My question to the Zetas is why there wasn't any jolt felt!?

In 2010 when we first detailed the New Madrid Adjustment as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movement scenarios, we stated that this would involve one large JOLT with an immediate tearing of the Atlantic and the European tsunami. We referred to the location of the JOLT being in the “primary blockage” without clarification. Nor did we clarify the location in the Atlantic that would experience “tearing”. Now that the Finale is in process, the public seeks more specifics.

In March of 2022 we detailed a role the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid - located at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - would play. We stated that a JOLT there would “expedite the final rupture” and clarified that this Rock Bridge break would release the SE Portion from its attachment to the Mainland Portion, allowing it to “jump to the East”, destabilizing the Azores triple juncture of plates in the Atlantic. In April of 2022 we reiterated that the JOLT in the Rock Bridge will “signal” the start of the Finale.  

In May of 2022 we introduced the Rock Hook under Turkey and defined its role. Africa must roll for the Azores to be torn open, and the Rock Hook under Turkey is preventing this roll. The African Roll pulls on the SE Portion which is attached along their shared border in the Atlantic. This transfers to a tug on the Rock Bridge which ultimately snaps and sets the Finale in motion. Intrinsic to this is the S Atlantic void allowing Africa to slide its foot into the void and drop its NE corner so the roll can happen.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2022

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Comment by Kojima on April 26, 2024 at 2:13am


* 2024/4/26 T00:03

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 25, 2024 at 5:28pm

The Void, where the Euasian Plate and Mainland Portion will pull apart to allow a tsunami wave to form toward Europe, is clearly the focus today, on April 25.  Note that the Gulf Strream avoids the Void, because it is hot rock there. All eyes on the Void. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 25, 2024 at 4:00pm

On April 25 an explosion off-short Smyrna shows plate shifting under the waves as the SE Portion is being pulled to the East, and resisting. As the turmoil at the Void shows tsunami wave potential toward Europe, Paris is preparing. Oslo reacted to quakes in their vicinity by temporarily shutting down their airport. What will this day bring? 

What caused an offshore explosion at New Smyrna Beach?
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'Not since WW2': Giant Military Camp built in Middle of Paris as Army on High Alert
Around 18,000 military personnel, as well as 45,000 police and internal security forces, will be deployed to Paris as part of a massive security operation.
Commissaire Philippe Pourqu said it was the first time since World War Two that the French army had built such a huge camp and that its construction would pose serious challenges.

When the New Madrid Adjustment is in process, there are disasters throughout all the N American Continent, not just along the Fault Line itself. Where breaking bridges and heaving highways, water and gas mains spewing their contents, collapsing houses and buildings, and exploding gas line fittings show that the N America Portions are pulling apart, there are locations under the sea similarly affected. The New Smyrna Beach explosion was an example of rock pulling apart under water, where water is spewed upward when rock layers heave and drop.

The coverup about Plate Movements is related to the coverup over Nibiru. To admit one is to admit all, in the minds of the establishment who fear panic and riot if the truth is exposed before Martial Law can be established. Thus Paris is building a massive military camp in Paris under the excuse that future Olympics will need such a camp. And Oslo temporarily shuts down their airport ahead of anticipated quakes in the nearby North Sea under the excuse that they are having technical problems. The public will get the truth when Martial Law is in place.

Comment by Kojima on April 25, 2024 at 6:39am


* 2024/4/25 T00:03

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 24, 2024 at 2:03pm

On April 24 the Glen Canyon Dam, just upriver from the Hoover Dam, failed. The Zetas have long predicted that the Hoover Dam will fail during the New Madrid Fault Line Adjustment, and it seems this time is at hand.


Southwest States Face Dramatic Water Shortages Due to Damage on the Glen Canyon Dam

April 23, 2024

Federal officials have sounded the alarm on new damage inside of the Glen Canyon Dam located on the Colorado River in Arizona. The dam provides water and power to millions of people in the Western states; mainly Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, and Mexico.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/6/2015: []

We have stated that the New Madrid adjustment will precede any major adjustment along the San Andreas, and precede any anticipated break in the Hoover Dam. We have also stated that all dams will shatter and fail in some manner during or before the Pole Shift

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2010:  []

Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 24, 2024 at 1:43pm

On April 24 significant quakes are occurring at the Void Region. As the day progresses, more may occur. Note that high waves are in force to the WEST of the Void, which is Mainland property and being tugged forcefully to the WEST. Note also waves near London where the Royal Horses panicked. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 24, 2024 at 1:30pm

On April 24 there are increasing significant quakes at the Void region. There are waves there too, but none recorded on the coast of Britain. However, some of the Royal Horses panicked and charged through the streets of London, one bleeding from a wound.


Remember the Ache tsunami when the elephants went up into the hills even before the wave could be seen? They knew.  


Comment by Kojima on April 24, 2024 at 2:12am


* 2024/4/24 T00:03

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 23, 2024 at 4:43pm

Hot off the EQ charts is this Mag 5 at the Void location on April 23. This is where the N Atlantic is expected to rip open, allowing a rebound wave to move toward Europe. The Africa Roll continues, which is likely inciting this movement of the SE Portion and the ripping of the Void. Note to Gulf Stream avoids the hot rock of the Void.


Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 23, 2024 at 1:43pm

On April 23 the ZetaTalk Followers site shows that the SE Portion is on the Move. [].

Note where the New Madrid Fault Line runs, and how disasters are occurring along that line. Cleveland is smack on the fault line. [] As is the tip of Ontario on the Seaway. []

Southern Indiana is the Wabash Seismic Zone where the New Madrid Fault Line passes through. [] And the upper Mississippi River where the I-35 Bridge collapse responded to changes along the river bed.  [

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