Indonesia: flooding hits south Jakarta, water level 1.5 m

Heavy flooding reportedly hit parts of South Jakarta on Sunday after heavy rains in the mountains above the Indonesian capital.


Dean, a local resident, said houses in Pondok Labu had been inundated in waters 1.5 meters deep.


He told VIVAnews that 120 houses in Bondok Bambu had been flooded, forcing residents to evacuate the area.


He said the local government was nowhere to be seen.


Flooding at also hit Lenteng Agung and Cilandak. 


Heavy rain that poured Jakarta on Sunday (10/30) afternoon has caused flood on Jl. Bango IV, Pondok Labu Urban Village, Cilandak Sub-District, South Jakarta. The flood which striked RT 009, 010, 011, and 014 RW 11 occurred due to Krukut River that passes those areas was overflow.


“Flood occurred at around 5 PM. The riverbank could not accommodate more water so it overflowed to its surround areas. Water height is about 1.5-2 meters high,” stated Head of South Jakarta Fire and Disaster Handling Sub-Department, Frans Hodden Silalahi, Sunday (10/30).


He also told has deployed more than 20 personnel to evacuate residents into safer location. Moreover, rubber boats and pumps have also been operated. “There are two rubber boats we use to evacuate residents,” he added.


Abdurrahman Anwar as Head of South Jakarta Social Sub-Department said has deployed Tagana to help evacuating residents. Besides that, social sub-department with the helps from PMI has also established public kitchen. “Tagana is already in the location, while equipments for public kitchen have been prepared,” he continued.


The evacuated residents were gathered in PMI tent in field at RW 03. “Public kitchen was established,” stated Said Ali, District Head Plt of Cilandak. 


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Comment by Stanislav on October 31, 2011 at 8:07am
Comment by Stanislav on October 31, 2011 at 8:06am

Residents Pondok Labu Sbeut Flooding Due to plaster the Marine

JAKARTA - MICOM: The overflow of water from the Kali Krukut began to recede from the homes of residents in RT 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 in RW 03, Kampung Pulo, Village Pondok Labu, South Jakarta District Cilandak. Previously these floodwater soaking homes to a height of 2.5 meters in RT 11 since Sunday (30/10) afternoon until Monday (31/10) morning.

Locals say this flood was the highest during flood them settled in the village. In addition they also said the flood frequency increased as from March 2011. Anticipated frequency of floods and flood height increased sharply due to the narrowing of time after they are built Krukut plaster.

"At first it's time Krukut there are 8 feet wide, 7 feet and 6 feet. Yes it winding stream. The width narrows into 2 meters, because plaster and roads built," said Mohammed Hamid, 61, a resident in RT 11 RW 3, Cottage Pumpkin found at his home in Jakarta, Monday (31/10).

Based on the observation Media Indonesia, a hill-shaped plaster Krukut built over time. Not far from there was a special road leading to the firing range owned by the Marine Cilandak. During the flood was on the scene, heard the sound of gunfire from troops who were practicing in the lapaan.

"Yes plaster had been there from about March 2011 yesterday, to our knowledge is built by the military, the Marines," said Chairman of RT 11 Sugiyono in the same occasion.

Sugiyono continue floodwater times that are not accommodated easily flow into the residential area. Recognized Sugiyono, flooding is an event subscription for them. But the more worrying when the flood started to narrow width.

"It's always been frequent flooding, but at least knee high. It was the first time this high, adult chest height. Starting frequent flooding since March," said Sugiyono.

In observation of Media Indonesia, Kali Krukut with brown water stream width approximately two feet behind the residential RT 11. There are no piles of rubbish or soil and mud beside the time. But there is a plaster-shaped hill planted with green grass about two feet tall.

Then Kali Krukut seemed to shrink back and looked flowed into a channel in the form of culverts along the 167 meters. On top of culverts appeared to be covered conblock well as the entrance into the outer limits of the firing range Kesatrian R. Hartono Cilandak or commonly known as the Marine Complex Cilandak South Jakarta. Along the wall there conblock made of zinc barrier to housing residents. Wall of zinc was refuted by bamboo.

When asked about the alleged cause of flooding in Kampung Pulo Pondok Labu was due to narrowing of the Kali Krukut, Village Pondok Labu admitted that he had never communicated with the Marine Cilandak.

"We've coordination, they (the Marines) culverts to the normalization of Kali Krukut, but for us not to miss even kebanjirannya citizens," said village chief Safri Djani.

It also admitted that he had coordinated with the Public Works (MPW) to perform the normalization of Kali Krukut. But from that activity, there has been no concrete results obtained citizen.

"We also talked to the department of Public Works to conduct dredging and normalization," he said.

Based on data from the Village Pondok Labu, the floods inundate 5 RT. The floods struck by the number of victims RT 9 36 households, 157 people, 30 houses, in RT 10 with the number of victims of 9 families, 60 people, 24 houses. Later in the RT 11 with 157 casualties KK, 656 people, 122 houses, RT 12, 90 households, 250 people, 109 homes. Then in RT 14 with the number of victims 36 households, 150 people, 40 houses.

With a total of 358 victims families, 1268 people, 325 homes. (NY)

Comment by Andrey Eroshin on October 30, 2011 at 11:39pm

The rain, which was held in the city of Denpasar, Bali, and surrounding areas, has led to the flooded streets. Bahkan River in the north Kuta, Regency Badung, overflowed its banks and flooded homes in the village Perumahan Dalung Permai to a height of one meter. "The water level began to rise rapidly and from overflow the river burst its banks, the houses were surrounded by water. In fact, the water level in the river was very low" - said a local resident. In the city of Denpasar flood occurred in several areas.

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