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Pole Shift Slosh

The Zetas have stated, as general advice, that one must be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up to evade the effects of Pole Shift sloshing during the hour of the Pole Shift. Water rolls inland, then turns around and rolls back when the tide goes out again. This guide assumes no other factors are at play, such as a backwash from a nearby river, or tidal bore up a cliff face. A glance at the globe showing land less than 200 feet above sea level shows the vulnerability of many coastlines around the world.

ZetaTalk Advice 9/11/2010:
Our advice to be 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level to avoid the coastal tidal waves during the pole shift. Research the effect of swollen rivers which will likely be in a backwash during the pole shift. We have stated that all rivers will be over their banks, so the worst possible scenario should be assumed. What will happen if the river cannot drain? Despite having a good sea level elevation, any land that does not have an advantage of being at least 200 feet in elevation over a major river bottom in the vicinity is likely to be flooded. A backwash from the main river in your vicinity should be assumed, so that creeks will not drain, for instance. Water on the move tears and bites and scours, and will undercut the soil under buildings so they will tilt and tumble. Being on solid rock that will not melt in this scenario is advised.

Is there any evidence that these guidelines might be valid? There is indeed, in the pyramids at Giza, which is within the 200 foot elevation guideline and close to 100 miles from the coastline in Egypt. In addition, the Nile River is large, would fill with water sloshing in from the Mediterranean thus creating a large backwash during the sloshing, and taking a long time to drain. Would this explain the odd pattern of erosion on the face of the Great Pyramids? Though the author of the article below theorizes the pyramids were around for the Great Flood, the Zetas have another explanation. 

The Pyramids and Sphinx: Built before the Great Flood
May 31, 2016
Researchers suggest that the Sphinx, the Temple of the Sphinx, and the first 20 fields of the Great Pyramid of Giza exhibit erosion due to deep water saturation, the entire Giza landscape, including the Pyramid and Sphinx displays signs of erosion, suggesting that in the distant past, these magnificent ancient structures were submerged under water.

ZetaTalk Analysis 5/6/2017:
Though just over 100 miles from the Mediterranean coastline, Giza has its toes in the flood plain of the Nile, and cannot thus be considered to be 200 feet above sea level, our standard advice for avoiding the Pole Shift tides. In addition, the backwash from the Nile would have lasted for months, given that the Nile drains a large swath of land and the deluge following any Pole Shift lasts for months. But it was more than a water wash that caused erosion on the lower faces of the Great Pyramids. The rocks on the face are supported from the bottom up, such that erosion on the bottom layer would create a lack of support on the layer above it, and on up in this manner. The top peak would be the last to crumble.

Why would the face of a pyramid lose support when the internal support structures did not? The Great Pyramids, built approximately 4,000 years ago to act as navigational devices for any Annunaki still remaining on Earth, had not been through prior Pole Shifts until the last passage approximately 3,600 years ago. Thus, they were built on sand, relying upon the weight of the pyramids themselves to hold them in place until no longer needed. As we have emphasized, water on the move scours the soil around building supports, and thus eroding the sand along the exposed edges of the pyramids, these rocks began to drop.

US Survivor Camps

It is clear from government actions in Russia and China that they are planning for the Aftertime. Russia has been moving to its Far East
for the past decade – giving away free land to settlers, setting up a new naval station on the New Siberian Islands, and moving their state offices there from the Moscow area. China has its Ghost Cities
constructed and waiting in its hinterlands. But what of the US? In 2011, Obama’s Executive Order 13575 was in preparation for survival camps, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/23/2011:
We revealed a year ago the FEMA plan under Obama, to deal with potentially millions of homeless during forthcoming disasters in the US. Executive Order 13575 is proof that this is the plan, despite whatever interpretation conspiracy websites might conclude. The rational for this Rural Council is to assist rural areas, so why is the Department of Defense, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security involved? Guarding the borders from invasion will be replaced by guarding survivor camps.

So what has happened since 2011? Per the Zetas, Obama “lacked courage” to make the announcement when he and Dunford were all set up for riots in the US and mass immigration attempts from Central America during the Jade Helm exercises in 2015. Disgusted, Dunford then took over, a silent military coup not admitted by the establishment. But out of the hundreds of Executive Orders
President Obama wrote, and the hundreds being written by President Trump,
a rewrite of EO 13575 got attention from Trump.  Why? Compare the two, and differences arise. The Zetas explain.

Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council
June 9, 2011
Sec. 3.Membership. (a) The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as the Chair of the Council, which shall also include the heads of the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices: (8) the Department of Housing and Urban Development;  (12) the Department of Veterans Affairs;  (13) the Department of Homeland Security; (23) the Council on Environmental Quality;  (24) the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs;

Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America
April 25, 2017
Sec. 3. Membership.  (a)  The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as Chair of the Task Force, which shall also include:  (xx)  the United States Trade Representative;  (xxi) the Director of the National Science Foundation;

ZetaTalk Insight 4/29/2017:
What is the significance of Trump’s changes to Obama’s 2011 EO 13575? Notably missing from Trump’s list are Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, HUD and the EPA. This implies that the Trump administration wants the focus on the anticipated millions of new disaster victims to be other than EXISTING dependents already cared for by Veterans Affairs and HUD. He does not want the busy task force to even hear from the EPA, as pollution laws would be the least of their concerns.

Under Trump’s plan, the US Military, some form of Martial Law, would be involved in keeping the peace, along with local police departments. What role does FEMA have in this? Notably missing from Trump’s revised EO, FEMA is under Homeland Security, which itself is not listed. This EO should be considered focusing on the target location for disaster victims, not the epicenter of the disaster, thus. The epicenter of the disaster, such as New Madrid ravaged cities, would be the focus for Homeland Security and FEMA efforts.

The target locations are covered by Trump’s revised EO 13575. This division is to give focus to each agency involved, so they don’t stumble over each other or dilute their efforts. That this EO is being updated, at this time, speaks volumes. With all that is on Trump’s plate, during his first 100 days – Obamacare revision, N Korea’s nuclear threat, promised tax cuts, Gorsuch appointment, and ISIS battles – he included revising this old EO of Obama’s as a priority. It says he expects this focus on developing survivor camps in rural areas soon.

Losing Control

The spiritual Transformation of Earth, ongoing in step with the Earth changes caused by the passage of Nibiru, has been described as a time when those in the Service-to-Self are removed from Earth, removed from power, and as Jesus said, the “meek shall inherit the Earth”. The good hearted in Service-to-Others increase in numbers and influence. On occasion, one can see the elite in panic over this trend. Such was the case recently when Hillary tried once again to explain that she actually won the election, and the Queen is preparing to escape permanently to Scotland, a safe location.

Hillary didn’t Lose because of Putin or Comey or Misogynistic Men
May 3, 2017
Hillary Clinton is on her loser tour. speaking at a ‘Women for Women’ event in New York, Hillary reached dizzying new heights of self-delusion as she tried to explain away the most humiliating loss in American political history. ‘I take absolute personal responsibility,’ she said, and then proceeded to do the complete opposite. Hmm, perhaps they were scared off by the fact that someone they already deeply distrusted after decades of dodgy behaviour set up a secret private email server while Secretary of State, a massive and inexcusable breach of protocol. And that she deleted 33,000 emails before investigators could see them. And that the server was linked to Anthony ‘I’ll show you my weiner’ Weiner, the predatory sex-mad husband of her right hand woman Huma Abedin and about as big a security risk imaginable.

Queen Elizabeth’s entire staff called to ‘Highly Unusual’ Emergency Meeting at Buckingham Palace
May 4, 2017
Buskingham Palace has announced that Prince Philip is stepping down from all of his royal duties, after Queen Elizabeth II’s staff were summoned to an emergency meeting. The meeting, called suddenly and described as ‘highly unusual’, sent Britain’s rumour mill and social media into a concerned frenzy that bad news is imminent. However royal watchers said the announcement wasn’t to do with a death, or even the health of the Queen or Prince Philip.  Household staff from as far as Balmoral in Scotland were reportedly been included in the roll call.

Losing control is, per the Zetas, what the elite fear. They rule the masses by debt slavery, by controlling the machines of war, and as their control slips they fear retaliation from the oppressed. The Zetas described these fears in 2004, and this has not changed. We know that Hillary transmitted $1.8 billion to Qatar
in order to flee prosecution, and the Queen stole the Scotland independence
bid in order to retain Scotland as a safe place for her escape from London. The world they control is now shrinking.

ZetaTalk What They Fear 9/7/2004:
We have mentioned that the establishment fears losing their perch on top of the pile, and being reduced to the stature of the common man.   A sudden panic in the masses to the extent they leave their jobs and the infrastructure collapses as maintenance is not done on power grids or water mains, and security over corporate assets is not maintained. Opportunistic looting which catches like wildfire when it becomes apparent that security is lacking, the police or private security forces distracted by their own panic.

Stock markets collapsing under sudden sell orders in an effort to liquidate cash, and banks unable to meet the demands that bonds and savings accounts be liquidated, so the financial system is no longer considered functional and squatters rights begins to prevail as the mindset of the masses.  The power of the elite no longer recognized when it is reduced to paper ownership no longer enforced by the courts and control over police and military forces no longer listening and consisting of paper money no longer having any value in a barter driven economy.

The wealthy elite, and those in power when the big lies are exposed, becoming targets of those who have long resented them, with more than focused looting and retaliation unleashed as starving masses of humanity become organized.  Military units or militias becoming breakaway units such that rogue states are formed, the world in the main becoming a no-man’s land where the safety of the elite cannot be assumed or assured.

The Zetas have stated that as the Transformation proceeds, polarization of the orientations
increases. Those in Service-to-Other tend to move to live with each other, support each other, while those in the Service-to-Self tend likewise to group together, as they prefer the rule orientated environment of the Service-to-Self over the empathy that is prevalent in a Service-to-Other environment. The rise of crime in certain cities, to the extent the police can no longer handle the chaos, is a sign of this polarization.

Mayor Asking FBI for Help with Investigating City Crime, Rising Murder Rate
April 28, 2017
Baltimore’s mayor is asking for help from the FBI as the city struggles to contain a soaring murder rate. But will bringing in the feds stop the killings? Violence has reached a crisis level, with the number of killings shattering a 20-year high this early in the year. President Trump has advocated sending in feds to stem violence in Chicago and other cities. This week, Baltimore reached a grim milestone: 100 murders before the end of April. It’s the first time that’s happened since 1998.

Chicago nearing 200 Homicides this Year
May 1, 2017
As of Monday morning, the count was at least 193 homicides — most of them fatal shootings. That is about the same number of killings as this time in 2016, a year that went down as the most violent in Chicago in two decades.

Trump, fed up with Chicago 'Carnage,' Threatens to Send Feds
January 24, 2017
President Trump warned that if Chicago does not stem the violence that has ravaged the city, he stands ready to call for federal intervention.

Riots are also on the increase, for whatever reason. Panic is just under the surface. This is in great part a facet of the cover-up over Nibiru, as the populace senses the big lie, but without honest discussion in the media they cannot take steps to properly prepare. They are locked into their jobs, their debt payments, and cannot move to safe locations nor spend their energies on preparations for self-sufficiency. The cover-up in essence creates riots. But the establishment fears losing control, so the cover-up continues.
Police Declare Riot as Protesters set Fires in downtown Portland
May 01, 2017
In Olympia, police were ordering a group of protesters to disperse. Police described the group as "members of a mob" wearing masks and said they were firing rocks from sling shots at officers as well as throwing bottles and using pepper spray. Police said they had "deployed crowd control devices."

Venezuelan Opposition Blocks Streets to Protest Maduro Power Shakeup
May 2, 2017
Venezuela's opposition blocked streets in Caracas on Tuesday to denounce a decision by leftist President Nicolas Maduro to create a "constituent assembly," a move critics said was a veiled attempt to cling to power by avoiding elections.

Flames, Fatality at Venezuela Demo over leader's Crisis Maneuver
May 3, 2017
Venezuelan police fired tear gas and hooded protesters hurled Molotov cocktails as thousands rallied in anger at President Nicolas Maduro's plan to rewrite the constitution. At least one protester caught fire and two opposition lawmakers were among various people injured. The opposition blames Maduro for an economic crisis that has led to shortages of food, medicine and basic goods.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/23/2004
Today the cover-up remains tight, the participants told that the presence in the inner solar system affecting Earth orbit and weather will pass, and the primary danger is panic in the world’s populations. That the cover-up serves those in the know, allowing them to continue in their power positions unchallenged and without surprises, is not addressed. In the name of national security, global security, and avoidance of unrest and mass panic, any who threaten to break the tight cover-up are assassinated, discredited, put into compromising positions, and punished.  

An announcement about a presence in the inner solar system, presented first as a debate and then with increasing facts supporting the announcement, is deemed the lesser devastation to the establishment, when faced with certain and sudden mass panic in the event of an Earth tilt. A debate of the issues, done ahead of such an obvious proof that this presence existed, would include safety tips, what to worry about, what steps to take, and when. Such an announcement would validate sources such as ZetaTalk, certain to be given the spotlight as the establishment wishes more pointed predictions on timing, dates, and we, the Zetas, are holding this information hostage until media exposure is given to our words.

And what happens to the common man as the world created by the elite crumbles? If they cannot immediately make the leap to survival camps, where sharing is the rule and the barter system replaces money, then they must begin at a minimum to feed themselves with back yard and urban gardens. Free ranging chickens or herds of goat should be welcomed into neighborhoods. Attempts by the establishment to prevent the populace from these simple steps should be resisted, absolutely. Embrace the future, and turn your back on what corporations and banks and their political puppets are dictating.

Puerto Ricans Face ‘Sacrifice Everywhere’ on an Insolvent Island
May 6, 2017
Faced with a $123 billion debt it cannot pay, Puerto Rico filed for a kind of bankruptcy protection, a move that sent shivers down the spines of everyone from bond holders fearful of staggering losses to street sweepers and public employees whose already meager paychecks are likely to dwindle. Just days after a May Day strike sent tens of thousands of people to the streets in a protest that turned violent, people gathered at work, in parks and their homes in never-ending debates over the uncertainties. The government plans sweeping austerity measures in the coming months that will hit teachers especially hard.

Yemenis face ‘Life & Death Choice’ of Treating Sick Children or feeding Healthy Ones
May 6, 2017
Children are paying an extremely high price in war-torn Yemen, with 90 percent in desperate need of humanitarian care, according to UNICEF. Almost half a million are at risk of starvation. Families are making "life and death choices" such as deciding whether to invest in treating a sick child or feeding their healthy children. In addition to hunger, malnutrition and disease, innocent Yemenis are falling victim to the ongoing violence in the country, with the Saudi-led coalition being blamed for civilian deaths due to airstrikes.

Venezuelans Lost 19 lbs. on Average over Past Year due to Lack of Food
February 20, 2017
In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food. In all, 82 percent of the nation's households live in poverty. Venezuelans suffer shortages of the most basic goods, from food to medicine, amid triple-digit inflation and a nearly 80 percent currency collapse in the last year.

Speaking of survivor camps, have you established your niche? The most recent Zeta Report on USAEBN,
hosted by a senior Homeland Security agent, emphasized finding your niche and developing that specialty.
Find your Survival Niche: What is your skill set? Do you garden and save seed? Are you an electrician or a nurse? Experienced fisherman? If not, consider a worm bed in your kitchen or bug farm in your garage. If a carpenter, collect hand tools. Short wave radio or cooking instincts will likewise be welcomed. Develop your niche skills!

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