Nancy Wrote on Holgraphic Presentation Last night...
"Over to S America the Andes are shown doing mountain building, while some islands in the Caribbean are sinking, their plate
pushed under as S America rolls."

In this particular Blog will be describes and take note of all the Earth Changes of the World that will lead to the Geological Movement of the South American Plate: about 250 miles/400.33 Km  to roll!.
" These regions will not experience the sense that they have moved 250 miles further to the west, though this will be computed by man after the roll has been completed."
The 7 of 10 Event: A multi-region event!
The Zeta sequence is as follows:
(2) with Indonesia sinking,
(3) a folding Pacific Ocean
(4) S America to roll,
-this blog-

-Caribbean Subducting under Northern South America:

-Sinking part of  the Caribbean Plate:
-Lesser Antilles  sinks in the ocean and
-Central America get crunched  in the process:
(5) a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift
(6) Africa to roll

(7) and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
(8) great quakes in Japan:
(9) followed by the New Madrid adjustment,

(10) which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.
7 of 10 Pace:
8 of 10 Overlap:
A Must See:
Zeta Report Survival Tips 1:
Zeta Report Survival Tips 2:
Zetatalk/Troubled Times Survival Booklet PDF:
Cover, front and back
Table of Contents and Introduction
High Tech Note: continued in the next PDF document

And finally, the Zetatalk predictions for safe locations are 100% accurate.

PDF File:
All data is Cited, Quoted, Credited and Linked to Their respective Originators.
Note Also that no data Before:  July 21, 2010 at 6:07pm ET of this TimeWorld is Displayed! 

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Volcano Erupts On Island Of St. Vincent As Evacuation Ongoing

A volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent has experienced an "explosive eruption," according to officials there, hours after increased activity at the mountain set off a mandatory evacuation of nearby residents.

At 9:08 a.m. local time on Friday, St. Vincent's National Emergency Management Organisation announced in a tweet that the volcano, known as La Soufriere, had experienced an "explosive eruption."

Social media posts of video taken by witnesses on the ground showed plumes of ash rising from the volcano.


April 29, 2021: @ConredGuatemala reports that the Pacaya volcano presents a new fissure on the north flank, which expels incandescent material and generates two lava flows 200 meters long

From Link:

Map of Latest Earthquakes @ 16/06/2021

From Direct Link:

Giant eruption of Costa Rica volcano:

SAN JOSE: A volcano in northwest Costa Rica erupted on Monday (Jun 28), spewing an enormous column of smoke into the air in what could be its biggest outburst in years, authorities said.

The Rincon de la Vieja volcano's nearly three-minute eruption in the early hours of the day belched a column of smoke almost two kilometres high, depositing ash on surrounding areas but causing no damage or injuries.

The volcano, whose eruption did not trigger any immediate evacuations, is situated in a national park in Guanacaste province some 200 kilometres from the capital, San Jose.

"It was a pretty energetic eruption," said Maarten de Moor, a specialist at the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (Ovsicori).


Panama earthquake: Tsunami fears after magnitude 7 quake rocks region

"The huge tremors have sparked tsunami fears. The impact was felt at 10.24pm BST south of Panama.  "


After the Mag 7.2+ 4.00 @ Haiti, The sea water recede the beach: 

From direct Link:


sea water recedes

From Direct Link:

10 14 2021 Bridge Collapsed,Ecuador. Three people were injured and three vehicles were trapped this Thursday when a bridge collapsed on a highway that connects the towns of Montecristi and Jipijapa, in the coastal province of Manabí, authorities reported in Ecuador.

Photograph provided by the Ecuador -911 emergency service of three vehicles that were trapped today when a bridge collapsed on a highway that connects the towns of Montecristi and Jipijapa, in the coastal province of Manabí. (EFE / Ecuador Emergency Service -911).

Quake Swarn at Jalapa Guatemala

In the last 24 hours there was 39 Quakes

From Insivumeh Guatemala:

San Isidro Bagua, Amazon, 11/12/2021 siks:

A strange geological phenomenon occurred on the night of Saturday, December 11, in the Poblado San Isidro center, in the La Peca district, in the province of Bagua ( Amazonas ). The earth sank, leaving large cracks around it.

According to the neighbors, the earth suddenly began to crack, without having been generated by an earthquake. "It just started to sink, without explanation," said one villager.

After the event, more than 50 families from the town center lost their homes, informed the technical secretary of Civil Defense of the Provincial Municipality of Bagua, Teofilio Mirano.

From Direct Link:

December 16, 2021 1:14 PM
300 evacuated by sinkhole in Zaruma, Ecuador


The sinking did not register people injured or killed , but it did leave material damage to infrastructure. The effects according to the SNGR Adverse Events Monitoring Unit are:

  • 2 destroyed houses (cultural heritage).
  • 1 home affected.
  • 1 family of 4 affected people, who are in a temporary shelter.
  • 2 families with 8 affected people (evacuated to a foster family home).
  • 3 streets affected by subsidence: Colón, November 29 and Alberto Castro.
  • 25% of the electric power service of the cantonal head of Zaruma affected.

On the night of this Wednesday, December 15, 2021, a sinkhole  was registered  in the urban area of ​​Zaruma.



December 18, 2021

According to INSIVUMEH in Guatemala, there were 55 Quakes in the last 24 hours:

From Direct Link:  Via Twitter

Insivumeh Guatemala, in the last 24 hours there were 

18 quakes in the area... 

Via Twitter:

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