I watch NDBC buoys and caught what looks like massive water movement on buoy 56001 with no activation. Then I checked back just a few minutes ago and now buoy 56003 has activated with what looks like a 1,000 meter movement. Is this a malfunction? No earthquakes have been recorded publicly. [and from another] Is this the start of the severe wobble? [and from another] https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/obs.shtml, https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=56003&type=2...  [and from another] https://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/tsunami-buoys-the-latest-...

We warned that the Council of Worlds would take steps to force awareness of Nibiru, inciting a Severe Wobble. The ZetaTalk Followers photographers began to show a change in direction for where the tail of Nibiru was pointing. From pointing directly at the Earth in prior photos the N Pole of Nibiru began to point up on November 16. Then on November 26 the N Pole of Nibiru aggressively swung down, and two days later on November 28 Peru had a massive quake with participation in the Straits of Gibraltar. This was followed by a cold blitz in Europe on November 29 accompanied by massive quake swarms in Japan.

Both buoy 56003 and 56001 went on alert in the evening of December 1 along the North Coast of Australia. Both these buoys shared a common feature - being located in a flat deep plateau just to the NW of a ridge. Did the increasing Earth Wobble being incited by the Council of Worlds have something to do with these activated buoys? At midnight GMT the Sun is high over the Pacific. A strong Polar Push against the Magnetic N Pole of Earth in Siberia could be triggered, pushing deep plateau waters to the south and for a clash against a ridge, creating an undersea tidal bore.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2021

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