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Moloch suicides

I was wondering if the Zeta care to comment on the recent suicide deaths of celebrities like designer Kate Spade, Dutch Queen’s sister, and most recent Anthony Bourdain whose shows I really enjoyed.  All ruled suicides.  Kate Spade is linked and has worked with Clinton Foundation in Haiti, Queen’s sister linked to the Rothschild, and now with Anthony’s show linking him with CNN and his relationship to Elon Musk and his current girlfriend was molested by…

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Earth Wobble Crop Circle

Could the Zetas say something about this latest crop circle, it seems to say that earth is closed in, no escape. [and from another] [and from…

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The latest Star Wars film, "Solo" features a villain named Moloch. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Moloch is the name of an evil Canaanite god. Worshippers of Moloch would sacrifice children by fire in order to appease him. In recent times a sacrifice to Moloch was mentioned in one of Hillary Clinton's leaked emails. A cryptic post by Q also mentions mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch. Of all the names that could have been chosen for a fictional…

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Hurricane season

Could the Zetas comment? Will there be times when every hurricane season will be worse than another? At the beginning of May, a tropical cyclone formed near the shores of Peru. This is the first time that a cyclone has been registered/formed in this part of the world. Parallel to this, near New Zealand, the highest wave in the history of the Southern Hemisphere was recorded. Later, very rare cyclone was formed in the Gulf of…

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Project Maven

Google AI project is apparently designed to track people migrating using drones at close proximity from street to street and house to house level?  How freaky!  Any comments on this? [and from another] …

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Iran deal

What is the tension around Iran? Earlier, Iran was the goal of the Bush administration when there was Ahmadinejad. Now there is another government which according to the Zetas is irrational.  Russia, China and the EU support the Iranian deal. While Trump and Israel with Netanyahu opposed. Why does Netanyahu (the criminal) support Trump? All this causes confusion. At the moment, Netanyahu went to Russia to meet with Putin at the victory parade. Very…

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Deep State war

Would the Zetas care to comment on the C-130 that crashed May 02, 2018?  There are some inconsistencies in reports.  The plane crashes then there seems to be a delay in the explosion.  Was there a missile strike after the crash to destroy evidence?  Is this a continuation of the Deep State war against the military?  Are there remote controlled devices on planes that allow others to disable planes in flight? Or, is this simply an EMP from Planet…

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Korea reunification

Has Kim Jong-Un changed his way? Or is something else up? [and from another] North Korea's nuclear test site will close in May. Scientists have said the site may have partially collapsed in September. The nuclear tests have taken place in a system of…

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Last Weeks UFO

I think this is another message, the post says it's from yesterday [April 24], likely from Mexico.  The rotating orbs makes me think South America roll, what do you think?  Would the Zetas care to comment on this and on the progress of the SA Roll?  Are we due for a major shift in the very near future, and how will that affect the pending New Madrid adjustment? [and from…

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DNA tracking

My question is about the DNA collection push by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and DNA collection service.  Is this active DNA collection part of an elite plan to sculpt the population by targeting specific ethnic groups?  Would the Zetas care to confirm this, and if so which groups are they after? [and from another] Amazon, Google race to get your…

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FaceBook brouhaha

Zuckerberg and Facebook are under attack. The Zetas have stated that Zuckerberg is a well-connected and powerful member of the global elite, so I'm wondering if the severity of the attacks and accusations are another indication of a great reduction in power and influence of the STS establishment in general, or perhaps just for Zuckerberg. The fact that he has been hauled in front of Congress and remains a top news story seems significant.  His power,…

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DOW swings

The situation in the world economy now resembles 2008, although it seems that it is even worse than the great depression. Some have already started talking about the fact that we are in a bear market and not in a correction, as the corporate media are shouting. Another question is why now. There is an opinion that they (deep state, bankers and etc) want to accuse Trump of all economic failures. Trump started the trade war with China and therefore the stock…

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Pole Shift leadership

Is it true that most of the high-ranking positions in the countries/corporations/banks of the world are occupied by weak personalities? If you look at history, you will see that the same Putin came to power, solely thanks to the PR of the then acting government (Yeltsin - who has the reputation of an inadequate person). Although we see Putin who opposes the West as a hero. This is certainly not the case, inside the country, Putin is not effective. Just the…

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Prong 3 revival

There is hot news regarding Planet 9! Astronomers says math proves Planet 9! Dark Energy Survey is mentioned in the Scientific American article on Planet 9. Has Prong 3 been brought back to life? Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] As you probably already know, Putin won the presidential election in Russia, and perhaps that is why the recognition of Nibiru…

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Nibiru's face

Don't ask to me Nancy what is this, I hope repeat it when new fine sky come back. [and from another] Ciao Nancy, secondo tentativo, risultato molto interessante, concordo in modo particolare sulla superficie come hai parlato in questo presente zoom 8 x. Prova a vedere. Fammi sapere la tua opinione. Alberto …

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Military Tribunals EO

What does Trumps new EO of March 1 mean? We are going to have military tribunals of civilians? Is this akin to Martial Law? [and from another] 2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States. March 1, 2018 …

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Weather wobbles

It seems that the wobble changed again, gotten worse. It seems different now then it was before. It even reached the news, It seems to me like a major change in the wobble.  Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] …

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Florida school shooting

Would the Zetas care to comment on the epidemic of school mass-shootings? There are multiple reports that there has been a CIA MKULTRA Behavior Modification program operating since at least the 1950s. The purpose is to control the American people through fear and insecurity by using anti-depressant drugs and hypnosis, video games, violent movies, and encouraging the manufacture and importation of military firearms for criminals to…

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Pole Shift wildfires

I hope that you can use this info or can be a question too: I find this article about a global fire 13k years ago.  This event is lining up with so called Younger Dryas (c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 years BP) which is an event associated with Abrupt climate change in many parts of the world. They attribute it to a comet, but it seems that is lining up with the past PoleShifts and the 3,600 cycle that Zeta confirm.  It seems this Younger Dryas is aligning to the…

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Economic indicators

Could the Zetas tell us what is the real economic situation now? And to what extent is deception going on? [and from another]…


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