compression, these petrol pipelines will only continue to erupt in explosions.

Prior ZT:
We have described the center of the bowing of the N American Continent as being at San Diego and tension thence traveling across the US to the East Coast. 

As is our usual practice we are closing this February Q&A and opening March. Please post your questions there. Thanks.



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