My question to the Zetas is why there wasn't any jolt felt!?

In 2010 when we first detailed the New Madrid Adjustment as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movement scenarios, we stated that this would involve one large JOLT with an immediate tearing of the Atlantic and the European tsunami. We referred to the location of the JOLT being in the “primary blockage” without clarification. Nor did we clarify the location in the Atlantic that would experience “tearing”. Now that the Finale is in process, the public seeks more specifics.

In March of 2022 we detailed a role the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid - located at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - would play. We stated that a JOLT there would “expedite the final rupture” and clarified that this Rock Bridge break would release the SE Portion from its attachment to the Mainland Portion, allowing it to “jump to the East”, destabilizing the Azores triple juncture of plates in the Atlantic. In April of 2022 we reiterated that the JOLT in the Rock Bridge will “signal” the start of the Finale.  

In May of 2022 we introduced the Rock Hook under Turkey and defined its role. Africa must roll for the Azores to be torn open, and the Rock Hook under Turkey is preventing this roll. The African Roll pulls on the SE Portion which is attached along their shared border in the Atlantic. This transfers to a tug on the Rock Bridge which ultimately snaps and sets the Finale in motion. Intrinsic to this is the S Atlantic void allowing Africa to slide its foot into the void and drop its NE corner so the roll can happen.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2022

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Comment by jorge namour on March 9, 2023 at 3:54pm

M 4.0 - WESTERN TURKEY - 2023-03-09 05:28:54 UTC

The new earthquake near Istanbul, with a magnitude of 4.2 on the Richter scale, according to the Turkish Seismological Observatory, had its epicenter in the Marmara Sea off the coast of Bursa, and was felt by the residents of Istanbul and the surrounding cities, at exactly 8:28 am today, Thursday.

March 8, 2023 __ An earthquake hits Italy, north of Sicily. 4.2 magnitude and 3.3 magnitude earthquake hits Malta


M 4.2 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-09 11:04:53 UTC

M 4.6 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-09 10:31:44 UTC

M 4.4 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-09 09:49:14 UTC

M 4.5 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-09 05:40:12 UTC
M 5.1 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-09 02:06:52 UTC
M 5.2 - OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2023-03-08 16:10:50 UTC

M 5.8 - KURIL ISLANDS - 2023-03-08 06:03:38 UTC
M 4.2 - TAJIKISTAN - 2023-03-08 10:42:54 UTC

M 4.3 - VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION - 2023-03-08 10:04:26 UTC

Comment by Kojima on March 9, 2023 at 1:36pm


2023/03/08 T00:00 - 2023//03/09 T00:00

2023/03/01 T00:00 - 2023//03/09 T00:00,25.58,492

Comment by Kojima on March 9, 2023 at 11:38am


2023/03/08 T00:00 - 2023//03/09 T00:00

Comment by jorge namour on March 9, 2023 at 1:07am

A great withdrawal of the level of the Tigris and Euphrates in southern

FEBRUARY 26 2023

The level of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in southern Iraq has declined, reflecting the severe water shortage

In the city of Nasiriyah, the center of Dhi Qar Governorate in southern Iraq, the agency "Agence France Presse" documented seeing the bottom of the Euphrates River visible at the banks and the supports of the bridges crossing the river.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 8, 2023 at 12:57pm

In late December and early January I, Nancy, posted on two Newsletters that the Zetas had stated it would take "weeks, not months" for the Finale to occur. I apologize for my interpretation as the Zetas actual words were "weeks". They are not allowed to give precise dates, however much we might long for this. But it is clear that the Finale is in process, and it is a process. Given all the signs, it could happen any day. 

ZetaTalk Timeline 12/13/2022:
SO2 accompanies breaking rock because it is a component of Methane, which is released when rock layers are torn apart. Thus the snap line we indicated - from the Dodecanese Islands to the Suez Canal  -  had been consistently red in early December. The snap line has suddenly turned pale on December 13 because the rock there fractured, breaking off the hard rock hook. This will allow the NE corner of Africa to drop freely now. As we predicted, the New Madrid Finale is in process, though it will take weeks to complete.
The New Madrid Finale is a process, which the Zetas have stated will start before the end of 2022 and take "weeks, not months". The Finale started on December 13 when the Rock Hook under Turkey snapped and the shifting foot of Africa, now free to roll, caused a  cruise ship along the border with Antactica to be swamped by a wave. The Zetas then provided a more detailed sequence of events.
The New Madrid Finale is a process, and as defined by the Zetas in their actual words the Finale Timeline was defined as starting before the end of 2022 and as a process that would take “weeks, not months”. For those who assumed the European tsunami would occur prior to the end of 2022, the Zetas suggest they learn to read. Below, a scan of all ZetaTalk comments where the Finale was addressed. It is a process, and the process began on December 13, 2022 when the Rock Hook under Turkey fractured.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 8, 2023 at 12:50pm

While the torture of the SE Portion of N America intensified, we can see on March 8 that the Mainland is also being tortured. The Pacific compresses, the Atlantic is pulled apart, Africa rolls and the N American Continent will not cease being tortured until the New Madrid Fault Line ruptures. 

Comment by Kojima on March 8, 2023 at 6:13am


2023/03/07 T00:00 - 2023//03/08 T00:00

Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 7, 2023 at 2:40pm

By March 7 we can see the Zetas warning that Istanbul will have devastation during the African Roll, and recent quake maps seem to be showing this. Meanwhile the Mainland of N America continues to drop on Mexico and the Cocos Plate. The only sites showing all black on the Heliplots are Idaho, Tikski on the Arctic Border, and Hawaii. 

When the 7 of 10 scenario for Africa occurs, dropping Africa and widening the Red Sea, the isthmus holding Istanbul will tear, dropping the city into rubble. 

Comment by Kojima on March 7, 2023 at 12:03pm


2023/03/06 T00:00 - 2023//03/07 T00:00

Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 6, 2023 at 5:11pm

Note the nexus between SO2 and CO emissions. On March 6 they overlap, in the swath of land between the Ohio River and the Seaway and in the middle of the Deep South. These are areas being tugged. The New Madrid Fault Line runs under the Seaway and is in the process of separating the Portions. The sister fault lines running up the East Coast and Appalachians and at the Ramapo are being pulled eastward too. 

Why are SO2 and CO emissions going hand in hand? SO2 is a part of the methane release that occurs when rotting material caught between rock layers is release when the rock strata is stretched. CO is a result of underground fires occurring in the methane and rotting tissue. In China these emissions are currently creating so much heat that the roads are melting in places.

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