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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 70 [73] years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Could the Zetas speak to the rather substantial media blitz the last few days concerning HPV (human papilloma virus).

The Zeta have stated that this is "a battle with many warriors" .  Is this new push for the HPV vaccine

still part of the plans of the elite to sculpt the populace. And could the Zetas give new insight as to those involved?

Men have higher rates of HPV than women, CDC says

The human papilloma virus, or HPV, continues to be the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S., according to a new report …
(and another)
Nearly half of American adults carry HPV, a virus linked to cancer.
The HPV vaccine can protect against developing certain cancers. Nearly half of American men and women under 60 are infected 
(and another)
More Than 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Were Infected With High-Risk HPV Between 2013 and 2014, According to the CDC


Previous ZT,

There was also great suspicion in 2007 when the Bush Administration was pushing a cervical cancer vaccine on very young girls.
"..Take comfort that the vast majority of the Earth’s populace are now contactees, and are being advised, when they ask about vaccination programs, of the facts. The uproar over the cervical cancer virus vaccine is an example. This, combined with awareness of the approach of Nibiru, the pending passage, and the increasing admissions by the establishment that the End Times have arrived, will interfere with the plans of the elite to sculpt the populace. This is a battle with many warriors.

Hi Nancy and Zetas,

Don't worry: Bush's CIA & NSA chief Michael Hayden tells CNN there's no such thing as a Deep State in the US - just a "permanent government" Source:

7 March, 2017. HAYDEN: So, let me address that. So, I've heard deep state, all right? I generally heard it referred to Turkey or Moldova or Russia, not to the American republic. So, I kind of reject it. 

Let me use the term, "the permanent government", all right? Let me take my old agency, CIA, and let's just take a really quick look at recent history, all right? 
We've had three transitions since 2000 and the transition to President George W. Bush, no one changed at CIA. He kept George Tenet on. Eight years later, President Obama became president. Only one person changed at CIA. Me. In fact, President Obama called my deputy Steve Kappes to convince Steve and the rest of the staff to stay on. 
And then eight years later, with President Trump, two people changed at the CIA, Director Pompeo and his deputy. The rest of the workforce, Anderson, are intelligence career professionals. They work for Republicans, they work for Democrats. They vote, they have views, but as professionals, they know what they have to do. Source:

Are such structures present almost everywhere in all large countries? And this is one of the reasons why we do not have disclosure (about earth changes and etc)? Is this one of the methods of how the Bush clique retains its influence? The CIA has very high powers. It is clear that in reality everything is more complicated. Could the Zetas comment?

Thank you very much

Would the Zetas care to comment on this latest US attack on Syria?

By bombing Assad base, Trump made his point. But what happens next?

Donald Trump has made his point. The Pentagon confirmed on Thursday night that the salvo of cruise missiles fired at the Shayrat airbase near Homs marked the full extent of the US president’s response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of a nerve agent against his own people.
Donald Trump's Syrian airstrike 'significant blow to US-Russia relations', says Kremlin –

The ostensible aim was to punish Assad for using chemical weapons and to deter him from doing so again. What happens next will depend largely on Assad and his Russian backers.

It seems unlikely he would risk escalating US involvement in Syria through more chemical attacks, but then it is a mystery why he would have taken such a risk in the first place.

The Syrian leader may simply have misjudged Trump, taking him at his word when he strongly opposed US military action after the 2013 sarin attacks and when he signalled his intent to focus on fighting Islamic State and other jihadis.

Vladimir Putin has already made his own first counter-move, suspending the “deconfliction channel” between the US and Russian militaries, which allowed them to tell each other where they were sending their planes so they did not collide.

It forces the US to severely limit its air campaign against Isis or risk a head-on clash with Russia that could spiral out of control. It could mean Russian and Syrian radars start locking on to US and allied planes as they approach Syrian airspace, which might unnerve some allies and encourage them to leave the coalition.


Syria nerve agent attack: why it made sense to Assad

Turning to sarin was an escalation in brutality, but the Syrian president may have felt more confident after the White House described his rule as “a political reality we have to accept”.

That could have made Assad believe the risk of retaliation for a major chemical weapons attack was falling, at a time when he had clear incentives to use “terror tactics”, said Shashank Joshi, senior fellow at the Rusi thinktank.

“Don’t confuse Assad’s national and strategic success for military supremacy everywhere. He’s struggling in many places, locally, and this in itself can prompt use of terror tactics. His army is in bad shape,” Joshi said.

“The use [of chemical weapons] itself is not in any way surprising, given that he did it in 2013 and, on a lower scale, many times since. The issue that we are grappling with is scale and timing [of the attack].”

Since the 2013 sarin attack on a Damascus suburb, there have been government attacks using chlorine gas which have brought almost no repercussions. Sarin is much deadlier, and its use easier to prove through testing, making it a more powerful but riskier form of chemical weapon.

In rebel-held parts of Syria, the attack was met with relief that it might mark an end to chemical attacks, but little hope that it would bring an end to death or suffering.

“I am reading now that this strike is to make Assad not use chemical weapons any more,” said activist Abdulkafi al Hamdo.

The message from that, he said, was that the government could “go ahead with using barrel bombs, vacuum rockets, cluster bombs, phosphorus weapons and any kind, just not chemical weapons”.


Syria bombing: US says Russia bears responsibility for Assad's gas attack – as it happened

Before Donald Trump decided that the US should retaliate against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, he frequently argued that the United States has little responsibility, if any, to take any action in Syria.

In 2013 and 2014, he repeatedly said that Barack Obama would be “very foolish” to take military action in Syria. “Syria is NOT our problem,” he wrote in May 2013.



Was Trump’s Syria Strike Illegal? Explaining Presidential War Powers

Did Trump have clear authority under international law to attack Syria?

No. The United Nations Charter, a treaty the United States has ratified, recognizes two justifications for using force on another country’s soil without its consent: the permission of the Security Council or a self-defense claim. In the case of Syria, the United Nations did not approve the strike, and the Defense Department justified it as “intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again,” which is not self-defense.

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, in a briefing with reporters, invoked Syria’s violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and a related Security Council resolution from 2013, saying, “The use of prohibited chemical weapons, which violates a number of international norms and violates existing agreements, called for this type of a response, which is a kinetic military response.”

However, while the resolution said the Security Council would impose “measures” if anyone used chemical weapons in Syria in the future, it did not directly authorize force. The chemical weapons treaty does not provide an enforcement mechanism authorizing other parties to attack violators as punishment.

Mr. Trump’s attack was different from the United States’ bombings targeting the Islamic State in rebel-held areas of Syria. The United States has justified those airstrikes as part of the collective self-defense of Iraq, which asked for help against the group. But Syria did not use its chemical weapons against the United States or an ally like Iraq.

Declined as beyond the earlier ZetaTalk, there is nothing new to be said. These matters can change on a dime. An intention by one blocked by another. A sincere agenda corrupted suddenly.

M. Difato said:

Could the Zetas speak to the rather substantial media blitz the last few days concerning HPV (human papilloma virus).

Declined as you are asking for "what's next" before a breath or a moment has passed. This is in human hands, and could go in hundreds of directions. I war with Russia about to break out? Hardly. Nor will war with China break out if N Korea gets the same treatment. Putin and Trump are actors on the stage, playing for the citizens they lead. I have no doubt they are team mates. Watch the faces of McCain and Hillary to see how this is playing out, as they and their cohorts have been countered.As the Zetas said, just last week.

In short, Assad was a lightning rod, allowing the anti-Trump and anti-Russia agenda to flourish. Assad’s presence allowed McCain and the Soros and Hillary crowd to box Trump in. If he defended Russia and Assad, he looked weak and as though he were cooperating with Russia.  In that Assad was in charge for a large portion of Syria, these arranged chemical attacks could and would continue. With Assad gone, McCain and his ilk will be countered, solidly. Then Syria can be divided, as has been the plan, giving Kurdistan its own country.

SongStar101 said:

Would the Zetas care to comment on this latest US attack on Syria?

Accepted. Deep State persona. What is it?

Stanislav said:

Are such structures present almost everywhere in all large countries?

And this is one of the reasons why we do not have disclosure (about earth changes and etc)? Is this one of the methods of how the Bush clique retains its influence? The CIA has very high powers. It is clear that in reality everything is more complicated. Could the Zetas comment?
[and from another]
Don't worry: Bush's CIA & NSA chief Michael Hayden tells CNN there's no such thing as a Deep State in the US - just a "permanent government"
[and from another]
7 March, 2017.
HAYDEN: So, let me address that. So, I've heard deep state, all right? I generally heard it referred to Turkey or Moldova or Russia, not to the American republic. So, I kind of reject it. Let me use the term, "the permanent government", all right? Let me take my old agency, CIA, and let's just take a really quick look at recent history, all right? We've had three transitions since 2000 and the transition to President George W. Bush, no one changed at CIA. He kept George Tenet on. Eight years later, President Obama became president. Only one person changed at CIA. Me. In fact, President Obama called my deputy Steve Kappes to convince Steve and the rest of the staff to stay on. And then eight years later, with President Trump, two people changed at the CIA, Director Pompeo and his deputy. The rest of the workforce, Anderson, are intelligence career professionals. They work for Republicans, they work for Democrats. They vote, they have views, but as professionals, they know what they have to do.
[and from another]
Civil servants might want to start sending out their resumes to the private sector. President Donald Trump’s budget proposal could lead to between 100,000 and 200,000 cuts to federal civilian jobs.

Deep State is another term for the bureaucrat agenda. At the start of the ZetaTalk agenda we warned about the bureaucrat agenda  
turning into a virtual war as the threat of their removal from their comfortable government jobs increased during the approaching passage. Trump is doing just that, by cutting government employees from the budget. Before Trump took office, Obama appointees packed every available job opening with their friends. These jobs are normally recession proof, as the paychecks come from being attached to the taxpayer teat, paid out of tax revenues or dollars printed to cover a deficit. This is one source of resentment against Trump, and efforts to block his moves.

What lies within the bureaucrat’s heart is more than just the desire for job security, as there are invariably sleeper cells firmly implanted by the exiting administration. This was true for Obama when he took over from Bush, and is likewise certainly true for Trump when he took over from Obama. Many agencies such as the State Department are aggressively being cleansed. There are civil service laws that prevent a civil servant from being dismissed for trivial reasons, so reasons are invented. The particular function is no longer needed. If it is a budget cutback, senior employees are retrained over the newly hired. It is difficult to clean house, thus.

Even where sleeper cells are suspected, it is often hard to kill those jobs because a skill set must be retained. The CIA is an example, where deep knowledge of foreign states and their players are not so much written down as retained by field agents. To record this knowledge is to make it available to be hacked, and thus the field agents are put at risk. FBI agents likewise are often involved in long-running sting operations where particular agents are under cover, which would be impacted by terminating the agents.  

It is the mid-level managers who may have an agenda, a loyalty to another political cause, who are thus targeted when trying to strip out Deep State players. The lost memo, the failure to explain a directive, the slacker assigned to a job – all of these maneuvers are known in the corporate world too where civil service laws do not apply.  Political agendas are also hard to discern by actions alone, cleverly disguised by a false smile and glowing words. Trump is being assisted by the Transformation Team in these matters, by ourselves among others, as there is no hiding from the telepathic Zetas.

Prior 1999 ZT:
In the best of times, bureaucrats wish to perpetuate their existence. These structures are erected in times of trouble, where bureaucrats are to assist. When they find that good times have returned and stability is in place and they are no longer needed, and they are in danger of cutbacks, they seek to perpetuate themselves. This has been much written about, how bureaucracies become self perpetuating, and actually turn a great deal of their resources into perpetuating themselves. Where there isn't a problem, they create one. They imagine one, and often because there are laws that give them a great deal of clout, so they exercise this. If you think this is a serious problem today, imagine what will happen in times when corporations are failing, markets are drying up and have become erratic, and crop shortages and transportation difficulties have emerged. All of this sheds back into bureaucrats who feed like a parasite on the normal functioning of society.

As they get desperate, they will get erratic. It takes a long time to smack their hands and set things aright. They may become like a giant amoebae, out of control, sliding to the right and to the left and slithering about, seeking to where it can feed itself. Bureaucrats have in the main taken government positions because it is secure, steady, and predictable. Where we're not saying that every government worker is of this nature, nevertheless, this is their predominant personality. Thus when changes such as erratic weather occur, they become unsettled, and their first thought is to re-engage their feelings of security, to nail it down. Therefore they can be very unpredictable. As the cataclysms approach, there will be some real horror stories. Our advice is not only to not look to the government, but to be very careful to stay out of their clutches or be pulled into any kind of government sponsored safety program, survival site, or community, as they are liable to be the worst hell.

Accepted via email:

I was curious about an event that transpired in Dallas, Texas on Friday where all 156 tornado sirens went off in the middle of the night. Officials say it was a hack, but haven't given much detail on it outside of it being "centered in the Dallas area" could the Zetas clarify if it was a hack or maybe something bigger? (If it was a hack who would've done it and for what purpose?)
[and from another]
Last year, someone kept hacking into traffic signs in Dallas — corrupting bland electronic messages into jokey missives such as: “Work is Canceled — Go Back Home” and “Donald Trump Is A Shapeshifting Lizard!!” The sirens, whose purpose is to be heard by anyone caught outdoors in a tornado or dangerous storm, screamed from the southern reaches of Oak Cliff to the north. They blared for an hour and a half, to the annoyance, terror or amusement of 1.3 million residents. The city said it was trying to fix the problem, which it initially called a malfunction.
[and from another]
[and from another]
Dallas' 156 sirens, normally used to warn of tornadoes and other dangerous weather, were triggered at 11:42 p.m. CDT on Friday. The wailing did not end until 1:17 a.m. CDT on Saturday when engineers manually shut down the sirens' radio system and repeaters. The breach in the city of 1.6 million people was believed to have originated in the area. The hack was among the largest ever to affect emergency sirens, with most breaches triggering one or two. The hack is being investigated by system engineers and the Federal Communications Commission has been contacted, but police have not been involved. The sirens went through 15 cycles of a 90-second activation before they were shut down.
[and from another]
The sirens began blaring shortly before midnight on Friday and were shut off and reactivated "more than a dozen times" before emergency workers shut the system down entirely at around 1:20am on Saturday morning. They aren't disclosing how the system was compromised or who may be responsible.
[and from another]
Officials have ruled out a remote hack - telling reporters someone gained physical access to a hub connecting all the sirens, which may not be turned on again until Monday as the city tries to figure out who, how and why.
[and from another]
Siren installations themselves have many ways of being activated. Commonly used are DTMF broadcasts over phone lines (direct connection or standard PSTN) or over radio broadcast. This does leave room for exploitation, but there are protections from false alarms.
[and from another]
Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is an in-band telecommunication signaling system using the voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centers. DTMF was first developed in the Bell System in the United States, and became known under the trademark

Clues that this was an EMP event are that Dallas could not shut the sirens down without it starting up again. A hack would have been stopped at the first shut-down, and not recur. Attempts to shut down the system were repeatedly tried. A second clue is that Dallas reports someone had to be able to “physically access” a central hub to have all the sirens activated. Thus the theory that the perp was a local Dallas person. Yet the police have not been called in. No fingerprint checks at the central hub, the physical location that had to be involved?

Civil defense sirens are normally wired so as to be controlled by and communicate via multiple routes. One does not just physically push a button, though this option is available too, the going theory. If a tornado swarm is approaching, all sirens should go off, as would be the case for an air raid attack. The setup requires that individual sirens can also be tested, a scheduled and well announced action. This is all done via electronic connections, yet Dallas cannot find any ELECTRONIC evidence of a hack or even any evidence that the sirens were activated. An EMP at the central hub, with a surge of electricity, simulated activation of the sirens, could occur, just as electric trains pick up speed due to such a surge.

Hi Nancy and Zetas,

Recently, the Zetas said that the announcement was "drowned" (meaning from the government to us). 

Although the Zetas stated that Trump acts as an actor, we see that many members of his team were formed from the Bush era and have conflicting views with Trump himself and etc. We all remember when Obama failed to make an announcement under blackmail or other reasons.

Ben Fulford recently said that Trump was being blackmailed. Please tell me that Ben is wrong and his maneuvers cost something more. What is behind his maneuvers in North Korea?  With such matters, we will not even see Nancy in the media, let alone the announcement.

North Korea Threatens 'Toughest Counteraction' After U.S. Moves Navy Ships

11 April, 2017. Source:

Khazarian Satanists fatally expose themselves by turning Trump into a zombie slave

The Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia made a fatal miscalculation last week when they blackmailed US president Trump into becoming their slave zombie, Pentagon and other sources agree. Source:

Trump certifies addition of Montenegro in NATO over Russian opposition. 

11 April, 2017. Source:

Thank you very much

I must, with regret, decline. There is a confusing barrage of info being spewed forth by hundreds of various agendas. Think of the US being run by the solid and sober generals in Trump's Junta ( Think of Trump as the mouthpiece, who gets the message out to the public and knows how to wrangle a deal when he meets with Heads of State. He is clean, despite the lies thrown about. No Russian deals. No pedo stuff. No corruption. And anyone in his Admin is clean too, and COMPETENT.

Tillerson is so impressive. His statement on why Syria needed to be bombed, that even if Assad did not do it he was in charge of the country at the time and thus "incompetent" to lead, knocked me off my chair. Go Tillerson.

Ben Fulford seems to have completely lost his mind. He does wrap his words in 'sources say' but nevertheless, he had Hillary dead after 911 despite she showed up after that with her wandering eye. Clearly not dead. He had Neil Keenan dead too, which Keenan said he ascribed to the fact that "he gets like that when he drinks". He also said some guy peddling around Japan on a bike claimed that MH370 would turn up in Japan. Fulford has been worried incessantly about being poisoned. He mentioned honey traps (women) and the Japan equivalent of the IRS after his money. For whatever reason, perhaps to try to deflect those who might kill him by seeming harmless, Fulford is so over the line I am going to stop reading him. It could have been a takeover, where someone else is writing his newsletters and he in a locked room in a straight jacket or perhaps even dead. This does not reflect on all the groups that Fulford worked with. Fulford was just the mouthpiece, not the activist.

I have often said that as Nibiru becomes more obvious, the truth known, that disinfo will rise in step with the truth. The cover-up, while losing, will point in every direction and put up spokespersons who make all manner of claims, to distract from the truth. The same has been true of the Bush/Hillary/Soros crowd. Hillary may be under house arrest (allowed out on a leash once a month for an interview) and Soros dead (though his billions live on) but they are steadily losing influence and being countered by the good guys. The US media is still a disaster, spouting lies about Trump, though not one of the lies proves true over time.

Please re-read the latest on Syria. We are not going to war with Putin. We are aiming for a map that has Kurdistan an official country, Turkey carved up so Armenia is Russian, Assad is not running Syria, and ISIS is wiped away and the refugees can be returned to Syria and stop wrecking havoc in Europe. Erdogan will be put in a box of some sort. Obviously any moves we make against Korea, which has to be countered, has to be, will be in agreement with China. What do you suppose they talked about at Mar a Lago? These big heads of state are getting ready for the world to understand that Nibiru is upon us! They are cleaning up the messes, quick quick. Know that good guys are in charge and making progress. Feel that in your heart because you cannot get a blow by blow from the Zetas. We are NOT going to empower the bad guys with detailed info just to satisfy your curiosity.

The Transformation Team, as we have explained, is composed of many parts. Ben Fulford and his groups, Wikileaks and Assange, Anonymous working with millions of contactees behind the scenes, General Dunford who is currently in charge in the US, the Puppet Master who wishes to see the populace of the world informed about Nibiru and the pending passage, and his protégé Trump, ourselves at ZetaTalk and Nancy, and many, many others who quietly work behind the scenes.


How does a Transformation Team operate, when it is composed of diverse and even at times contradictory parts? Then there are the strictly human participants. Putin and Trump and the members of Fulford's groups. This includes members behind the scenes, like the Puppet Master and Dunford and the retired generals who joined Trump’s team. There are over 100 significant human team members, which we decline to name. They work most effectively if their identity is not known, and there is nothing to be gained by assuaging the public’s curiosity. Nancy is besieged by demands from a confused public as to Trump’s agenda. They assume an erratic egoist, a madman, in control. The Transformation Team is not run by a single element. Trump does not rule, and Putin does not rule, though they have common goals of defeating ISIS and providing security for their citizens. The lies put out by the media are seen as a common enemy, where the West still claims that Putin shot down MH 17 when it was Kiev under Soros control, and the US media consistently lies about Trump and still defends the criminal Hillary. What should be understood is that all Heads of State are aware of Nibiru, and are braced for the riot and migration problems that will soon ensue. Look behind the political trivia being reported by the media and see this as the dominant concern.

Stanislav said:

Hi Nancy and Zetas,

As is our usual practice we are closing this 4/15 Q&A so answers can be prepared for the web. Please post your new questions on the chat for 4/22. Thank you.


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