Indonesia: The impact of natural disasters increased significantly in August

Indonesia Humanitarian Snapshot (August 2012) (Download PDF (862.14 KB)) [ReliefWeb: 2012-09-14]

Link:Indonesia Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin - Issue 08, 01 – 31 Au... (Download PDF (745.45 KB)) [2012-09-14]


  • - The number of people affected by natural disasters in August was the second highest of 2012.
  • - Floods, landslides and a 6.3 magnitude earthquake caused 28 fatalities and affected over 10,000 people.
  • - The HRF approved three new projects to address the emergency and early recovery needs of some 10,000 people across two provinces.

Floods, landslides and a powerful earthquake affected 10,600 people

Natural disasters affected 10,600 people in Indonesia during August 2012, according to the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB). The figure represents a 50 per cent increase over the number of people affected in July. It is also the second-highest number of affected people in the eight months since the beginning of the year, despite a reduction in the incidence of the major disasters over the previous month. Eleven disaster events were recorded in August, against 26 in July.

Floods and landslides constituted three-quarters of all natural disaster events during the month. They were also responsible for 18 of the 28 natural disaster-related fatalities and over 90 per cent of the affected population. The floods and landslides were triggered by continuous rains in Maluku, Central Sulawesi and Aceh provinces. Ambon City in Maluku was the hardest hit, suffering 10 fatalities and serious damage to houses and transport infrastructure in floods and landslides occurring across five sub-districts at the beginning of August. An estimated 1,699 households (6,007 people) were temporarily displaced as a result. In Central Sulawesi, floods caused four deaths and displaced 1,424 people across several villages during the last week of the month. Southwest Aceh also experienced flooding, specifically in Leuser sub-District where four people died, 11 bridges were destroyed and scores of houses suffered severe damage.

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* Indonesia Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin - Issue 07, 01 – 31 July 2012 (Download PDF (403.92 KB)) [2012-08-16]


  • The number of natural disasters increased for the first time in three months; 4,137 people were affected.
  • Floods were the most frequent natural disaster and were responsible for 88 per cent of all displacements in July.
  • Ten provinces have borne the brunt of natural disasters since January 2012.


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Comment by diju on September 16, 2012 at 8:19am

awaw..Thank you very much kojima for this--can never never say enough--i've included it in here.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on September 15, 2012 at 4:50pm

No one summarizes, graphically, like you Kojima! Thank you for your endless efforts!

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