After poleshift I intend to collect group of survival STO. It will initially consist of a small amount of people (relatives/friends). But then will probably send Call in order that other survived people STO independently could find out the given group (without my invitation because difficultly to define for the short period of time orientation of the person which will meet on a way) i.e. in order to aliens STO have helped to direct survived people STO to an arrangement of my group?

If you are asking whether we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, would direct people to your group you must understand the following. Not everyone who states they are Service-to-Other truly qualifies for that term. In fact, most who casually toss the term around are undecided. You are, for instance, assuming that you and your relatives and friends are Service-to-Other. Until individuals are put to the test, put in a situation where they would have to sacrifice for another, sacrifice their well being and safety for another, this has not been put to the test. Those who simply give to charity and pass out cookies to others are going through motions. When all is well, it is easy to seem giving and caring. We will state only this. Benign aliens will guide Service-to-Other individuals to Service-to-Other camps.

Source:  ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

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