Chile is a very narrow country, lying between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. Just facing the subduction process and the Nazca Plate. During the past few weeks the country has been seriously tested, due to some 50+ wildfires in the south ( ) under very unusual drought conditions, accompanied of unusual rains up north, whose result has been like a real tsunami coming down from the mountains (, the Villarrica volcano which erupted some time ago but still keeps warning about a possible new eruption ( and the Copahue volcano which seems to be going into an eruption any time from now ( and is on yellow alert. Besides, we are having tremors every day, involving almost the whole of the territory, north, center and south. And, we may add, some blackouts of the power grids at several points of the country. You see, up north is supposed to be dry and warm, whereas it has been very rainy, and down south it is supposed to be quite rainy and slightly cold, while there is a drought. Everything is happening at once, or in a very short sequence. Of course, the country is next door neighbor of the subduction zone, which may explain most of it. But the wildfires have been just too many, as to be blamed on mere humane intervention. The country has been tested in several ways, having shown a preview of broken link situations, the rescue teams being exhausted to the point that some international help is being accepted, martial law partially applied at a couple of spots, the people demanding that the government should come to rescue and help them, and the government doing whatever possible to help the situation and keep the country running. And, for several months now, some politicians have come on the stage under trial, because they used some undercover and illegal corporate financing on their campaigns in order to get elected. And then, other politicians have chosen to use the opportunity to criticize the government and try to get selfish gains out of a very dramatic situation. The situation has been no joke. It has all been quite a show, quite a preview. I do not exactly know what my specific question this time would be, but perhaps the Zetas would like to comment.  [and from another] I think, if I may interject, that the question is "slow creep" of the Transformation, the Polarization.

The Transformation and polarization process, which we described at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, will both take upwards of 100 years to complete. This is in process now, and has been for decades, but as those alive on Earth now are allowed to live out their lifetime before being moved to their next incarnation, this is a gradual process. This process is not lineal, but starts out slowly, then becomes obvious, and then becomes the dominant characteristic. What are some of the trends? 

Polarization is where like-minded individuals group together, such that those in the Service-to-Other literally move to countries or regions in sympathy with their attitude. They find each other in social circles, hire or befriend each other, and begin to push away those with a Service-to-Self attitude. The orientations tend to marry each other. One can see increased polarization in the sharp distinctions developing in political parties – this one more mean spirited, that more concerned about the poor. 

The Transformation proceeds because souls are taken away to their next incarnation, the Service-to-Self not allowed to incarnate on Earth, while the Service-to-Other allowed to remain in the vicinity as hybrids or can even incarnate as young humans. Star Children, who were so instrumental during the Arab Spring, can incarnate in droves into bodies not claimed by sparked souls, and can thus make sudden and significant change in a region. Thus during the Transformation, one might find a survival encampment sharing all their resources, operating much as society today does, or aligned in a master-slave arrangement.    

Each family, town, province, or country might have any or all of these characteristics. Increasingly, the orientations will sort into pockets and avoid each other. But in that a 3rd density world has amix, and the polarization has only started within the past few decades, this mix will not be eliminated overnight. Thus as the Earth changes pick up and governments get nervous about public panic, there will be plans for martial law to some degree. That increased control might be used to assist the populace, to repress them, or both, and likely will be the latter depending upon who is conducting an individual operation. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 4, 2015

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