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Suddenly it seems there are so very few EQ. The seismographs are quiet too. And the birds are quiet, dogs sleepy, it’s like a hush has fallen over the Earth. Then a few hours later, all sounds of life resumed. As if there was a time warp for a few hours. 
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The Sun on 3/3 at 17:29 is way too far to the SouthWest. An impossible position as the expected position (per Skymap) is 255 degrees. This is a 33 degree deviation! The wobble has indeed gotten worse. This is the tilt of the India Face in the Figure 8, lingering for Italy.
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This is interesting and would confirm my observations at sunrise. Since March 3 a change in location was (is) noticable - about 10-12 deg to far N-NE. Instead of continuing to rise to ES-S, the Sun thereafter went up very steeply, almost over head. 

We have mentioned in the past various maneuvers
the Earth can do to evade magnetic conflict with the approaching Nibiru. As Nibiru approaches, he is in the line of sight with the Sun, so the magnetic conflict is unavoidable. The Earth literally jerks back and forth to align first with the Sun, then with Nibiru, then back with the Sun. This jerking around causes the plates to jerk around, thus acute 7 of 10 plate movements. We have mentioned that the Earth will, on occasion, try to ease this conflict
by pointing its N Pole away to the left, in a temporary Lean to the Left. It may also ease this conflict by pointing its N Pole toward the Sun, in a temporary Lean into Opposition. 

It has been noted recently that the Arctic is melting,
and the tilt of the Figure 8 over Europe so extreme that sunset is fully 33 degrees too far to the SouthWest and sunrise noticeably in the extreme NorthEast. This is neither a Lean to the Left nor a Lean into Opposition, but is an accentuated wobble. Does this ease the pain of the wobble on the Earth plates? It does indeed, just as a boxer in the ring would find the blows not hitting as hard if he deflected to the right or left, moving WITH the punch. Thus creatures who had been almost perpetually distressed by the electronic screech would find peace, and humans hearing the quiet would be perplexed. 

Prior ZT:
If Planet X moves slightly, the Earth may suddenly move into opposition, as she has before pointing her N Pole toward the Sun. Or the Earth may flip sideways into a temporary lean to the left, thrown sideways.

Prior ZT:
What to expect as the wobble worsens is that the swings will get more extreme, may suddenly switch about into opposition or a temporary lean to the left, ultimately arriving at the Last Weeks. Measure where your sunball rises to determine the progress of the wobble. 


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