Appearance of Magnetosphere Reversal Timeline

As for the topic of Magnetosphere Revarsal, it is described on Howard's blog for "Battle of the Cover-Up" in detail.

It was written down as the First Sign there, that

 "On March 12, 2012 a temporary "reversal" of the orientation of Earth's magnetosphere was recorded on ISWA, but later all data between 14:00 UTC March 12th to 21:00 UTC March 13th was conspicuously removed.  This timing also coincided with the unavailability of the NICT Magnetosphere Simulator, despite the cached presence of records during this time".

I have captured some images of Magnetopause Position Time Evolution from the Magnetopause Position Movie, which can be seen in the "Magentosphere; #3" of  "iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA)"

, and have made the timeline figure of magnetosphere. As I have been keeping the blog of "Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in March...", I show the "Appearance of magnetosphere reversal relation" and the "Input ACE data of Magnetosphere Simulation" in one figure on the same timeline here.

Repetition from Howard's blog for "Battle of the Cover-Up"

Zeta Confirmation

On March 19th, The Zetas confirmed this was the first "shock" in a series of unexpected events conceived by the COW that will shatter the cover-up over Planet X.

"For 30 hours the Earth appeared to be bombarded with magnetons coming from a direction OTHER than the Sun. Normally what is described as a bowshock appears on magnetic simulators, showing this flow coming from the right, from the Sun. But from 14:00 UTC on March 12th to 21:00 UTC on March 13th, this reversed. Note that the Earth’s magnetosphere did not reverse. It was only the direction of bombardment that reversed.  Since Planet X is still sunside, still between the Earth and Sun, what caused this reversed flow?  

It certainly was not the Sun, the establishment’s favored excuse for the Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X, as their last hoopla

over a CME warning of magnetic interference on Earth was a dud. Is NASA going to claim a magnetic storm blew in from space? If they have this excuse handy, then why not proffer it? Instead, they removed all evidence of this reversal and have fallen silent. A storm from space would have been something NASA would register and announce ahead of time, not after the fact, and the world’s scientists know this.

Planet X has been coming at the Earth from the right, pointing its magnetic N Pole at the Earth, and creating an increasingly more violent Earth wobble as it pushes the Earth’s N Pole away. Surprisingly, this wobble did not CHANGE during this magneton flow direction reversal! Nor did pilots and ship captains report their compasses acting erratically. It was just the APPEARANCE of a reversal, as recorded on the numerous satellites that measure such things. A simple matter, to blow the magneton wind in a different direction, JUST for those satellites.  This certainly has the scientists of the world abuzz, and the Internet talking. What could be affecting the magnetosphere of Earth?

We promised that the Council of Worlds was going to war over the cover-up, and that there would be a series of shocks to the cover-up. This was the first. We stated that these shocks would be totally unexpected, not even something that Nancy or her teammates could expect, and this qualifies.  Now, what’s next?"

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