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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 70 [73] years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Hi Nancy and the Zetas,

Could the Zeta's please comment on 'the COMPULSORY land acquisitions that are set to begin for the expansion of Defence Field Training Areas around Townsville and Rockhampton (Australia) as part of the Singapore-Australia defence agreement.' (

In the Townsville region the compulsory land acquisitions are believed to cover 120,000 ha and involve 23 landholders in an area stretching from Herveys Range west to the Burdekin River and south to the Flinders Highway. (

The fertile land, which is mostly used for fattening beef cattle, is west of Townsville, in northern Queensland. (

“This is prime 30 inch rainfall land, right alongside the third biggest river in Australia – we need this land for irrigation. ( )

Townsville-based senator Ian Macdonald said the land acquisitions would see the High Range Field Training Area upgraded to accommodate 14,000 Singaporean troops for 18 weeks every year. (

And … as many as 40 landowners in and around Marlborough, near Rockhampton, received letters in the week of November 28, 2016, as well as a map detailing how their lives were about to change.

They were told their homes and farms would either “likely” or “potentially” be compulsorily acquired to make way for the war games. (

Many thanks

I think this was already covered by ZetaTalk last October.

joy m said:

Could the Zeta's please comment on 'the COMPULSORY land acquisitions that are set to begin for the expansion of Defence Field Training Areas around Townsville and Rockhampton (Australia) as part of the Singapore-Australia defence agreement.'

Thank you Nancy

Nancy Lieder said:

I think this was already covered by ZetaTalk last October.

This Q came up from the chat room during the Homeland Security monthly show last night.

Is Russian astronomer Zakharovich a real person in hiding, or alias used to get info out, or disinfo source?

He is not in hiding. He is obviously not strolling about the streets with a sign saying “I am Dr. Z” but he has no reason to hide. No one is chasing him. He would rather avoid interviews. His comments about asteroid 2016 WF9 were very carefully reviewed and selected to bring certain concepts into the public mind and inspire a lot of activity among amateurs who are now looking to see where this asteroid is. It’s very specific in its orbit and when these amateurs look they’re going to find the trash in the tail of Nibiru. Instead of one rock, it’s many, and they will wonder “What’s this all about?” So he did his job, and to avoid constant peppering by journalists saying “Would you expand on this?” and then it becomes a clouded message, he’s trying to hide from the microphone.

Accepted via email:

Could the Zetas comment this recent finding? Is it related to Nibiru and the Pole Shift?
[and from another]
How Long Until the Moon Slows the Earth to a 25 Hour Day?
January 28, 2017
The Earth’s rotation is indeed being slowed down by the presence of the Moon - every year, the Moon gains a little energy from the Earth, and drifts a little farther away from us. This drift is imperceptible to the human eye, but measurable, with the aid of undertakings like the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, which regularly bounces a laser off of a retroreflector that Apollo astronauts placed there. Both the drift of the Moon and the slowing of the rotation of the Earth are very very small effects- the slowing of the Earth’s rotation over the last 100 years is estimated to be about 1.4 milliseconds. That’s a slowing of 0.0014 seconds total, over 100 years.
[and from another]
Are Earth's Magnetic Poles About to Flip?
February 2, 2017
Our planet's history includes at least several hundred global magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles swap places. So when's the next one happening and how will it affect life on Earth? Several studies have tried to link past reversals with mass extinctions – suggesting some reversals and episodes of extended volcanism could be driven by a common cause. However, there is no evidence of any impending cataclysmic volcanism and so we would only likely have to contend with the electromagnetic impact if the field does reverse relatively soon.
[and from another]
What Happened to the Sun over 7,000 Years ago?
February 7, 2017
By analyzing the level of a carbon isotope in tree rings from a specimen of an ancient bristlecone pine, researchers have revealed that the sun a number of exhibited a unique pattern of activity in 5480 BC. By comparing this event with other similar but more recent phenomena, they reported that this event may have involved a change in the sun's magnetic activity, or successive solar burst emissions.
[and from another]
Shock as 'Alien Planet Nibiru Caught on Film'
February 2, 2017
For years, conspiracy theorists have said this giant hidden planet is set to smash into Earth with catastrophic consequences. And now the alien-hunting community believes it may have filmed Nibiru. Someone posted a video on YouTube showing what appears to be a giant second sun over Manila Bay, in the Phillippines.  
[and from another]

Unlike the specific info emerging at the hands of the Russian astronomer Dr. Zakharovich, which pointed to RA and Dec locations for the passing Asteroid 2016 WF9, the plethora of articles about Nibiru or a pending Pole Shift that followed were not designed to help the public locate Nibiru but to confuse.  The Forbes article about a 25 hour day is indeed reporting facts, but the headline is what will be remembered by the common man, scanning headlines, and thus when slowing rotation
happens as a precursor to the Last Weeks, will be dismissed as being caused by the Moon, not by Nibiru.

Another scam repeated by the cover-up crowd is that the Earth magnetic poles flip
periodically, for unknown reason. Yahoo recently repeated this lie, so that the common man, reading this article, will not find their weakening and confused compass off. Blame the Sun has been a cover-up excuse from the start, so that magnetic blasts from Nibiru are blamed on a sleepy Sun. All evidence of prior passages of Nibiru are cast into alternative explanations, and thus a Science Daily article about how the SUN was responsible, two Pole Shift periods back, for Bristlecone Pine growth.

And what of the Daily Star reporting that Nibiru had been caught on film in a video from Manilla Bay
in the Philippines? Where on the face of it, this is spreading the word, but the film capture was an obvious ghost of the Sun in the camera, easily debunked! This ‘Nibiru” is in the wrong place, vs a vs the Sun, and too bright. It does not cast a reflection on the water. It is rather perfectly placed in relationship to the real Sun for a ghost capture, including the deformations caused by the clouds around the Sun. All these recent efforts are attempts to DETRACT from the very real awakening done by Dr. Zakharovich.

As is our usual practice, we are closing this 2/11 Q&A so answers can be prepared for the web. Please post your new questions on the chat for 2/18. Thank you.


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