The Earth wobble is demonstratively noticeable here now as we are still in Winter temperatures even though it is now May. We had our coldest April since 1922 and the Sunrise is in a markedly different position compared to a few years ago. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

During the years immediately preceding the Pole Shift the dynamics of the dance in play tighten and the planets can suddenly adjust, causing lurching and twitching of the Earth. The forces at play are the momentum of each planet in its orbit, swept along by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun. This is steady pressure. Then there is the gravity Repulsion Force which can suddenly kick in and push large gravity bodies apart. This is a threshold pressure which builds until the rebound point is reached.

The force of individual magnetic fields is also a factor, where merging several fields together can suddenly result because the fields around individual bodies are pushed together. This is an incidental occurrence based on position in space and the effect of the charged and sweeping tail which is often the join for such gravity field merging. These magnetic field joins and disconnects are ongoing, and variable. In the midst of this, the Earth will experience a blending of the seasons. This is already in process.

Optimally this should result in warmer Winters and cooler Summers, but in that the atmosphere will be roiling about, this will also result in more storms, hurricanes and tornadoes appearing where not normally expected, and sudden and unpredictable tides. In addition to the undeniable signs in the skies lately that Nibiru is upon the Earth, these are warning signs that the common man needs to move to safe locations and prepare to be self-sufficient.  Ignore the media lies and attempts to silence the truth, and prepare.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2021

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