Would the Zeta's care to comment on this UFO display? It appears to have a very distinct message? [and from another] https://www.facebook.com/reza.ams.100/videos/388753591700583/?t=11

We have predicted that a European tsunami will occur when the N American continent experiences its New Madrid adjustments. These adjustments will be a series of quakes along the New Madrid Fault Line and its related fault lines, but there will be a massive quake in finality. It is that quake that will cause the N American Plate to adjust such that the plate border in the mid-Atlantic tears open, allowing the water to pour into the crevasse and rebound toward Europe. Even though the 7 of 10 plate movements have been softened by the humming boxes, there will still be some tsunami action. 

How does this affect the African Roll? The tear in the mid-Atlantic also detaches the African Plate’s connection to the N American Plate, thus freeing the African Plate to roll. The Mediterranean will slosh, with waves generated from the Atlantic as well as waves from adjustments along the African Plate’s border running through the Mediterranean. This UFO display, captured by an Egyptian photographer, shows this process. First there are regular waves, then these built to a single large wave – a tsunami.

Source; ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 31, 2019 

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