After monitoring the GISTDA site since the floods at the end of last year, it seemed that they were going to stop publishing updated satellite images of the area - my assumption was that they had fallen foul of the cover up - after previously providing regular detailed images from their satellites directly to the public so the extent of the flooding could be seen by all.

However, after almost 3 months since the latest image was posted, they have finally provided more recent data so a comparison is possible.

Here is the previous latest image from 21/11/2011: 

And here is the latest image from 14/2/2012:


You can clearly see that most of the inland lake has drained (although a significant portion remains) due no doubt to the fact that the accordion fold that originally caused the blockage has since relaxed and released the water (

What is left is a clear picture of how much the sinking has progressed as now there is no doubt that the flooding that remains around Bangkok is ONLY due to sinking and not flooding from the north.  Large areas are clearly underwater and perhaps Bangkok itself would also be flooded if not for the fact that pumps operate to save the city from flooding (regardless of the effects of PX) as Bangkok is essentially only possible as a city because swampland was drained in the first place.

It's also possible to see that there is still more sinking to come as the 40ft drop in elevation predicted by the Zetas has not yet been reached.

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