For the 7 of 10 sequence it now seems that the New Madrid rupture will happen before the South American and African rolls are completed. Does this mean that the 7 of 10 sequence has changed and the new Madrid is next, before the other 2?

The New Madrid adjustment is the last major plate movement to occur within the 7 of 10 predictions, triggering the European tsunami [10] which completes the 7 of 10. We last gave completion percentages in March, 2015. We would place the Sunda Plate [2] sinking at 98%, with the tilting of the Philippine Plate [3] at 84%. These will complete quickly as the Indo-Australian Plate [1] continues to tilt and rise, allowing the Pacific to compress. The S American roll [4] is aggressive, now at 78%, with quakes up and down the Andes and the press of the Caribbean Plate to the west obvious on quake maps.

The New Madrid [9] adjustment will be triggered by the push against the tip of Mexico, since Fukushima negated the need for Japan [8] involvement. Prior to the event we have termed the big New Madrid rip, where the fault line unzips toward the Great Lakes and under the Seaway, there will be increasing disasters throughout N America. It will be obvious to US authorities, and to the public, what is pending. At present, we would put the New Madrid adjustment at 36% completed, and this is due to vast changes below ground such as heaving and tearing. The stage has been set.

The African roll [6] likewise has gotten serious, now at 32%, with the Mediterranean at Gibraltar [7] starting to tear. The African roll will progress as the S American roll completes, as this creates a yaw in the South Atlantic [5]. We are not allowed to give timelines, but all of these events could complete within months, given the strength of the Earth wobble lately. It is possible for the New Madrid to start to unzip in hard rock while the Africa Roll completes, causing the tip of the Saudi Plate to tear through the oil fields of Iraq – dual disasters at the same time.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 30, 2019

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Magnitude mb 5.5
Date time 2019-12-10 21:58:28.3 UTC
Location 35.26 N ; 26.50 E
Depth 60 km
Distances 354 km S of İzmir, Turkey / pop: 2,501,000 / local time: 00:58:28.3 2019-12-11
124 km E of Irákleion, Greece / pop: 138,000 / local time: 23:58:28.3 2019-12-10
72 km E of Ágios Nikólaos, Greece / pop: 10,800 / local time: 23:58:28.3 2019-12-10
24 km E of Palaíkastron, Greece / pop: 1,100 / local time: 23:58:28.3 2019-12-10


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