For now, as a result of the earth wobble we have had strange wind patterns and sporadic storms worldwide not common in some places. Can the Zetas say something about the winds during the time when the wobble becomes more intense. Can we expect devastating winds during the wobble when we come to the 8 and 9/10.

We have described the sloshing during the severe wobble to be 200-300 feet. When compared to the Pole Shift sloshing of 500-600 feet. How can this be when the pole shift will move the Earth 90°, and the Severe Wobble will thrash the Earth back and forth almost 180°? During the Pole Shift, the motion is swift, within an hour, so the water does not have time to settle and travel with the globe as it moves. And during the Severe Wobble, water on the move will be inclined to reverse when the wobble changes direction, and thus will never build in height as it would if the Earth stopped and did not return. 

We have stated that during the hour of the Pole Shift, that the entire globe can anticipate hurricane force winds. This will not be in excess of what the globe experiences today, as the brake on these matters is the atmosphere itself. If the globe will experience these winds during a 90° turn in the span of an hour, then what is to be expected for a 180° flop over the course of 12 hours? Much less than a hurricane worldwide, but certainly not a light breeze! As with our description of where a slosh would occur during the Severe Wobble, one should anticipate the wind or water coming from the direction the globe is moving, as the Earth is being forced under her blanket of air and her blanket of water. 

The 8 of 10 has not been detailed by us, as we are awaiting more media attention to our message, using Nancy as the messenger. We have made clear to the Puppet Master that the information he seeks, on many levels and on many subjects will not be provided unless and until he arranges this type of media attention to our message. If the common man, wishing to prepare, finds this infuriating, they should think of those who have only received lies at the hands of NASA and the elite. There are many who deserve to hear the truth, to be empowered with the same knowledge that the elite are holding for themselves. Thus you have gotten details on the Last Weeks, the Severe Wobble time, but the 8 of 10 is for now an information void.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 21, 2012

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Comment by Phil Melton on January 23, 2012 at 3:37am

TURBULENCE CAUSES INJURIES: Here is an article supporting what we are speaking of:

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