February 23, 2011. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ahmadinejad-predicts-mideast-unrest-coming-to-america/ Iran's president said Wednesday he is certain the wave of unrest in the Middle East will spread to Europe and North America, bringing an end to governments he accused of oppressing and humiliating people. "The world is on the verge of big developments. Changes will be forthcoming and will engulf the whole world from Asia to Africa and from Europe to North America," Ahmadinejad told a news conference. Ahmadinejad said the world was in need of a just system of rule that "puts an end to oppression, occupation and humiliation of people." [and from another] This correlates with what the Zetas said about the 8 of 10, "These sociological and political dramas are part of the 8 of 10 scenarios, as well as geological and astronomical features. This is the next chapter." https://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zetatalk-fame The Zetas did say that Ahmadinejad is STO . Did he got his information from reading ZT or is there more too it?


Ahmadinejad is speaking as a leader of a Muslim country, viewing the Arab Spring as an uprising against colonialism, imperialism, and western corporate influence. This stance is expected of him because of his political role in Iran. The article makes much of Ahmadinejad's criticism of Gaddafi and his brutal treatment of his people. This is to differentiate between an Arab leader who was considered a puppet, as was Mubarak, and Gaddafi who was considered a leader who resisted western influence and control and thus should be a brother to his people. Does Ahmadinejad read ZetaTalk and have an inside track on the Transformation, the pending 8 of 10 scenarios? Yes on both fronts, as despite disbelief that Ahmadinejad is a Service-to-Other individual, he is a sleeper like Obama, awaiting his opportunities to make a difference in the world. He gives a hint as to the sequence of revolt and discontent - from the Arab Spring to Asia, then Africa, then Europe and thence to N America.

Source: ZetaTalk for June 18, 2011


Note: This blog is about his prediction. Keep in mind that political debates are not allowed on the poleshift ning.

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Comment by Juan F Martinez on December 17, 2019 at 3:08am

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws  Posted| Dec 16, 2019

Things are getting really bad in Virginia. But this group isn’t going down without a fight.


Two of the biggest factors in resolutions such as these can be boiled down to funding and prosecution.

The resolutions in Tazewell County would remove funding for any law enforcement department that would infringe residents’ right to keep and bear arms.
Yet, if the state wanted to combat the resolutions, they could deny the county funding in areas other than law enforcement, or perhaps attempt to evict public officials from their held offices. Those are rather valid fears, considering this week’s warnings from Northam and Congressman McEachin.
County Administrator Eric Young reportedly considered that element, and that’s why they opted for the militia aspect:
“Our position is that Article I, Section 13, of the Constitution of Virginia reserves the right to ‘order’ militia to the localities. Therefore, counties, not the state, determine what types of arms may be carried in their territory and by whom. So, we are ‘ordering’ the militia by making sure everyone can own a weapon.”
Thus, if anyone from the state tries to remove the Sheriff from their elected office because they refuse to enforce unjust laws, those state officials will be faced with a lawful militia composed of citizens within the state.
Comment by Juan F Martinez on December 2, 2019 at 5:22pm

MEXICO seems to have gotten the message from POTUS to clean up the cartels, or US MILITARY will.

Suspects Arrested in Cartel Killings of Nine American Citizens in Mexico December 2, 2019


Mexico Rejects ‘Interventionism’ After Trump Pledges Terrorist Designation for Cartels
The country’s foreign minister said it would ‘never accept any action that violates our national sovereignty.’

5 days ago - MEXICO CITY — Mexico's government is expressing alarm at President Trump's plan to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist

Trump Floating Terrorist Label For Mexican Cartels Brings Fears Of Drone Strikes November 27, 2019

Comment by Tracie Crespo on November 21, 2019 at 6:53am


Over 100 Protesters Killed In Iran Amid Largest Internet Shutdown In Nation's History

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

However, “The organisation believes that the real death toll may be much higher, with some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed,” Amnesty said in a statement.

This as the government has cut off internet access across much of the country, resulting in few videos of clashes with police reaching the West, as in the early couple of days of the unrest. 

Image source: AFP/Getty Images

A statement from the global outage monitor Oracle's Internet Intelligence called it the largest blockage ever observed in Iran:

Protesters took to the streets shortly after the government announced an increase in fuel prices by as much as 300%. Social media images showed banks, petrol stations and government buildings set ablaze by rioters. Some protesters chanted "down with Khamenei," according to videos, referring to the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The internet blackout started on Saturday evening and continued through Monday, according to internet watchdogs. Oracle's Internet Intelligence called it the "largest internet shutdown ever observed in Iran."

The United Nations is now urging Iran to lift the internet blockage and to show restraint after what the international body called the “clearly very serious” extent of casualties.

The UN high commissioner also acknowledged it is looking into reports of live ammunition being used on demonstrators, which activists say there's ample video evidence for. 

The government-imposed internet block began on Saturday, leaving some 80 million citizens without online access. 

Embedded video

“We are especially alarmed that the use of live ammunition has allegedly caused a significant number of deaths across the country,” UN spokesman Rupert Colville said.

With the information blackout he described it as “extremely difficult” to get an accurate overall death toll.

Embedded video

Official Iranian state figures put the death toll at 12, which included numbers of total protest and police deaths.

According to Tehran security officials, over 600 have also been arrested. 

Direct shooting of security forces at protesters in Marivan - Iran #IranProtests #Internet4Iran #SosIran

Embedded video

Days ago the US State Department predictably came out in favor of more protests, in a volatile situation in the sanctions-ravaged country which has already witnessed banks and gas stations torched in anger over soaring gas prices after the country's leadership slashed petrol subsidies. 

“The proud Iranian people are not staying silent about the government’s abuses,” Pompeo said in a statement published Sunday, saying that “the United States is with you,” and will stand against Iran’s “tyranny.”

The statement said further, "We condemn the lethal force and severe communications restrictions used against demonstrators” and described the unrest as a “Cautionary tale of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power and riches.”

The Iranian people will enjoy a better future when their government begins to respect basic human rights, abandons its revolutionary posture and its destabilizing activities in the region, and simply behaves like a normal nation. The choice is with the regime. #IranProtests

Embedded video

However, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif hit back, calling such solidarity hypocrisy, given it's Washington's crushing sanctions that are making life miserable for the common populace

“The regime that imposes coercive economic actions and bars delivery of food and drugs to the elderly and patients, can never claim that it's supporting the Iranian nation, Zarif said of the United States on Tuesday, as cited in Iran’s semi-official IRNA news agency.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on October 20, 2019 at 5:53pm

'Unlike Any Exercise': A Massive Marine Corps War Game Is Happening at 29 Palms

The Marine Corps hasn't done anything like it in decades.  10-19-2019

Ten thousand Marines, sailors and NATO troops have descended on Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in California's Mojave Desert for a massive training exercise.

The troops will be pitted against each other in a force-on-force battle as they prepare for a different kind of fight -- one against an enemy with sophisticated equipment and skills.

Most of the Marines participating are from the North Carolina-based 2nd Marine Division, which hasn't conducted a multi-regimental live-maneuver exercise in decades.

The unscripted Marine Air-Ground Task Force Warfighting Exercise, or MWX, will run for days. In a Wednesday release announcing it, Marine officials called it "unlike any exercise held at the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center."

"An exercise of this scale – force-on-force, multi-regiment outfitted with significant information operations and [unmanned-aerial system] assets – hasn't been conducted in the Marine Corps in my lifetime," Maj. Gen. David Furness, 2nd Marine Division's commanding general, said in the release.

It will test Marines to operate against a "thinking enemy," he added. That's something that was on Gen. David Berger's mind since before he became the Marines' top general.

Related: New Force-on-Force 'Free-Play' Training Will Teach Marines to Think on Their Feet

Last year, Berger told Military.com that the Corps needed to teach Marine leaders "to think on their feet." If they're someday up against a peer adversary, such as Russia or China, they need to be prepared to face off against "that graduate- or varsity-level thinking leader," Berger added.

"I need them figuring out how they can outthink me," he said at the time.

Furness said the Marine Corps wants to see how his division conducts operations against a mock adversary "with capabilities as advanced as our own."

"MWX will be a true test of the Division's ability to deploy and to operate at scale against a peer threat in a command-and-control denied and degraded environment – an environment where a thinking enemy is working hard to subvert all our efforts," Furness added.

Technology will provide "unique challenges across every level" during this exercise, according to the release. That will include drones along with cyber and electronic warfare.

And to see exactly how the Marines fare, they'll be wearing laser equipment that will alert them if they've been "hit." At that point, they're considered a casualty, and the Marine's unit is responsible for medical assistance and transport as soon as possible.

The unique exercise, according to officials, will challenge how Marines make battlefield decisions.


Comment by Juan F Martinez on October 3, 2019 at 8:23pm

Food Crisis 2019: It’s Looking Bad, Bad, Bad at a Global Level

  As shown in an article by CNBC, China’s hog herd may drop by 55% from fatal swine fever. Knowing that China is the #1 pork producer. That’s a pretty devastating news. To add fuel to the fire, the deadly African Swine Fever has currently been testified in 36 countries around the world, spreading all over Southeast Asia, through parts of Europe, and has been found in Africa too.

Unusually long-lasting and deadly monsoons in India are leading to widespread crop failures in the nation. India is one of the top exporters of onions globally, selling 2.2 billion kilograms overseas. After the prolonged monsoon rains, India has decided to ban its onion export. The extended monsoon has also damaged key kharif crops, including pulses, oilseeds and cotton, as well as soy beans in India. Since September 2019, food prices have soared by more than 200% in the country.

Australia will be hit by unusually high temperatures and dry weather in the next 3 months. And this is really bad for its already struggling agricultural sector. Australia’s wheat exports are in real bad shape and the future isn’t bright at all.

And it is not looking better for Indonesia, where wildfires, smoke and drought are inflicting an increasingly painful toll on its agriculture, hurting everything from oil palm plantations to rubber trees and rice fields. Indonesia is the world’s top producer of palm oil and second-largest supplier of rubber.

The orange greening disease which is on track to destroy Florida’s orange crop (#1 citrus producer in the U.S.) has now finally reached California, the nation’s #2 citrus producer.

I am not sure about updates from the U.S. Midwest crop which was significantly delayed in planting because of flooding this spring, but the rare October heatwave in the Southeast and Midwest threatens crops, with some total losses reported in South Carolina. Meanwhile, the price of soy bean soars in the U.S.

If you missed this one, there is a fatal banana fungus that which will inevitably wipe out Cavendish banana crop likely within 10 years.



Comment by SongStar101 on September 22, 2019 at 12:33pm

The masses are awoken!  Now view the main culprit near the Sun!

Protesting Climate Change, Young People Take to Streets in a Global Strike


Anxious about their future on a hotter planet and angry at world leaders for failing to arrest the crisis, masses of young people poured into the streets on every continent on Friday for a day of global climate protests. Organizers estimated the turnout to be around four million in thousands of cities and towns worldwide.

It was the first time that children and young people had demonstrated to demand climate action in so many places and in such numbers around the world.

They turned out in force in Berlin, where the police estimated 100,000 participants, with similar numbers in Melbourne and London. In New York City, the mayor’s office estimated that 60,000 people marched through the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan, while organizers put the total at 250,000. By the dozens in some places, and by the tens of thousands in others, young people demonstrated in cities like Manila, Kampala and Rio de Janeiro. A group of scientists rallied in Antarctica.

“You had a future, and so should we,” demonstrators chanted as they marched through New York City.

Then, “We vote next.”

Banners in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, ranged from serious to humorous. One read, “Climate Emergency Now.” Another said, “This planet is getting hotter than my imaginary boyfriend.” In Mumbai, children in oversize raincoats marched in the rain. A sign in Berlin declared, “Stop the Global Pyromania.”

“Right now we are the ones who are making a difference. If no one else will take action, then we will,” Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist whose one-person strikes in Stockholm helped ignite a global movement, told demonstrators in New York City. “We demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask?”

Whether this global action solves the problem that the protesters have identified — arresting greenhouse gas emissions to stave off a climate catastrophe — now depends on how effectively climate advocates can turn Friday’s momentum into sustained political pressure on governments and companies that produce those emissions.

Nowhere is that more true than in the United States, which has produced more emissions than any country since the start of the industrial age, and which is now rolling back a suite of environmental regulations under President Donald Trump. Organizers said there were demonstrations in all 50 United States.

More here

Comment by jorge namour on August 15, 2019 at 6:06pm


15 AUGUST 2019


The price of Stock in Germany's Deutsche Bank has fallen to 5.849 EUROS which equals 6.53 Dollars.

This means a bank which has underwritten several QUADRILLION in Derivatives contracts, appears HEADED TOWARD being insolvent.

Thus, the Derivatives contracts they have underwritten appear to be close to having no value because the bank would not have enough money to cover them.

Today, August 15, 2019, could mark the end of the Global Financial System. Hold your breath; if Deutsche goes under, it would be like the Lehman Brothers collapse - but on steroids -- about a thousand times worse.

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says if there was ever a global canary in the coal mine warning for the financial system, it is Germany’s Deutsche Bank (DB).

Late last year, Nenner predicted if DB stock went below $8 a share, “You should be worried.” Recently, DB stock hit all-time lows and now sits around the $7.40 per share level.

Nenner warned on May 22, “I see it can hold up to late July, and then it can go to $6.50 (per share)..."

If it breaks below $6.40, it can go out of business. So, it’s a very serious situation... I think all the markets can have a bounce in a couple of days to the end of July. That’s why DB might hold up, but if it gets below $6.40, the world is in trouble.”

This is not a hyped prediction considering the IMF called DB the “most systemically dangerous bank” in the world in 2016. If DB does break $6.40, do we get a daisy chain of default around the world? Nenner says:

It is a very dangerous situation. I don’t think DB is the only one. They just got caught.

I think if you look at the balance sheets very closely of other banks, especially Europe and Italian banks, you will see a lot of troubling signs also. I don’t think it’s only Deutsche Bank. It’s much more...

If it breaks $6.40, the downside price target is zero. If everybody watches my analysis and it does go below $6.40, everybody is going to run for the exits.”

Comment by SongStar101 on August 12, 2019 at 12:29pm

Hong Kong Airport Cancels Flights as Protesters Flood In


HONG KONG—Hong Kong’s airport authority canceled more than 100 flights Monday afternoon as thousands of demonstrators thronged the city’s airport to protest police for their handling of this summer’s long-running protests.

After the bloodiest night of clashes with police in 10 weekends of unrest, crowds filled the airport’s departure and arrival halls Monday, expanding a smaller sit-in at the terminal that has run since Friday. Hong Kong’s airport authority said the assembly has seriously disrupted flights and all check-in service for outbound flights as of 3.30 p.m. Its website showed more than 130 flights canceled.

Inbound flights that have yet to take off were canceled for the rest of the day. More than 200 flights were canceled a week earlier because of a citywide strike, as protests bite into the city’s economy, especially tourism and retail.

At an empty Hong Kong Airlines counter, Jerry Huang, a businessman from Taiwan, expressed frustration at not knowing when he would get home.

“This is what they want!” he said of the protesters. “It’s fine they block the road, but we need to fly for urgent matters. How can they win support with such action?”

Hong Kong’s airport is one of the world’s busiest. Last year, it handled more than 400,000 flights and 75 million passengers, as well as 5 million tons of cargo.

media-object type-InsetMediaIllustration inline

An injury sustained by female protester whom police shot in the eye with a projectile has helped galvanize demonstrators. Photo: tyrone siu/Reuters

Protesters were galvanized Monday after a night of clashes between police and protesters. In particular, an injury was sustained by a female protester whom police shot in the eye with a projectile a day before. The crowds held pictures of the injured woman, chanting “an eye for an eye” and reiterating their five demands.

Meanwhile, more impromptu protests were held across the city. In the afternoon, a group of pastors held condemned the police for using violence, and workers at a public hospital staged a two-hour strike.

The societal divide in Hong Kong shows no signs of healing as the semiautonomous Chinese city remains gripped in its worst political crisis in decades. The protest movement that began over a bill that would allow suspects to be tried in mainland China has snowballed into a wider movement demanding more accountability from police and for the government to respond to their issues.

In the past two months, the momentum of the protest has in part been sustained by public reaction to police use of force against street demonstrators. A protester who died in the course of unfurling a banner and the first use of tear gas by police, to clear a rally in early June, led an estimated two million people onto city streets.

Since then, a spiraling cycle of violence between thousands of radical protesters and police has spread across the city, descending into battles in many urban districts. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested, and more than 1,800 rounds of tear gas have been used, along with scores of rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds.

“We are outraged by the violent protesters’ behaviors, which showed a total disregard of the law, posing a serious threat to the safety of police officers and other members of the public. We severely condemn the acts,” the government said early Monday. In recent public appearances, Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has said the government can’t accede to the protesters’ demands.

media-object type-InsetMediaIllustration inline

Hong Kong police showed off a truck equipped with a water cannon on Monday. Photo: Kyle Lam/Bloomberg News

On Monday police showed off an armored truck equipped with a water cannon that could be used to disperse crowds. Pro-democracy legislators immediately said it would be dangerous and lethal to use water cannons in a city as densely populated as Hong Kong.

At one of the city’s biggest public hospitals, more than 200 doctors, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists staged a strike. Many bandaged an eye as a show of solidarity with the injured protester and held signs that said, “Police attempt to murder Hong Kong citizens.”

“The police has gone wild. This is our way of sending them a message,” said Tommy Chan, a 31-year-old nurse who bandaged his left eye. “We‘re so angry,” he said. “The police should protect us, not inflict permanent harm.” Mr. Chan said he hasn’t participated in any street protests but said he supports them.

At the airport, protesters walked around the halls in several lines, chanting against police brutality. The march expanded in the departure hall, though check-in aisles were undisturbed.

Some sat outside and used trolleys to block the terminal, agitating passengers who had to make a detour. “Blame the government,” a cardboard sign put out by protesters said.

Ms. Feng, a flight attendant for a local airline, said she joined the airport protest after returning from a work trip to mainland China. She had also protested there on Friday, before leaving town.

“Hong Kong is my home. It will no longer have rule of law if the practice of the police becomes a frequent scene,” she said.


Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas As Demonstrations Continue


Protests continued in Hong Kong for a 10th straight weekend on Saturday as demonstrators organized across the city, blocking multiple roads and a key tunnel under Victoria Harbor.

The protests checkered much of Hong Kong. At the airport, demonstrators dressed in black filled the arrivals hall with a massive sit-in, cheering in Cantonese, "Go, Hong Kong people!" and calling for the resignation of Hong Kong's chief executive, Carrie Lam. It was the second day of what protesters said would be a three-day occupation at the airport.

Protesters also demonstrated outside China's military garrison in Hong Kong and marched through the city's Central District, parts of the Kowloon Peninsula and a neighborhood in the New Territories, where police officers in riot gear cleared the demonstration with tear gas.

In Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui district, protesters set fires outside a police station, prompting the police to release a statement that the fires posed "a serious threat" to public safety.

The protests were originally sparked by a bill that would have allowed China to extradite people from Hong Kong. That bill has since been shelved, but not formally withdrawn, by Hong Kong's government. Demonstrators are demanding that the bill be permanently withdrawn. They are also calling for the direct election of the city's leaders, seats on the Hong Kong legislature and an investigation into police conduct during the demonstrations.

China has recently indicated it will not allow the protests to go on indefinitely and has called demonstrators "violent radicals" who are under foreign influence.

When Britain returned Hong Kong to China 22 years ago, China employed a "one country, two systems" principle, allowing Hong Kong to retain its own legal system, currency and civil service. Since then, fears have grown that Beijing is attempting to subvert that autonomy and erode democratic freedoms and the rule of law in the city.

NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports that some visitors to Hong Kong from China's mainland do not support the demonstrations. Lei Yong, a visitor to Hong Kong from China's central Henan province, was yelling at the protesters, reports Kuhn. Lei said of the extradition bill: "This bill must be implemented. How can you not punish the bad guys?"

"It just shows this huge disparity, this gap, in the thinking and the culture of people in mainland China and Hong Kong," Kuhn reports.

In an interview last month, leading pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong told NPR, "We are not afraid of the Communist regime."

"Now is the summer of discontent, and as a Hong Konger, I am born, I live, and I love my hometown," Wong told NPR. "We should determine our own destiny instead of the Hong Kong people's future being dominated by Beijing."


Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas On Protesters In 10th Week Of Demonstrations


More here

Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 18, 2019 at 2:54pm

Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes National Guard, military action inside U.S. borders

According to sources cited by The Daily Caller, President Trump is poised to invoke the Insurrection Act to fight for America’s survival against the ongoing invasion of illegals who are flooding the United States as a tactic to destroy the country from within. The Daily Caller is now reporting:

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

The Insurrection Act, passed by Congress in 1807, allows the president to deploy National Guard and U.S. military troops to combat “rebellion” against the United States of America. The Act has been invoked by other presidents to quell violent uprisings such as the L.A. Riots.


Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 16, 2019 at 12:32am

White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter  SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

‘If you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump’

On Wednesday, the White House launched a new tool for people to use if they feel they’ve been wrongly censored, banned, or suspended on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies,” the site reads. “No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.”
"“Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported”"

A Twitter spokesperson responded to the new tool saying, “We enforce the Twitter Rules impartially for all users, regardless of their background or political affiliation. We are constantly working to improve our systems and will continue to be transparent in our efforts.”

Facebook, Google, and YouTube did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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