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re: UFO Coverup, by GZ

After decades of barely tolerating the lies of public officials on matters of great public interest- like the alien presence, the people are showing that they no longer ask for, or need the nod of validation by these self-important tyrants; this trend of turning a deaf ear, was predicted in ZT. Conspiracy theory has ironically become conspiracy fact, as Biden illustrated when he publicly verified the existence of the "New World Order", last year.

The masses instead are looking to…


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On the need to cope with stress during these earth changes...

In dealing with stress most efficaciously (read: the earth changes), our nervous systems require rest and recharge. In fact, it is the deep, alternating strokes of rest and dynamic activity that propels us forward in our evolution. This was long known by the enlightened Vedic Civilization, 4,000 yrs ago and is described in numerous Upanishads of Hinduism, particularly in Patanjali's Yogasutras, which in the practice of meditation, enables the master practitioner of this particular tradition,…


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