ZetaTalk Newsletter for July 7, 2024

Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday July 7, 2024. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. (http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/index.htm)

Trump vs Biden

The Zetas provided their debate expectations early on the morning of the debate. How did they do? The Zetas anticipated that CNN would claim Biden won the debate but the Biden Double's performance was so bad that even CNN declared it a victory for Trump. Since the Junta controls the Biden Double, they clearly want the endless attacks against the Commander in Chief to stop. No more trivial Lawfare lawsuits with threats of jail and excessive bail. And in the 2024 race, no real competition.

Biden vs Trump Presidential Debate: Where to Watch and What to Expect
June 25, 2024

U.S. President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump will meet on a debate stage for the first of two televised face-offs that could prove critical in their tight rematch race to win the White House in November. The first debate will air at 9 p.m. ET on CNN and be broadcast from an Atlanta studio without a live audience. It can also be viewed on CNN affiliates, without a cable login on CNN.com and is available for simulcast on other U.S. channels. Trump will get the last word after a coin toss.
Biden Completely Loses Train of Thought 12 Minutes into Presidential Debate
June 28, 2028

President Joe Biden suffered repeated senior moments in Thursday night's debate, struggling to find his words as he talked on various policy issues - and giving Donald Trump an opening to go straight on the attack. In a debate that sparked concerns among the Democrats about whether he was fit to run for office, Biden's first mistake came after just 12 minutes.  It was a terrible start for a President who needed to overcome voters' concerns that he is too old for a second term; instead it was a car crash for Joe Biden.
FACT FOCUS: Here’s a look at some of the False Claims made during Biden and Trump’s First Debate
June 28, 2024

BIDEN: “The truth is, I’m the only president this century that doesn’t have any — this decade — any troops dying anywhere in the world like he did.” THE FACTS: At least 16 service members have been killed in hostile action since Biden took office in January 2021. On Aug. 26, 2021, 13 died during a suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, as U.S. troops withdrew from the country. An enemy drone killed three U.S. service members at a desert base in Jordan on Jan. 28 of this year.
Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Border Patrol Agents Endorsed Him
June 28, 2024

CLAIM: President Joe Biden said the “Border Patrolmen endorsed” him for president in this year’s presidential election. VERDICT: False. An official with the National Border Patrol Council, representing Border Patrol agents, said the union had not endorsed Biden and would “never” endorse him.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/27/2024 Pre-Debate: We anticipate that both Biden and Trump will show up. CNN will take excruciatingly careful steps not to imply anything about Trump, and have chosen clean questions though have shared with the Biden crowd in secret. No blood tests will be given as the Biden gang will refuse. That a Double is being used will be obvious, and there will be many clues that social media and Trump friendly reporting media sites will note.  Trump will of course win the debate though it will be claimed otherwise by CNN. This charade is to expose the rampant corruption in the Democrat Party.  

By the first week of July SCOTUS will rule that the New York hush money trial was not legal, a mistrial, and it will not be rescheduled. In Georgia DA Fanni will be removed and her replacement will dismiss the case. The Florida records case likewise will be terminated by SCOTUS as Trump legally had the records in his home stored there since he was President. These lawfare gambits were also allowed to proceed to expose corruption among the Democrats. Then when Martial Law is called in the US with Trump as the Commander in Chief, no one will be surprised.

Power Outages

Many countries, from Ecuador to the Balkan region, are having country-wide outages for unexplained reasons. Heat is mentioned but the heat is not excessive, nor sufficient to create such outages. These countries primarily generate power from hydroelectric. Is there a nexus? The Zetas explain.

Several European Countries and Holiday Islands Hit by Massive Power Outage
June 12, 2024

Large parts of Europe were hit by power cuts today, knocking out traffic lights, halting electric trains and switching off the internet. Power operators said they were investigating what caused the blackouts in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. The string of blackouts rippled out of Montenegro after a 400-kilowatt transmission line exploded. Officials say the major outage started with a fault in an interconnecting line with Greece caused by blisteringly high temperatures.
Power Outage leaves Millions of Ecuadorians in the Dark after Transmission Line Fails
June 20, 2024

Ecuador’s Minister of Energy Roberto Luque said in a message posted on X, formerly Twitter, that the failure was reported by the country’s National Electricity Operator and caused “a cascade disconnection,” leaving the nation without energy service. Since last year, Ecuador has faced an electricity generation crisis that has led to rationing throughout the country. In April, the government of President Daniel Noboa began to ration electricity in the country’s main cities as a drought linked to the El Niño weather pattern depleted reservoirs and limited output at hydroelectric plants that produce about 75% of the nation’s power.
Balkan Region Hit by Major Power Outage during Heatwave
June 21, 2024

“The exact cause of the blackout is still unknown, but we presume it involves the overloading of the interconnector” said Midheta Kurspahic, a spokesperson from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Electricity Company. Croatia’s HEP power utility said the outage in parts of the country was caused by “an international disturbance that affected several countries” without going into detail.  According to Croatian officials, it did not happen in Croatia, and they said it might have occurred somewhere between Greece and Albania. But that’s all preliminary information. They also said it might take up to six months before we know the official investigation results about the incident.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/20/2024: A cascading power failure can occur when one source fails so the workload is shifted to the next, which then cannot handle the additional load and likewise fails. Ecuador was struggling to maintain power in the country because their base power source was hydroelectric and they were experiencing a drought. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro are interconnected in that they share power with one another, so a cascading failure can occur. They like Ecuador primarily use hydroelectric for their source. But is there more to this picture to account for the blackouts?

The land above the African border in the Mediterranean is under assault due to the Africa Roll which pulls the Adriatic Sea down, thus destabilizing the water flow network that hydroelectric relies upon. This is likewise true of Ecuador which is affected by the constant S America waggle during the New Madrid Fault Line tussle. We have stated that all dams will eventually fail as the Earth approaches the time of the Pole Shift, including the Hoover Dam. The failure of hydroelectric power generators will be affected by this too. 

Dangerous Waters

There has been an increase in drowning recently, in the Mediterranean along the border of the Africa and Eurasian Plates, and in the Gulf of Mexico. The plates are on the move, with the Methane released at the plate border in Algeria drowning 17 school children recently. And now, swimmers on an Egyptian beach at Marsa Matrouh where there were a number of earthquakes nearby on the fateful date.  Natural methane is odorless and in sufficient quantity can kill by displacing oxygen.

Ten People Drown on Marsa Matrouh Beaches Within 24 Hours
June 22, 2024

Ten people drowned and 11 others were injured on the beaches of Marsa Matrouh within 24 hours. Survivors suffer from shortness of breath with some cases moderate, and others serious. Two were released to improve their conditions and are receiving the necessary treatment under the supervision of hospital doctors.

Then there is the constantly moving SE Portion of N America, which is dislodging its Toe from the Isthmus and dragging the SE Portion through the Gulf of Mexico and across the hump of the Caribbean Plate. The Zetas stated that as a result of this, the Yucatan Peninsula would move to the East. Thus we see an open vent at the island of Cozumel just east of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is yet another example of Zetas RIGHT Again!
ZetaTalk Prediction 1/23/2023: The SE Portion is now free to shift directly to the East, and this will create a distinct separation at the Isthmus, deeper waters in the Gulf, and a Yucatan that finds itself shifted toward the East too.

Then there are the rip tides drowning swimmers from Florida beaches on the east and west sides. Rip tides appear calm on the surface but under the surface are returning the waves to deep water with a fury. The swimmer cannot break free to rise up and get a breath, and thus drown. Why have the waters become so dangerous? The Zetas explain.

At least 6 Out-of-Staters Killed in Florida as Dangerous Rip Current Threats Persist
June 22, 2024

In 2023, more than 30 people were reported to have died after encountering rip currents along the Sunshine State, with half along the Florida Panhandle. Over a span of two days, rough surf along both of Florida's coasts claimed the lives of at least six people as authorities warned that hazardous beach conditions would likely persist.
Desperate Search Ends with 3 young Tourists Dead in likely Drowning at Florida Beach
June 22, 2024

Three Alabama men have died from likely drowning after becoming distressed while swimming at a Florida Panhandle beach. An hours-long rescue operation involving multiple agencies was eventually able to locate the three men. They were pulled from the water at different times and then sent to local hospitals for treatment.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/22/2024: As we have detailed, the New Madrid Adjustment includes a steady separation of the Portions in N America. This involves a shift to the East by the Toe of the SE Portion, such that the Yucatan Peninsula will ultimately arrive many miles to the East of its current location. That a new water spout emerged at Cozumel is yet another example of Zetas RIGHT Again. During this daily movement of the SE Portion there will be rip tides as Plate Movements are never smooth but most often a series of jerks.

We also described the African Roll, where the NE corner of the Africa Plate drops and scrapes along the Sinai Peninsula. Ripping rock along the Africa and Eurasia border through the Mediterranean during this process resulted in Methane drowning deaths in Algeria, and now amidst a series of quakes has occurred again at Marsa Matrouh. Methane can result in unconsciousness, thus drowning.  Due to the coverup over the Nibiru presence the public has not been properly informed.

Zetas RIGHT Again!

In 2010 the Zetas interpreted a Crop Circle to be Nibiru and its two Dominant Moons, one on either side and forming tailing moon swirls behind them. Then on May 1, 2021 in Sarasota, Florida the ZetaTalk Followers captured Nibiru and these Dominant Moons forming this same configuration. Zetas RIGHT Again! James of Idaho notes that this threesome resembles a Anunnaki Trident symbol.  “This image has always struck me as the tridents in the Anunakis hands. Nibiru and the 2 dominant moons above its head and the Anunnaki itself with the wings to either side being the wings of Nibiru.”

ZetaTalk Interpretation 7/31/2010: If the Anchor crop circle was showing the Nibiru complex as it retreats, White Horse is showing it as it approaches. The minor Moon Swirls that composed the tail of the Anchor are very distant and hardly visible. The two main Moon Swirls will be seen on either side, flaring back. And the crowding of magnetic particles in front of Nibiru as it points its N Pole toward the Earth is shown, so that Nibiru itself is almost repulsed by this crowding, pushed back in this cloud of magnetons, so is moving slowly!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2021:   A Crop Circle diagram comes to life! The Double Helix was captured on film in 2003 when Nibiru arrived, and now is back in view. This is another example that demonstrates the validity and significance of Crop Circle designs.

Now on May 26, 2024 there is a TikTok photo showing 3 Suns in the evening sky. The Second Sun at dusk or dawn is a familiar sight, and has been displayed for some years, but three Suns is new.  There is a famous drawing from 1533 with a similar display, but is it based on folklore from a prior passage of Nibiru, or is this a Sundog display or sunlight reflecting from the clouds? This 2024 photo is not a Sundog. The Zetas gave a surprise answer – at sunset we can now expect a single Sun, a Second Sun, or a Triad of Suns!

Three Suns Above Munster
Three Suns Above Münster Augsburger 1533. “In 1533, three suns shone similarly as if they had fiery clouds around them, and they stood over the city of Münster, as if the city and the houses were burning, as painted here.” Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, c. 1550
Astonishing Moment Couple Spot UFOs as Bright as the Sun' Hovering above River
June 28, 2024

A couple were left stunned after they spotted UFOs 'as bright as the sun' hovering above a river in Canada. Justin Stevenson and his wife Danielle Daniels-Stevenson were driving through Fort Alexander on May 14 when they saw the bright lights above the Winnipeg River. He pulled over at a clearing where Danielle, 32, filmed two 'sun-like' balls of light floating above the tree line without making a sound.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/24/2024: Nibiru can be seen from many angles - straight on with a Dominant Moon on either side, or from the side with various Moon Swirls trailing behind. All are surrounded by Red Dust and trash so appear large and can even dwarf Nibiru in size by this means. Coming closer lately, Nibiru and its Dominant Moon swirls may reflect sunlight at sunrise or sunset, a type of group Second Sun display. That this TikTok photo matches a drawing from 1533 inspired by a sundog display is coincidence. But a Triple Sun display will be on the increase.

Another Zeta prediction that is being proven true is their prediction about Chicago having disasters along the Canals built to support barges floating from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. This is a developing disaster but is certainly an example of Zetas RIGHT Again. Chicago has had sinking land on June 14 and June 25 in this area to the SW of Chicago. Now a huge train wreck occurred there on June 25.

June 14
By June 13-14 the drooping of the Mainland being pulled to the SW from the eastern Canada region, has returned to threaten the Chicago area. Note that the air pressure differrence is noted off the East Coast in the Atlantic, but the drooping is occurring from Chicago to the SW of Chicago. The US Military surveilance picked up again over these areas.
June 25
On June 25 the Chicago area showed signs of drooping, the Mainland being pulled aggressively to the SW. This was accompanied by booms from ripping rock in Elgin, Illinois [https://t.me/AzazelNews/621860] with confirmation from Peoria, Illinois [https://t.me/AzazelNews/621859].

Freight Tain Derails in Chicago Suburb, Triggering Evacuations over Suspected Leak
June 27, 2024

Matteson is a village in Cook County, Illinois, about 30 miles south of downtown Chicago.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/27/2024: We warned that the Canals built in the past to allow barges to port from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River would destabilize during the New Madrid Adjustment, and this process has begun. More devastation is to come, as the Canal system allowed Lake Michigan water to enter at Chicago, and though locked and blocked at present this will shatter during the unrelenting stretch ongoing in the Mainland Portion at the Chicago Bend of the New Madrid Fault Line.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Lying deep under the city of Chicago are aqueducts put in place by man, as well as many channels above ground, which connect in one manner or another Lake Michigan and the rivers to the south. Man has built these, and man will suffer when the water goes on the move. Man-made barricades will crumble, and the worst nightmares will ensue.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: There is a natural break in the rock strata holding Ohio, along the Ohio River and into its headwaters, as can be seen. Why should Chicago be affected? There is a natural break in the rock strata between the New Madrid and Chicago also, a weakness, which will rupture with the New Madrid. When the Seaway pulls apart there will be a drop in support formerly present during rock attachments. Chicago has long been predicted, by ourselves and others, to be devastated. Much of the infrastructure will rupture, causing buildings to crumble and freeways to be worthless and irreparable. One need only follow the geology of the region, to predict what will happen.

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