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This this close tail wafting about on Alberto's Flicker page https://www.flickr.com/photos/130205543@N08/ on a video.

Strange moving! I will try again tomorrow. Ciao, Alberto.

Nancy's Note: Alberto has a video of this, where the redish area and bright light above the Sun are twitching. This is a NEW phenomena.  The Zetas explain.

The tail clearly has reached Earth, and has been depositing orange snow in Siberia and creating red skies around the world for some time. What happens when tail dust is close to the camera, blowing in the wind in Earth's atmosphere, essentially flapping in the wind. These tail components are anchored by magnetic attraction to spots on the globe's surface, so snap back like a flag on a flag pole.

Greetimgs, Alberto.  All without filter.

Nancy's Comment: Note the blue dot is Moon Swirl, Yellow Dot is a flare and moves around.

And always looking for Sun and Planet X, always look the same.

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