While most of us here on ECAPS are avid readers of ZetaTalk, how well do we really know important ZetaTalk information on the Last Weeks, Pole Shift and Aftertime?

The following twenty question quiz is a self-evaluation and learning tool designed to test your knowledge of the crustal shift that will result from the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, as predicted by the Zetas through their emissary, Nancy Lieder.

The quiz is hosted by Quizcode.com, a free online quiz creation resource. No login is required and there is no time limit for completing the quiz.  It is strongly recommended, however, that you finish the quiz in one sitting and without searching ZetaTalk for the answers.

After each quiz question, the correct answer will be provided, as well as a results summary at the end of the quiz. A detailed explanation for all the correct answers will be posted, along with overall quiz results, at a later time.

The quiz questions are "True or False" and "Multiple Choice". Keep in mind that some of the multiple choice questions may have more than one correct answer. 

Don't get discouraged if you get more than a few of the questions wrong. Some of them are kinda tricky. The purpose here is to brush up on your ZetaTalk expertise and get the facts straight on knowledge that may be vital to your survival.


Take the Pole Shift Knowledge Assessment


Good luck!

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