Do I understand correctly that this answer concerns only 10% of the population that will survive, because according to the forecast, the remaining 90% of the population will die out after the pole shift? But it seems to me that there is not one important clarification in this figure - what percentage of the population will live to see the pole shift at all? People can simply kill each other ahead of time out of fear or in a panic, arrange a mass massacre, shoot each other. Is there such a forecast for the number of people who may not live to see the pole shift? [and from another] Even if a percentage can't be put to how many people will die prior to Pole Shift, Andrey's point seems very valid.  As hunger and other desperate conditions increase, as law enforcement can't cope with it all and increasingly becomes absent, as health care becomes harder and harder to obtain, as utilities and grocery supplies fail, as mental problems increase and as many other things happen - what will be the result in many places?  Seems to me that people will be dying in droves, by violence and other causes. With so much denial, many will not go rural and live as they should, but will remain in dangerous, desperate places and circumstances, unfortunately. So, there will a stark contrast between those who living off-grid and in cooperation, and those who refuse to accept what's happening to the world and make necessary changes, or make too little too late.  Given what's coming next (New Madrid events, plus more) and all the Zetas have said, I won't be surprised if global population is soon dropping by a million per day.  However, I may be overly pessimistic, LOL.  And if this is too fear-inducing, please delete this post. [and from another] With 50% in denial, up to the point of the actual event, there is a significant shift in those numbers and 'mass massacres' or folks shooting one another out of fear or panic, ahead of time, seems unrealistic.

We were asked at the start of the ZetaTalk saga how the populace would react when Nibiru was undeniable. We have long stated our estimate that 50% of the populace will slide into denial and stay there, firmly, throughout. But the subconscious is aware, as how could it not be aware? Nibiru is already obvious in the skies, as a Second Sun and Daily Earth Wobble and Neon Clouds and smoking Petrol bombs. Those who are not courageous will look away and pretend not to notice.

We predicted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that gaiety would be used as a distraction. Spend the rent or mortgage money, get drunk and go dancing, and even start living on the beach where the flood tides are predicted to arrive. We have stressed that the majority of mankind are without sparked souls, this being their first incarnation should their soul spark. This is because that during the Earth's population explosion more bodies were produced than could be filled with souls awaiting reincarnation. Thus to say that mankind in general is immature and naive is an understatement.

How will the majority react to the food and fuel shortages already happening? This is of course the major reason for the Covid lockdowns, to force people to stay at home and not protest. It is also the reason for government handouts, like the US stimulous checks, to delays any public rage. Inevitably there will be work camps, forced labor to farm and harvest, and when the Earth changes tear up the cities these work camps will be assigned to build bunkers in rural areas. Martial Law will be in place, so Mad Max gangs will not be tolerated.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2021

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Comment by jorge namour on November 3, 2021 at 12:12am

China urges families to store basic supplies in case of emergency


China's government has urged families to stock up on essential supplies in case of emergencies.

No reason was given for the notice from the Ministry of Commerce, but it came amid ongoing coronavirus lockdowns and concerns over vegetable supplies after unusually heavy rain damaged crops.

The ministry also asked local authorities to keep supply chains running smoothly and prices stable.

State media later sought to quell concerns amid reports of panic buying.

"As soon as this news came out, all the old people near me went crazy, panic buying in the supermarket," one user wrote on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The Economic Daily, a Chinese Communist Party-backed newspaper, urged its readers not to be alarmed, saying the government's advice was aimed at making sure that households were prepared if a lockdown was announced in their area.
The People's Daily newspaper said such notices were not unusual, but that it had come at this time because of issues including a rise in vegetable prices and recent Covid cases.

Food prices traditionally rise in China as winter nears, but the price of vegetables has surged in recent weeks because of the extreme weather. CONTINUE-----

Comment by Juan F Martinez on October 28, 2021 at 3:46pm

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