ECAPS-Ning attacked by black op hackers - over three hundred members deleted (June 23, 2011)

Let us not forget that the Pole Shift Ning and many members were victims of a black ops attack.

On June 23rd at approximately 06:00 UTC, over three hundred ECAPS members were deleted during a planned attack by CIA funded black ops which hacked into the ning and acquired admin privileges.  This intrusion was soon discovered and isolated by the moderating staff, and while over fifty member accounts were able to be restored, many valuable blogs and comments were lost.

Nancy has written ZetaTalk which confirms that the source of the attack was from black ops, which further demonstrates the immense significance of information that is provided here. Per the Zetas, the purpose of this deletion was to incite finger pointing and anger among the membership. Deleting the entire ning is considered too obvious, and might make a martyr of the ning on the Internet, working against the cover-up. The ning is considered too well moderated and too focused on the real reasons for the Earth changes, and thus they are trying to incite bickering.



The standard rule, not only in human society, is that CHANGE is hard to accept. The ning has had rapid growth, and evolving debunker schemes, and could not be expected to anticipate every twist and turn as time passed. Debunking has not succeeded as in the past, where disinformation could be posted and arguments against the validity of ZetaTalk shouted out what Nancy was trying to post or other trying to discuss. If one studies the CIA methods, one can see many of the new methods being tried. We point to this because the CIA is a resource for the debunkers, who include those members of the Defense Intelligence who do not want either the alien presence OR the presence of Planet X to be known, and through former MJ12 membership likewise is used as a resource by the wealthy.


The moderating staff sincerely regrets the wealth of information and countless hours of dedicated service that have been permanently lost in this attack.  We strongly encourage those whose accounts were deleted to rejoin and continue providing your valuable inputs. Thank you for your continued support.

ECAPS Moderating Staff

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