The Zetas have repeatedly stated that those who cling to religious dogma tend to be "immature souls" (or leaning to STS). Can it really be true that wise, Service-to-Other, old souls are not found within those who adhere to organized religion? Related to this, can the Zetas specify whether it is the human mind or the soul within that grasps at religious beliefs? If it is the soul, I would imagine there could be a terrible and traumatic shock upon death and learning that such firmly held ideas are not truth. Or does the soul know better and thus have no illusions, despite what the human imagines during its life?

Dogma comforts both the immature and those leaning to the Service-to-Self. Even though the soul may be aware of the afterlife, the reality of reincarnation, it goes along with the human and even drives the process. The reason is that both souls of the immature and those leaning to the Service-to-Self are comfortable when dogma is ruling the environment. Why is this so? The Service-to-Self, as we have explained, allow rules to replace an awareness of what others are feeling. On their worlds, their prison planets, if they carefully follow the rules they are less likely to get punished. Innovation is almost nil on these planets because innovation requires the right to have free thought. Mistakes are often made because a rule is followed at all costs. If this sounds like some environments on Earth, in human society, do not be surprised.

For the spiritually immature, with barely sparked souls, life is confusing. They encounter situations the young soul has not encountered before, and are guessing at what direction or path to take. This creates anxiety, and dogma takes this anxiety away. If one follows the rules, one is rewarded, or at least one is promised a reward. Certainly if one follows the rules one is less likely to be punished by an overlord who is so focused on maintaining control that this become the only thing that matters. Military units and organized religions have this structure, with many rules and punishment for breaking the rules. Armies are marched to their deaths because the commanding officer feels he can do no wrong. Objection by the soldiers beneath them brings death for treason. Organized religion is just as harsh in their punishments for transgressions.

Are there Service-to-Other souls within military units and organize religion? Of course, doing service! We have mentioned that highly evolved Service-to-Other spirits are attending to prison planets, attending to those souls who realize the error of their ways and want to be returned to 3rd density worlds where they can have a second chance. In like manner, those in service in military units or within organized religion are trying to make a difference, particular at those points where a choice is to be made. They hope to be in a position to give counseling when there is a choice between empathy or mindlessly following a rule.

Source: ZetaTalk for July 2, 2011



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Gerard - as the incidence of catastrophic weather and earthquakes has increased, the clinging strength of dogma must have increased as well...Jorge early on here referred to science as a strong dogma; "Modern science is full of dogma and man is full of S'" :)  Perhaps you're already aware of it but an example demonstrating scientific dogma occurred recently on a science blog site where Helen Barratt back on March 1st wrote an article on pole reversal that lasted until July!

I have to applaud Ms. Barratt - she stood her ground as this long argument went on and on and on while these smug, dogmatic scientists disparaged the liklihood of a pole reversal affecting us in this lifetime.  Of course there was no mention of PX...but what continues to astound me is that there are no geologists or other earth scientists, especially among the younger set, who are connecting any of the dots and asking themselves "why are there landslides occurring everywhere, especially in S.A.?"  "what could all these earth fissures occurring mean?"  "why were there 16 active volcanoes in June?"  I search their web sites and no scientific community appears to be looking at the global incident rates of our earth's changes - even within the dogma of science.  It leaves me baffled and scared.  If the Inuits of the Canadian Arctic know that our Earth's axis has tilted - how can those who study earth science be so blind and mute?  Am just very thankful for the Ning and the valuable monitoring that is done by its members.   

@Mary, it is a good point you make, and I believe there are many similarities between religious dogma and scientific dogma

i.e. Man's dearly held though largely wrong (per the Zetas) belief in "Laws", mythical "quarks" and math formulae etc.

Both have a blinkering effect on the devotee. Devotees in both camps will cling to their respective dogma regardless

of overwhelming evidence conflicting with their ideas. Both are SMUG in their false knowledge!!

I do believe though, Mary, that many in the scientific community are in on the pending Shift, but are running scared of those

under the auspices of the Coverup, who make threats...and carry them out!!

Our soul Knows. Our half ape brain does not. And our immature psyche also resists. Our mind is full of it. Perhaps if we calm down our mind, and get any silence inside, we might listen to what our soul wants to tell us. Perhaps we might even get a little bit more telepathic. Perhaps then we might understand the real message that the Great Guides of mankind once tried to convey to us. Then nobody will be able to take away from us what we learn that way. Our own experience, instead of half cooked ideas received from others. Nothing to do with dogma. That peace of mind is the greatest gift our current mankind could ever receive ... It opens a path of communication with our own soul ...



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