Last August the Zetas predicted that potentially "revolution will erupt on a tsunami of truth." What would that tsunami and revolution look like? [and from another]

Is there likely to be revolution, in any country, over the Covid lies and lockdowns? As Gandhi proved, passive resistance is just as effective as combat, and results in fewer casualties. How would this battle be won? By insisting that employers fire those who resist the vax, the arrogant establishment assumes they have the winning card. Workers will capitulate. But what if instead the workers start new extemporaneous enterprises, using the barter system for a free-wheeling exchange of goods and services?

Seeing their draconian lockdowns only succeeding in a crashed economy and loss of political control, the establishment would be the side to relent. Though the Commonwealth countries, under the thumb of the Queen's Court, are pressing forward with draconian lockdowns, the truth about vax dangers is in the news now. It is inevitable that the Covid wars will resolve to a restless herd immunity acceptance. But the "tsunami of truth" about Nibiru would take a different course. This would result in Martial Law, rather than control via lockdowns.

Essentially, the public would not accept an excuse from the establishment that they were unaware of Nibiru's approach or presence. This would not even be debatable. No amount of talking heads or lectures by experts or pointing to the Sun's solar emissions would suffice. We have predicted that half the population would promptly go into denial. But the other half, already alienated by the Covid lies, would abandon their debts and jobs and establish survival camps.

In that soul longevity and past life experience lie with this group, the establishment would be losing its best workers. Imagine half the world's workers abandoning their debts and jobs. The banks would crash. Heads of State would continue to print devalued money but this would not prevent a crash. It would be the lack of goods and services, the infrastructure failing. There would be no Central Bank or Central Government in most countries, with no amount of rage in the corridors of power reversing this trend. Is this not revolution?

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2021

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