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Service-to Other/Service-to-Self relationships

Would a Service-to-Other repel a Service-to-Self? Would a Service-to-Self attracted to a Service-to-Other? Those in the Service-to-Self do…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

1 Aug 28, 2021
Reply by Howard Boldt

Service-to-Self vs Service-to-Other counts

On July 1995, the Zetas said "The Earth, at close to 5 billion people, is approximately 25% Service-to-Other orientation, 7% Service-to-Sel…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

2 Aug 19, 2021
Reply by Nancy Lieder

Service-to-Other identification

Can the zetas briefly discuss how one knows if they are truly Service-to-Other? Most people would like to believe that they are but the cap…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Jul 29, 2020

Dogmatic people

Many good hearted people seem to be misguided by fear and dogma and are led to support positions that are opposite of a true Service-to-Sel…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Nov 27, 2019

Aftertime assists

The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will sim…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Sep 27, 2019

ZetaTalk: Golden Rule

written Sep 23, 2004 I am worried that a great many people are missing the spiritual and emotional survival aspects of Planet X. There is g…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Aug 18, 2018

Service-to-Others steps

 like many people have the strong desire to help other I find it makes me happy, but the world we live in your hands are tied without money…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Aug 16, 2018

ZetaTalk: Reverence for Life

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995 Reverence for life is a concept promoted periodically, in various ways - Mahatma Ghandi, in his non- violenc…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 Jun 12, 2017

ZetaTalk: Action

Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation cannot be determined strickly…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

1 May 21, 2017
Reply by Kojima

4th density life

At session on June, 19th Zetas have told: "Spirits do not have the power to do much in the physical world, but when incarnated, they can af…

Started by Gerard Zwaan

0 May 15, 2017


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