Why live? - Pole Shift; Aftertime; from ZetaTalk

For my understanding I made a chart from "ZetaTalk: Pole Shift (o54) and Aftertime (o55)" shown below.

ZetaTalk: Pole Shift (o54)


Note: written Apr 15, 2002

A common reaction among humans when first contemplating the pole shift as presented by us, is to think that the better option is to go out with the tidal waves, go down under quake debris, or be blown against a wall by high winds and have it all over with quickly. Most survivors of multiple pronged disasters sit stunned until death overtakes them. Imagine the World Trade Center disaster, without rescue. No food stuffs brought in, no financial rescue, no media attention. This is in essence a depression, where less and less is done, as time passes. Illness sets in, and those stunned and unable to see a way out are at last given their way out, quietly.

We present a scenario of struggle to survive in the first place, with travel and terror and living a dual life of uncertainty due to the establishment cover-up. Getting past that as a short term problem, the larger problem looms like a dark cloud. Life in the Aftertime is fraught with dying forests, lack of livestock or flocks or wildlife to eat, and gardens that will not flourish. Add to this the description of a Mad Max world, where a set of laws and a governing body will be nonexistent or turned toward self-service, marauding gangs and the need to live forever in a low-profile mode to survive. Then the time frame of a 25 years volcanic gloom, with climate change requiring vegetation to adjust as well as try to re-grow, and it seems a long way off before one can sit on the porch in the evening, enjoying the evening. Those with children despair that they will be educated, will live to adulthood without health problems besetting them, rotting teeth, painful disease, only to find they are bearing offspring into a world that is a nightmare. Those in poor health envision that they will become a burden on others, fear this will occur in slow steps so they will be unaware of it, perhaps senile or comatose due to starvation, and unable to control their life at all.

Thus, there are huge worries to anyone taking the message semi-seriously, and the first though is that this is a nightmare to be avoided. So, given this perspective, what IS there to live for?

  • Those strongly in the Service-to-Others have no problem with this scenario, as they quickly sort out what life for others will be, and make their decisions accordingly. This is no different than what they experience during everyday today. They may be told they have cancer, but consider who is dependent upon them and plot their life accordingly. They may be told someone in the family or a neighbor is going to fall on hard times, and adjust their own lifestyle downward to take them in and share what they have. They may be told someone nearby has defaulted on their responsibilities, and step in without hesitation to fill the gap, being a father to fatherless children or whatever. Thus, those strongly Service-to-Others would not be likely to utter a phrase such as "why live?" as they know why troubled times in particular require one to be there for others.
  • Those strongly Service-to-Self sort this out in a similar manner, but in the other direction. As with their everyday decisions, they look over the situation to see how it might be taken advantage of for their own pleasure or power position. Since victims can be presented at any time, they assume many victims and looting and plundering and savaging potential galore in a post pole shift situation. Thus, those highly Service-to-Self will also not be likely to say "why live?" as they are licking their chops and rubbing their hands together.
  • The undecided are the ones likely to make the statement, "why live?" as they do not polarize in either direction, but rather think of their own life, and how they interact on a daily basis with other, or what they have come to expect as their daily fare. The focus is the self, but as a child focuses on the self. How will this affect me, what will I do when presented with this or that without the resources I've come to expect will be available to me. The immature spirit pushes the post pole shift scenario out only so far, to the edges of the cocoon they see their life as, and see this cocoon not there. The job will be gone, friends and family may die or wander off, the store shelves empty, the government offices simply not staffed, and whom do they go to with their complaints? Thus, it is the immature, the undecided, who will present leaders in the Aftertime with motivation problems.

ZetaTalk: Aftertime (o55)


Note: written Apr 15, 2002

The undecided have motive in life according to immediate pleasures, in the main. When they see suffering, before them, they feel compassion and may be motivated to give of their own good, or assist, giving of their time, but this motivation vaporizes as soon as the painful situation is out of sight. They quickly react to a threat of having their lifestyle diminished, or expectations of them increased such that life becomes more work and less play. Thus, to motivate a spiritually undecided individual is, in the main, to present them with suffering, without a buffer, or to present them with a better life should they do this or that.

  • In a survival group, where undecideds are mixed in with strongly Service-to-Others individuals, the undecided should not be allowed to avoid the sick room or pathetic crying of hungry infants. Force them into this presence, as choices will be made. They will either rise to the occasion and give of their time, being the better for it overall, or get hostile. If the individual gets hostile, they are making an orientation decision, that their comfort is more important than assisting the suffering of others. In this, the group can decide if they wish to have this member as a continuing drain, given the obvious orientation and mindset. If they grow toward empthy and assisting others in pain and need, then they may in fact make a rapid transit to Service-to-Others orientation, a bonus.
  • In focusing on the future, making a clear distinction on how the life of the individual, as well as the group, will be better should this or that task be done, works well with the undecided. This is not unlike a parent motivating an immature child. They get desert if they do the dishes, get to watch TV if they finish their homework, or get to go to the park if they clean their room. In the case of a post pole shift survival group, the carrot can be more variety in the diet, less hunger, warmer or dryer quarters, or a chance to sight see a bit and travel.

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