Nancy Wrote on Holgraphic Presentation Last night...
"Over to S America the Andes are shown doing mountain building, while some islands in the Caribbean are sinking, their plate
pushed under as S America rolls."

In this particular Blog will be describes and take note of all the Earth Changes of the World that will lead to the Geological Movement of the South American Plate: about 250 miles/400.33 Km  to roll!.
" These regions will not experience the sense that they have moved 250 miles further to the west, though this will be computed by man after the roll has been completed."
The 7 of 10 Event: A multi-region event!
The Zeta sequence is as follows:
(2) with Indonesia sinking,
(3) a folding Pacific Ocean
(4) S America to roll,
-this blog-

-Caribbean Subducting under Northern South America:

-Sinking part of  the Caribbean Plate:
-Lesser Antilles  sinks in the ocean and
-Central America get crunched  in the process:
(5) a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift
(6) Africa to roll

(7) and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
(8) great quakes in Japan:
(9) followed by the New Madrid adjustment,

(10) which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.
7 of 10 Pace:
8 of 10 Overlap:
A Must See:
Zeta Report Survival Tips 1:
Zeta Report Survival Tips 2:
Zetatalk/Troubled Times Survival Booklet PDF:
Cover, front and back
Table of Contents and Introduction
High Tech Note: continued in the next PDF document

And finally, the Zetatalk predictions for safe locations are 100% accurate.

PDF File:
All data is Cited, Quoted, Credited and Linked to Their respective Originators.
Note Also that no data Before:  July 21, 2010 at 6:07pm ET of this TimeWorld is Displayed! 

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Peru: At least 30 people have disappeared as a result of the flood in Cusco
They are inhabitants of the town of Sahuayaco, of the district of Santa Teresa, in "La Convencion", who escaped to the parts of the hills to protect themselves and that would have been reached by the earth and mud, according to the mayor of this town, Marco Vargas .


Howard post here a six buoys in event mode with no "significants" Quakes in the area ...

This is the image of one of the active Heliplots that show last 24 hrs activity : 

From Direct Link:

other are with no significant data or not Available: ie


This is the image of the active buoy in Chile that shows 2 events in a row:

Event 1 (Green Line)

From Direct Link:

Event 2 (Blue Line)

From Direct Link:

there was a missing event registeded in all the buoys. This is sample around the world:


Some of The Heliplots shows interesting graphics:


Now The Zetas Explain:


The Atacama Trench just off the coast of Chile allows the Nazca Plate to sink under the S American Plate, and during the S American Roll on March 12 this created a mini-tsunami at Caldera, Chile. No earthquake was recorded because the plate adjustments were out under the ocean. This motion of the Nazca Plate eased pressure in the Pacific, allowing the Indo-Australian Plate to slide sideways into the Pacific by early March 13. Once again this was a silent adjustment because there was no compression involved, just the Indo-Australian Plate sliding into a void.

End Quoted ...


Seven quakes in the las 24 hrs (June 16, 2020) at Guatemala, not Magnitude given by Conred!


More about the Mag 7.5+ Quake @ Oaxaca MX:

The governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, confirmed the death of a person as a consequence of the 7.5-magnitude earthquake registered on the morning of this Tuesday, June 23.

The state president explained that the victim was reported in the town of Crucecita, in the municipality of Santa María Huatulco, where the epicenter of the telluric event was located.

In turn, he mentioned that a person was injured, who would have already received medical attention.

It is worth mentioning that the earthquake caused structural damage to homes and buildings in Oaxaca, in addition to the fact that the electric power system collapsed in some areas of the state capital.


More images from the  7.5 Quake @ Oaxaca MX

This is from Tabasco MX:

Captured image:

From direct Link:

In Central Mexico the movement caused damage to the roof of a building, which began falling water jets:

Captured Image:

From Direct Link:

In Mexico City, the soil was moving in horizontal form:

From Direct Link:

Last 24 Hours: 9 Quakes in Guatemala +(add 2.5 to correct the Real Mag )


In the last 24 hours there were 18 Quakes in Guatemala:

Data follows:



Last 45 Quakes This month in the North American Tectonic Plate border with The Caribbean Plate:

Quoted: The tremors have ranged from 3 to 4.6 degrees Richter and the Insivumeh is studying whether the geological fault that causes this activity is the Chixoy-Polochic. End quoted.


Road sinking on  Purulha Alta Verapaz, Guatemala:



A quake 6.5 +2.0 mag was felt in Argentina, Chile Border Region @ 18/01/2021 at night


An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 shook the Argentine province of San Juan in the border area between Argentina and Chile at dawn this Tuesday.

According to the National Institute for Seismic Prevention (Inpres), the epicenter was located 54 kilometers south west of the city of San Juan.

The tremor was strongly felt in several provinces such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba and San Luis. As well as in some regions of Chile.


on January 23, Chile ‘accidentally’ issues NATIONWIDE tsunami & evacuation warning only meant for Antarctic base after 7.0 quake

The strongest of over half a dozen jolts struck South Shetland Islands 216 kilometers northeast of Chile’s O’Higgins scientific base at 8:36pm, while another 5.8 quake shook the Chile-Argentina border region close to the capital, Santiago around 30 minutes later.

While the warning was only meant for the coastal regions of Antarctica, people all across Chile received messages urging them to abandon coastal areas due to a tsunami threat, triggering much confusion.


Quake Swarm in Guatemala City: February 23, 2021, 16:57 Local Time

In the last 16 hours there were 82 Quakes in this geographic area. (Central Guatemala)

Data Follows, Via Insivumeh:

From Direct Link:

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