After decades of barely tolerating the lies of public officials on matters of great public interest- like the alien presence, the people are showing that they no longer ask for, or need the nod of validation by these self-important tyrants; this trend of turning a deaf ear, was predicted in ZT. Conspiracy theory has ironically become conspiracy fact, as Biden illustrated when he publicly verified the existence of the "New World Order", last year.

The masses instead are looking to those among us with insight, on social media and blogging sites. We have been largely educating and informing ourselves from clues (dropped deliberately or otherwise), which I refer to as, "intel leaks"; the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for example, was introduced to me by a little known forensic accountant, called XRP Lion Dave, with immense insight who has obviously earned some creative control over the development of the QFS.

The Med Bed controversy seemed legitimate to me from the start and my research reaffirmed the possibilities. Now, a similar modality using scalar wave therapy has been introduced; the Enhanced Energy System (EES), is a technology developed over 40 yrs by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael which projects photons of energy from the visible and invisible, nonlinear, 5th dimensional spectrum of light. The light energy recharges cells in an ill body, boosts mitochondria function and telemere length, among other enhancements.

The only folks needing a consensus from corporate, political or MSmedia are those too lazy to research on their own, or too fearful to adopt an unpopular belief. 

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 17, 2024 at 1:02pm

The coverup over the Alien Presence is almost laughable in that the MAJORITY of mankind is alread chatting away with their alien visitors. They KNOW, and are gut sure that aliens are visiting. Yet the coverup continues! In 2008 per ZetaTalk there were 12,000 contactees, with the number rapidly increasing due to curiosity about the Earth changes.

During face-to-face contact we disconnect the conscious. These memories are not recorded at all in your conscious, which is a different part of your brain from your subconscious. These avenues are readily used in humans, who have different parts in their brains due to the many genetic engineering projects done in the past, from many different gene pools. Humans have the capability to disconnect their conscious and subconscious memories, and quite frequently do so. For instance, if a memory is painful it can be forgotten. If a memory is painful it may also be altered, so that it is remembered in a different manner than the facts present. It is also possible for humans to develop conscious memories from subconscious desires, where day dreams are dwelt upon until there are enough details to constitute a conscious memory. However, in all these circumstances, the subconscious remembers the facts. It is the conscious which deals in falsehoods.

Subconscious memories of our face-to-face meetings are as effective as a full conscious memory. The distress that a schism between the conscious and subconscious causes to a human occurs when the human finds they just spontaneously do something where they previously didn't know they had this intention. However, this type of behavior occurs in humans who don't have any contact with us, the Zetas, so it is not unique to contactees.

By limiting contact, the establishment hoped to retain control of the message. But the establishment has failed utterly to dissuade the populace from making contact with friendly aliens, as we have detailed, with the number of contactees swelling from approximately 12,000 in 2008 to over half the populace by 2016. The public is learning the truth about Nibiru and the alien presence directly from the visitors, bypassing the establishment. The Planetary Protection Officer of course has no control over contact, and the position is limited to sterilizing material coming or going from the Earth. This is akin to operating theaters in hospitals. We have stated that our contact with humans has similar procedures, to limit infectious diseases.

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