I saw this article, where red dust has been appearing in the UK. It is being said to be Saharan dust, thrown up high into the atmosphere from a violent sandstorm, resulting in the sand mixing with water in the atmosphere and falling as dusty rain in the UK. Now, is this really dust from the tail of Nibiru/Planet-X?

Dust from the Sahara has been blamed on red dust appearing as far away as Texas in the past few years, such is the desperation of those still hoping to deny the presence of Nibiru in the inner solar system. Where it is possible for sand storms to arise in the Sahara, the heavy dusting that is being reported in Europe at this time is not being carried afar by winds. Has this happened in past years, or past centuries?  If this dust is from the tail of Planet X, which has recently been documented by Alberto’s photos as pointing more directly at the Earth, then why is the predominant color beige? 

The blood red dust of legend, turning ponds and rivers blood red, occurs closer to the time of the Pole Shift as the iron oxide dust is charged, and thus clings to the magnetic giant – Planet X – which is at the center of the magnetic attraction. At the far ends of the tail lie debris not so heavily charged, and this does not have the preponderance of the blood red colored iron oxide dust. As with other atmospheric changes – Moon and Sun halos and neon clouds and an increase in upper atmosphere lightning – the increased dust from the tail will be explained away by the media, which is controlled by the elite who are desperate to forestall rioting and panic in the people. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 5, 2014

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Comment by Juan F Martinez on June 19, 2020 at 3:48pm

Ahh yes, 2020... The year of apocalyptic headlines! Although, there is some good news that may come out of this weather phenomenon.

A look at satellite today shows a large cloud of dust streaming off the west coast of Africa from the Sahara Desert.


Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 23, 2019 at 2:44pm

Evolution of the Saharan dust ‘outbreak’ across Europe
By SWE | 23 April 2019


The following sequence of model maps in 6-hour intervals covers the interval from April 23 at 06h UTC to April 25 at 00h UTC. Note the ‘tongue’ of dust pushing across France into the British Isles and Ireland at the beginning of the interval extend into the northern Atlantic and reach Iceland by late on April 24 and then push further into the Strait of Denmark towards Greenland. Meanwhile dust pushes across central into eastern Europe as far as the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine and as far north as southern Sweden.

Large dust loads persist over the central Mediterranean: the southern coast of the Mediterranean in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, across Malta and south Italy, into Greece and western Turkey.

While Saharan dust events are not rare, particularly across the Mediterranean and southern Europe, the current one is very extensive and is producing major dust loads.

Comment by jorge namour on April 18, 2018 at 5:58pm

Magnetic Sand? What the hell is falling from the sky these days in Italy? (video)

April 18, 2018


They say that it is sand coming from the Sahara that has smeared the cars of most Italians in the last few days.
But the curious thing discovered by a blogger is that this sand would have magnetic properties, that is sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In fact if you can pick up a little from your car and bring it closer to a magnet the sand will be attracted as if it was iron powder. Try you

Comment by jorge namour on July 1, 2017 at 2:35am

KIII 3 News

10 hrs · Edited JUNE 30 2017


Alan Holt 3 News Meteorologist

A plume of Saharan Dust will move in to the Coastal Bend, starting today. It'll be here for the weekend. You may notice symptoms similar to allergies (itch throat/watery eyes) if you're sensitive to the dust. Also, sunsets will appear more red/orange than normal because of the dust particles in the atmosphere. Skies will appear hazier.

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