With the announcement date set in stone. The Zeta's have talked about the simulated seasons, the dampened Earth wobble, and how the wobble at some point be allowed to go free. My question relates to things like the humming boxes seen on the US west coast and around the world ( http://www.zetatalk.com/7of10/7of10108.htm ) that were placed on the fault lines to lessen/dampen tectonic plate movements. Post announcement will they just be removed and things allowed to progress or will they be slowly turned down, allowing things to pick up that they've been holding back, and then ultimately removed?

We have stated that the 7 of 10 pace has been slowed to allow the planned announcement admitting the presence and pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru to occur. We detailed some of the effects of the slowing to be a lower magnitude of anticipated earthquakes in Japan and N America and along the spine of the Andes, and a virtual elimination of the European tsunami.  We stated that even after the announcement, the 7 of 10 pace would not simply be released to return to a sudden and violent pace, but some time would be granted to the world’s people to react.

Meanwhile, the 8 of 10 phase changes have been allowed to proceed, so the Planet X complex has become more visible and the Earth wobble more distinct and violent. With or without the announcement, the public is becoming aware. The announcement will not be limited to certain countries, but will go viral despite any attempt to limit the information. This will happen within hours, and virtually shut down all conversation about any other subject in the media. We have predicted a stunned shock among those who are first hearing this message, with those inclined to deny becoming more hardened in denial and those inclined to plan and take action promptly doing so.

We have stated that the announcement is over 99% guaranteed to occur, and the date is set in stone among the participants. But with or without the announcement, the 7 of 10 plate movements will begin to accelerate, such that those lands destined to become flooded will find the waters rising and those stretch zones regions destined to spread or drop will do so, with bridges falling, crevasses appearing, and rail lines twisting. This will accelerate, until the plates assume the position we predicted. Plate movement that involves colliding or sliding plates will involve earthquakes, but these will occur in a controlled fashion, slowly and with lesser magnitude than originally anticipated. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 12, 2013

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