How many seconds is the cycle when the earthquake of M9 in the island of the south in Japan will happen and when M9+ quake at the time of a pole shift will happen? How many minutes do earth shake at the time of a pole shift?  Does the earthquake at the time of a Pole Shift occur on the boundary line of a plate? Does the earthquake at the time of a Pole Shift will happen at epicenter earthquake (underneath generated )? How many Mt. Fuji go up? 

How will the earthquakes and plate movements during the hour of the Pole Shift differ from what occurs leading up to the Pole Shift. The Pole Shift involves movement in all plates, at once, though during the hour of the Pole Shift the drama will roll in a domino fashion, as we have described, as a Scripted Drama. Even as the first effect, the tearing of the Atlantic, occurs, the Earth continues to pull toward the East  due to the normal rotation impulse, and as the crust has been torn from the core, all plates move freely. 

The great Eurasian Plate virtually heaves eastward, this pressure felt all the way to Japan. All volcanoes affected will begin erupting, if they have not already done so during the Last Weeks. Due to the Atlantic yawing open, Africa finds it can roll freely and does so. Existing weak points in the crust, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway and the African Rift, tear further. But throughout there is unrelenting pressure toward the East on the Eurasian Plate, forcing a compression in the Pacific. The new inland bay to the west of India occurs because the Indo-Australian Plate is being rammed up under the Himalayas, in a clockwise manner, tearing southeast Asia away from the body of the great Eurasian Plate as the central Pacific compresses. 

What does this do to Japan? Caught between unrelenting pressure from the west and intense subduction on the north Pacific Plates from the East, it is repeatedly jolted, the land rising or crumbling as the rock layers slide over each other. The Scripted Drama proceeds as we have outlined because the passing Planet X grabs the S Pole of Earth, dragging it along the path of the magnetized Atlantic Rift. It grips these locations while the plates of the world adjust to the new yaw in the Atlantic. This involved the Americas acting like a block while the plates to the west pile up on each other. Unrelenting subduction around the Ring of Fire. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 22, 2014

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