Can the zetas briefly discuss how one knows if they are truly Service-to-Other? Most people would like to believe that they are but the capacity for self delusion is very high.

Nancy is endlessly asked this question by those who would like to hope they will have a better future during and after the pole shift. In general, those who are highly Service-to-Other do not bother to think about this, as they are too busy being of service to the general welfare. Their focus is not on themselves - it is elsewhere. Others may point out to them that they hardly take time out for themselves, but this is not a comment they would make about themselves. Those who are Service-to-Self will often posture as Service-to-Other for the benefits this brings to them. They make a grand gesture of giving to some charity and make sure everyone knows about it, thereafter going for something of a free ride among those who honor such generosity. They in the main mouth the right words, not followed by action. But when put to the test where they might have to suffer a bit so others can benefit, they draw the line and refuse.

In fact, testing another's orientation by asking for action is a sure test, one we have long recommended. You can also apply this to yourself. If you have turkey for Thanksgiving and know of others who will be eating a scarce meal, do you package up your turkey and take it to share with those less fortunate? Do you find such a gesture comes naturally to you, or is there resentment? Service-to-Other means being 50/50, where 50% of the time you think of others, and all Service-to-Other beings have some self focused aspects. In general, those who wonder are undecided, the Service-to-Others not bothering to waste time thinking about it, and the Service-to-Self knowing themselves and that any kind hearted gesture is an act on their part.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written March 29, 2008

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