Many good hearted people seem to be misguided by fear and dogma and are led to support positions that are opposite of a true Service-to-Self orientation due to this distortion. This is particularly true in the political and religious arenas. Is wading through the distortions and lies just another part of our learning experience? It is extremely frustrating to be blocked by dogma and fear in conversing with these people.

There are two types of people who become dogmatic. The first are those who are leaning toward the Service-to-Self and desire a firm pecking order as they prefer to follow rigid rules and not deal with fairness issues that require getting in touch with feelings and emotions, which creep too close to empathy. The second are those who are immature souls and who listen to authoritarian statements rather than arguments with substance. During times of tension these tendencies only increase, and cannot be argued away. The Service-to-Self may try to take advantage of the situation to force dogma upon others, and the immature get more frantic as matters around them become chaotic. Thus, this is likely to get worse as we approach the time of the pole shift.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written April 26, 2008

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