On the need to cope with stress during these earth changes...

In dealing with stress most efficaciously (read: the earth changes), our nervous systems require rest and recharge. In fact, it is the deep, alternating strokes of rest and dynamic activity that propels us forward in our evolution. This was long known by the enlightened Vedic Civilization, 4,000 yrs ago and is described in numerous Upanishads of Hinduism, particularly in Patanjali's Yogasutras, which in the practice of meditation, enables the master practitioner of this particular tradition, to align the very laws of physics with intentions projected from the subtlest and most powerful state of one's consciousness. Indeed, translated to English from ancient Sanskrit, the Sutras command the body to float in the air like a feather, soar like a bird and walk through solid barriers!

The Zetas state, "Being in the Alpha brain wave state encourages the subconscious and conscious to communicate, and also encourages telepathy. Sleep, or meditation, encourages the Alpha state, and thus many assume they are on a spiritual quest." (https://www.zetatalk.com/index/glp-arch.htm). A person who takes a break from a conference and walks in the garden is often in an Alpha state.

Scientists can now qualify the existence of other states- in order of most activity/ excitation to the least activity/ excitation,  Gamma, Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta; in the field of psychology, Delta- the state of least frequency excitation is associated with empathy, extreme bliss and compassion. 

Speaking from long and direct experience, the key in the beginning, to experiencing sublime gifts from meditation is in the use of a mantra and Sutras (in advanced forms). 

As any TM meditator knows, the personal mantra given by a teacher should not be shared, but in reality,  any word that has vibrational attraction (not in meaning) with the meditator can be used as a mantra. 

Take this practice seriously, and you will experience profound relief from a “busy” mind, and from maladies that extend from it.  Many, many studies also prove that the body, metabolically, also benefits greatly.

In short order, you’ll learn to go for the “feeling” of the deepest state of subtle awareness you have reached, with the the mantra discarded completely.

> It starts with getting comfortable- no yoga posture needed. If you have a breathing exercise, practicing it now will enhance your experience. 

Then sit quietly and remain present for a few minutes. Close the eyes and notice how thoughts train across your awareness- without attaching any  meaning to them; this will take practice. Simply observe them without engaging the mind. 

> Introduce your mantra/ Word by simply “anticipating” it, NOT as if you were formulating a note to oneself. The objective is to release the mind from its chaotic, conditioned responses, so that it begins to settle down; subtle and gentle are the key ideas here. 

Let your Word slip in and vanish. And remember, for the purpose of meditation, your Word has no meaning- the power is in its vibrational quality. If you find your mind straying into thoughts of any kind, gently reintroduce your Word and only observe, like a computer monitor without a signal source.

> Be patient; after several minutes, you may find that tension has dissipated- tension which you never thought you were holding, and your vital signs may seem to have grown weaker, even imperceptible. And you may suddenly notice that stray thoughts are no longer training endlessly before you; these are certain signs of successful transcendence. You may also find that you can now go straight into sound sleep and awaken unusually refreshed. 

> A note about the longer term benefits of transcendence that is often unmentioned in the literature. The practice of transcendence meditation- as opposed to contemplation meditation, WILL over time, structure the qualities of higher consciousness into the waking state. This is because as one transcends in the deep dive of meditation, toward the subtlest state of pure being,  pure awareness- or the state of least excitation, the mind encounters these qualities of higher consciousness- qualities such as organization, peace, joy, love/ gratitude, compassion and humility. "Here, there is no mind as you know it—there is only infinite peace and bliss. Here, nature's dance stops and the knower and the known become one. Here, you enjoy a supremely divine, all-pervading, self-amorous ecstasy. You become the object of enjoyment, the enjoyer and the enjoyment itself." (https://chopra.com/articles/the-3-levels-of-samadhi). The mind naturally seeks to establish this in the waking existence.

So every time transcendence into subtler states of awareness is experienced, more of the qualities inherent therein, become established in the waking state.

What is enlightenment, but the structuring of spiritual attributes, in the waking state of consciousness!

Also referenced: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-the-function-of-...;


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