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EMP on the Increase

On April 21 the US had coast-to-coast blackouts, the most severe in San Francisco at 9:20 am Pacific Time. San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, which EMP loves. This was preceded by electrical problems in New York City at 7:30 am Eastern Time, when several subway systems failed. New York City, particularly Manhattan island where this occurred, is of course surrounded by water. On this same day, just after the San Francisco blackout, there was an outage in Los Angeles, and the PG&E outage map shows the Portland, Oregon area affected also.  

Power Outages Coincide in LA, New York, and San Francisco
April 21, 2017
A series of subsequent power outages in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City left commuters stranded and traffic backed up.

‘Totally surreal’: Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco
April 21, 2017
The first outage occurred at around 7:20am in New York. Later in the morning, power outages were reported in Los Angeles International Airport, as well as in several other areas around the city.

Power Restored in SF after Blackout Shuts Businesses, Cable Cars
April 21, 2017
A huge blackout, bringing everyday life to a virtual standstill as homes and businesses and courtrooms went dark, traffic lights stopped working, BART and Muni service slowed, and all the cable cars shut down. The power failure struck just after 9 am and extended through the Tenderloin and Chinatown, up Nob Hill, and into the Marina and the Presidio. But as the evening commute began at 4 pm, there was finally good news. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. traced the problem to the failure of a circuit breaker that ignited insulation and started a fire at a substation.

Circuit Breaker Failure causes Massive Power Outage in San Francisco
April 21, 2017
City officials also say they will have traffic control officers at the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge so the evening commute doesn’t turn into gridlock.
Subway Service Close to Normal, but Power Outage Cause Unknown
April 21, 2017
A power outage at the Seventh Avenue and West 53rd Street subway station led to a hellish commute, with crowded trains and stations due to delays and suspensions on several lines. Service was completely halted on the B, C and M lines. Con Edison and transit crews are working to determine what triggered the hours-long outage that affected the signals, which began around 7:30 am. The MTA had generators in place at the location by 11:30 am, allowing them to restore power. Con Edison first investigated the power issue at West 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, but did not find any problems there.

MTA Says No Worries about Tonight's Rush Hour Commute
April 21, 2017
It's not quite the weekend yet, and the MTA is making sure you know it: a midtown power outage has caused rippling delays along the B, D, F, M, A, C, E, F, J, Q and R lines. Service changes are affecting the B, D, E, F and M lines, specifically. Thank you for your undying patience.

The establishment quickly tried to blame the Sun, but as usual in these events their prediction came late, AFTER the incident, AFTER April 21. The EMP in the US happened early in the day on April 21, and the NOAA charts show no warning until LATER in the day. NOAA can adjust the data to meet their needs, and the cover-up certainly lies about Nibiru on many fronts. The key is what they were saying when the EMP hit! At that time, as was noted on GLP, they were saying the sun was very quiet, solar activity very low.
The Power Outages are Electrostatic Bursts caused by Nibiru
April 21, 2017
Is anyone asking why NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center is being forced to come up with an explanation after the fact for an unforecast 18 hour long and counting G2 storm with some magnetometers measuring kp=8 (G4) with winds at 700 km/sec from our sun? According to NOAA the coronal hole stream isn't forecast to reach Earth until 4/23. No explanation for the current storming and 650 km/s winds.

Forecast Discussion
April 22, 2017
24 hr Summary: Solar activity was very low. The largest solar event of the period was a B9/Sf flare at 22/0034 UTC from Region 2651 (N12E23, Cao/beta). Region 2651 produced additional B-class flare activity and showed minor development in its intermediate spot group. Region 2652 (N13E38) decayed
to plage. Region 2653 (S09E66, Hax/alpha) was stable and absent of significant flare activity. There were no Earth-directed CMEs observed in available satellite imagery. Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be very low with a chance for C-class flare activity over the next three days (22-24 Apr).

Large Coronal Hole Returns
April 21, 2017
A large recurrent coronal hole last seen in March will become geoeffective beginning April 23rd.

If NOAA took no note of the pending EMP, because they are focused on the Sun and the EMP was not caused by solar emissions, their BATSRUS charts did show that the Earth’s Magnetosphere was yet again under attack, as a Pole Shift ning
blog dedicated to these mattes attests. Note the time stamp on these charts, very early in the day on April 21. Once again, all attempts to blame the Sun failed.

The “anything but Nibiru” crowd then tried to say it was a cyber attack, hacking of some kind, but this story did not have the ring of truth as the EMP did not align. Then there was the attempt to say the EMP was deliberate, done as part of the Gotham Shield exercise in NYC. But the dates do not line up, Gothan Shield was not supposed to happen until April 24. Per the Zetas, it was the Council of Worlds whose hand was on the coast-to-coast EMP, as they have stepped in to force the establishment to admit the reality and presence of Nibiru.

"Total Chaos" - Cyber Attack Feared As Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures
April 21, 2017
The U.S. power grid appears to have been hit with multiple power outages affecting San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Power companies in all three regions have yet to elaborate on the cause, though a fire at a substation was the original reason given by San Francisco officials. Although the outages occurred around the same time, there is as of yet no evidence that they were connected by anything more than coincidence.

Are Today’s Massive Power Outages Really Secretly Part of the Operation Gotham Shield Nuclear EMP Drill?
April 21, 2017
All of this is coinciding with the Operation Gotham Shield drill being held in the NYC area; depending on who you ask, it’s even going on right now, but again, we civilians (read: peons) are being mostly kept in the dark about the huge drill. One set of dates says the drill started on April 18th and will run through May 5th. Another set of dates say the actual nuke/EMP simulation part of the drill won’t happen until April 24th–26th.
ZetaTalk Insight 4/29/2017:
As has been noted by those afflicted by EMP, time of day matters. It does not occur at night, but when Nibiru and the Sun rise overhead. There is also a strong association with water, so that cities on the coast are attracting EMP for two reasons – the heavy use of electricity and the nearby and often incursive presence of water. Manhattan is an island, and San Francisco is surrounded by water on three sides. As usual, NOAA predicted solar activity only after EMP struck coast-to-coast in the US.

The desperate move to imply that hacking or a secret EMP weapon was responsible will not stick. In fact, it would only draw attention to the plethora of EMP information on the ZetaTalk website, so easily found via search engines. The fact that several cities were struck, within hours and on the same day, is problematic for the cover-up, which usually likes to keep any incident local so the big picture cannot be sensed. EMP is only one weapon in the Council of World’s arsenal, and the cracks in the cover-up are widening. The debate on how to break the news about Nibiru intensifying, as it is clear denial cannot be maintained much longer. Who, what, how, and when has not been determined as yet.

Family of Man Confirmed

Anthropologists are reluctantly admitting that the Hobbit bones found in Indonesia are not a version of early man, but rather a new species altogether. But anthropologists are so wedded to the “out of Africa” concept that they cannot quite let go.
Flores Man ‘Hobbits’ found in Indonesia were Not Direct Relatives of Modern Humans
21st April 2017
The ancient hobbits, who would have stood at 3.5 foot tall, were found at Liang Bua on the island of Flores in 2003. Experts initially believed the Homo Floresiensis – or Flores man – were just a shrunken variety of early humans. But a study by The Australian National University (ANU) found the race were most likely a different species altogether. Researchers think they were related to a sister species of Homo habilis – one of the earliest known ancestors of modern mankind which lived in Africa 1.75 million years ago.

Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton
Oct 27, 2004
In a breathtaking discovery, scientists working on a remote Indonesian island say they have uncovered the bones of a human dwarf species marooned for eons while modern man rapidly colonized the rest of the planet. One tiny specimen, an adult female measuring about 3 feet tall, is described as "the most extreme" figure to be included in the extended human family. Certainly, she is the shortest. This hobbit-sized creature appears to have lived as recently as 18,000 years ago on the island of Flores, a kind of tropical Lost World populated by giant lizards and miniature elephants. Evidence suggests Flores Man made stone tools, lit fires and organized group hunts for meat. Near the skeleton were stone tools and animal remains, including teeth from a young stegodon, or prehistoric dwarf elephant, as well as fish, birds and rodents. Some of the bones were charred, suggesting they were cooked.

Per the Zetas, Hobbit Man is what they called Indonesia Man, one of the six Races of Man described by the Zetas at the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995. Hobbit Man was discovered on the Island of Flores in Indonesia in 2003. The Flores Hobbit is clearly Indonesia Man, though the Australian Aboriginals also appear to have the Black Man genes described by the Zetas. The Aboriginals also have the rounded belly included in the Zeta description for Indonesia Man.

ZetaTalk Indonesia Man 7/15/1995:
Indonesian Man was short and stocky, with a rounded belly. He had a dominant forehead which protruded out over his eye sockets, giving him the natural equivalent of shades. He was not swift, but moved in a ponderous manner, and thus his demise. He could not run for safety or rescue others quickly, and his lack of agility and rounded shape prevented him from taking to the trees or cliffs for safety. Indonesian Man had what we might describe as a stubborn rage that when lit would not soon quell. Where he stood to fight, and won some, he was invariably bested by large predators. He too was eaten, irregularly, until gone.

The Australian Aborigines also can point to Indonesian Man for a large portion of their genetic heritage, being, like the new Polynesian Man, a combination of Gypsy Man and Indonesian Man, with the addition of some Black Man genes due to a highly promiscuous Black Man who traveled with a small band to that part of the world. As an oddity, and tall in stature compared to their tallest warrior, he was treated as a god and given all the women they could muster. He considered this a pleasant retirement.

In Issue 469
of this newsletter, published September 27, 2015 and dedicated to the Family of Man, we discuss how the “out of Africa” theory stumbled on several fronts. For one, how did White Man emerge? Bathing in bleach? For another, the heavy lids of China Man are nowhere in evidence in Africa. But the lack of evidence from any location except Africa was used religiously to support the “out of Africa” theory.
ZetaTalk Races of Man 7/15/1995:
Angola Man was not black at all, but pale to the point of being bluish. Indonesian Man was short and stocky, with a rounded belly. Gypsy Man was slight, and slid from confrontation, a factor of his hominoid genetics as well as the root ape, which took to the trees to escape and confronted only when escape was not possible. White Man evolved in the desserts of Africa, and migrated across the Mediterranean, which in those days was not the water barrier it is today.

The particular hominoid stock forming Black Man emerged from a portion of the Family of Man that relied on physical skills and social harmony. The hominoid stock used to build China Man was from those least likely to be impulsive, where deliberation brought rewards and had thus been selected for survival during evolution. Indonesian Man in the pure form also died out, but through casual encounters with Gypsy Man merged into what we will call Polynesian Man.

Per the Zetas, the base ape for China Man is clearly the Orangutan, due to the flanges on the cheekbones and the calm nature of both the Orangutan and the Chinese people.  This was detailed in Issue 408
of this Newsletter on July 27, 2014 following the discovery of skulls in 2014 of what are now being called the Red Deer Cave people in southern China.

'Enigma Man' may be New Human Species that Lived Until 11,000 Years Ago
June 19, 2014
The study of ancient human remains found in a remote cave in South-west China looks at the idea there may have been another species of human existing alongside our ancestors as recently as 11,000 – 14,000 years ago.

ZetaTalk China Man 7/12/2014:
Was the Red Deer Caveman essentially early Chinaman? We stated that the six races of man all had a different base ape, though most of these base apes have morphed or died out over time. But in looking at the distinctive flange on the cheekbones of the Red Deer Cave hominoid, one can only see one candidate that would apply as the base ape for Chinaman. The Chimp has these flanges but evolved in Africa, and is too belligerant. Likewise the Baboon. The Gorilla has a placid temperament but does not have the flanges. But look at the Orangutan, an ape from southeast Asia, with distinctive flanges, a broad jaw, intelligence, and a placid nature!

Gypsy Man was also recently discovered by antropologists, in a cave in S Africa in 2015. This spot in eastern Africa is where India would have touched, when Pangea was whole.  Pangea allowed migration to India, and per the Zetas, Gypsy Man became dominant and flourished in India.
Homo Naledi: New Species of Human Ancestor Discovered in South Africa
September 10, 2015
When an amateur caver and university geologist arrived at Lee Berger's house one night in late 2013 with a fragment of a fossil jawbone in hand, they broke out the beers and called National Geographic. Berger, a professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, had unearthed some major finds before. But he knew he had something big on his hands. What he didn't know at the time is that it would shake up our understanding of the progress of human evolution and even pose new questions about our identity.

ZetaTalk Gypsy Man 9/12/2015:
Who is this early man, so slender, a tree climber and long-distance walker? Does this not sound like our 1995 description of Gypsy Man, one of the 6 versions of Early Man genetically engineered for Earth? We stated that Gypsy Man was slight, and took to the trees to avoid confrontation. H. Naledi is described as having hands that showed climbing capabilities. We described Gypsy Man has having sharp, prominent teeth, and these are clearly what H. Naledi possessed. How did he get from S Africa to India? Look at the map of Pangea! India was snugged up against southern African, and H. Naledi was a walker. Why was he found in a cave? He was non-confrontational, and to evade large predators at night, one hid in a cave with a tight opening!

Plastic Eating Bugs

Mother Nature helps with mankind’s disasters in many ways, from oil eating bacteria
to effluent cleansing wetland plants to heavy metal absorbing plants. But the mountains of plastic mankind generates and tosses into land fills just seem to keep mounting without a solution. Until very recently, that is. It was recently discovered that the larva of a common moth, Galleria mellonella, eats plastic! This is not its normal diet, but the beeswax in hive honeycombs is apparently similar to plastic. Per the Zetas, not an accident, as this little moth is a transplant, a gift to mankind.
Nature throws Humanity a Softball, provides Bugs that Digest Plastic
April 21, 2017
Plastic is everywhere, and as far as the Earth is concerned it absolutely sucks. Scientists believe it can take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 years for common disposable plastic products like bags, bottles, and containers to break down after being thrown into a landfill — or flying out of your car window and into a ditch. That’s a long, long time, and it makes plastic a particularly bad pollutant. Now, researchers believe they’ve stumbled upon a natural plastic decomposition tool that has been crawling around right under our feet, in the form of Galleria mellonella, the greater wax moth. Scientists from Cambridge University just discovered that the moth’s larva can actually eat and break down plastic in a similar way to beeswax, which the moth regularly consumes. Once researchers know exactly how the moth is performing its trick they could apply that knowledge to large-scale efforts to biodegrade junk plastic in places where it causes the most problems, such as the ocean and other pollution hot spots.

Galleria Mellonella
Galleria mellonella, the greater wax moth or honeycomb moth, is a moth of the family Pyralidae. It is the only member of the genus Galleria. It is found in most of the world, including Europe and adjacent Eurasia, its presumed native range, and as an introduced species on other continents, including North America and Australia. The caterpillar larvae, or waxworms, feed on the honeycomb inside bee nests and may become pests of apiculture. Less often, they are found in bumblebee and wasp nests, or feeding on dried figs. The larvae are commercially available.

ZetaTalk Surprise 4/29/2017:
How does it happen that a moth is the ONLY member of a genus, the genus Galleria, yet is found throughout the world. This is not an accident, and this shy moth has not evolved on Earth. It is genetically engineered to be able to exist and flourish on Earth, though evolved on other worlds. Like many of the plants such as Cannabis, which is beneficial to countless diseases that afflict mankind, this moth is a transplant. It was foreseen that products made from the oil deposited on the hapless Earth by the many passages of Nibiru would evolve into trash that was resistant to decay. Thus, the engineers slipped in a solution, in the form of a lowly moth!

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