2015/02/11 16:36 * 2015/01/24 12:52 (NEW ZetaTalk on Camera Focus on the Tail!)

In White Light. This may indicate low strength of the sun and monster close to us??? Ciao Alberto

Nancy's Comment: So white light means no filter? Just glare reduction? I have seen this with other photos, your last too, where the camera focused on the tail, not the Sun.

I confess to being confused. I have done three shots and i obtained this image where the sun is out of focus while the object is perfectly focused. Light is filtered by a new filter that I'm trying, and we will see. Alberto

The tail of Planet X, wafting between the Sun and Earth, is CLOSER to the camera than the Sun, and has thus triggered the camera to focus on the tail rather than the Sun. Is the tail massive enough to be considered an “Object” by the camera? It is dense, and if this tail were to be inspected more closely, the Moon Swirls would indeed be discerned.

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Comment by Poli on January 24, 2015 at 5:52pm

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