In reading a lot of posts on this ning I understand that many of us have been having dreams (visions) of things that have something to do with the coming Pole Shift. 

For instance, last night I had a VIVID dream of being in a vehicle with 3 others and driving over a massive hill TOWARDS a city that was about to be engulfed in a MASSIVE ash cloud... Weirdest of all was that part of the ash cloud looked like a Round Jet stream in the air (falling debris from Planet X?). I could remember that I was in the back of the vehicle and we were heading towards the ash cloud (which seemed to be rolling) to 'pick up' people and bring them out of the city (which had already started to prepare for the black ash cloud)...It was a sunny day and then everything went black???

So what have you all been dreaming about lately? Maybe there are others out there who have similar dreams or are wondering if other people have seen similar things as well. 

We are all connected through our souls.... and when we dream I feel that our souls are communicating with each other!!

So feel free to share with all here on the Ning!

Take Care

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I'd like some help interpreting this dream I had night before last.

I had a dream about the Egyptian Cat Headed Goddess, Bast. I had 2 tables side by side  with a god statue on each in my living room. The one on the left belonged to a what i guess was a roommate(in the dream I had just moved into a new apartment). I'm not sure if it was a roommate or a boyfriend, etc.. I'm also not sure what that person's  god statue was. The one on the right was my table & it had a statue of Bast. I walked past the one on the left then the right, and Bast spoke. Not the statue itself but a booming, purring voice that filled the room. She said "Don't you know it's a sin to pass before another God before me?" She was not happy about the other statue. I went upstairs and sat down and started thinking about what to do. I wanted to get rid of the other statue but it belonged to my roommate??. Under my breath I muttered "maybe I could just walk behind the table and avoid the statues." Then I heard her say in an amused, playful tone "Don't you try to manipulate meeeee." At that point, I was lying on my left side in my bed with my back facing the door. Plain as day I felt a long fingernail or claw playfully do one light scratch on my outer, lower right leg. This was not a dream. It was immediately after she spoke that I felt the nail, and I KNOW without a doubt I didn't dream that. I immediately woke and turned to look over my shoulder. The room was mostly dark except for a little light coming from outside. I saw a large dark shadow figure in my room. I know it sounds crazy, but my initial thought was that it was shaped like The Predator(from the films)lol. But later I realized what i had been dreaming about and that egyptians used to wear large headresses. Anyway, I turned on the light & nothing was there. The thing is, the experience was a little creepy because nothing like that has ever happened to me before, but I didn't feel scared in the dream or after I woke up. I didn't feel like she wanted to harm me. Most of the time when I get creeped out I wake up and turn my tv on or sleep with a night light, but I was so NOT  scared by this that I just turned the lamp off & turned over & went back to sleep. I've had preminitory dreams before but nothing has ever TOUCHED me. I'm trying to figure the meaning of it. I've always been obsessed with Egypt, especially Ankenaten, Nefertiti, and Bast. Any ideas???? You think it has some deeper meaning I should pay attention too? I'm also not a religious person. Spiritual yes. Religious, no. I believe in the possibility of some aliens being angels/egyptian/god connection.

I have had a similar vision and i was in the middle of the passenger's and driver's seat as my friend drove out urgently from where he lives. We were leaving with such great urgency and panic; it seemed so real. From this i also envisioned his neighborhood flooding, how these two are connected, i'm not sure. But i am sure this dream ment somthing, in that i knew what his neighborhood looked like before i went there for the first time. I had been there before in a dream that was so vivid.
Every night I go to bed and ask "who am I?", "what do I want?", "what is my purpose?", "what makes me happy?".  I ask to be shown "the way" and "how can I be of service?"...and then I ask to remember my dreams.  Not working!!!  I remembered only two nights of dreams that were just mishy mosh of junk, nothing I could find relative to these earth changes and/or my purpose.  Anyone have an ideas how I can access my subconsious or get the answers I need?

I recently moved up to a mountain and had coffee with one of the locals yesterday.  She said she had dreams of tidal waves in Eastern Australia, but also of everything being covered in mud as well.  I thought that was interesting as we're not supposed to have volcanoes erupting here, so I was wondering where all the mud was going to come from.  Volcanic ash and rain?  I asked her if the mud was a reddish brown colour (like the colour of the tail dust) and she said no, so it must be volcanic.  We have had tv programmes here on the volcanoes in Papua New Guinea in which there are detailed accounts of what would happen if a volcano erupted on the eastern tip of that country, apparently the ash would be covering a lot of Australia.  Can't remember the name of the volcano.


This lady also said she had an American Indian elder teaching with her for a few months last year and she said we are not to worry, but to stock up on food and supplies.  I notice this lady has hand pumps and bicycle generators.  I learned a lot from that one cup of coffee and will be asking her more in the future.

Hey Kimberley,


Its one of those things that hard to explain because as with all experiences in life these things are 'unique' to the person. I understand where you are coming from though. A few years ago I asked the same questions...and to be honest, I am still in the process of figuring those answers out. The questions you are asking are prime examples of 'giving the call', and in doing so, you are taking initiative. What I would recommend from my experiences are:


- To be patient. Its hard but it is vital as those beings, spirit guides etc... are all here to help and have a big slate (so to speak). But also understand that you ask these questions daily (sometimes you don't even realize you 're asking them)

- Something that is working for me (I am still in my own growth process) is to try and conciously acknowledge how I feel during times of the day where I may not be 'comfortable' with what I am doing. For instance, if I don't like my daily job...why don't I like it? Or it can go the other way: I do something to make someone smile...why did I enjoy that?


By making a 'concious' effort in your daily life, then the mind also follows...It also goes the other way too...but don't give up, keep asking questions and keep 'searching'...remember, it may take many lifetimes to find the answers to those...but if you feel (in your heart) that you are looking/heading in the right direction, then keep on going in that direction...Only you will know when those answers become clear!


I also suggest looking over this as well ; it has a lot of information to help answer further questions you may have about 'giving the call'


Peace and Love


Kimberley said:

Every night I go to bed and ask "who am I?", "what do I want?", "what is my purpose?", "what makes me happy?".  I ask to be shown "the way" and "how can I be of service?"...and then I ask to remember my dreams.  Not working!!!  I remembered only two nights of dreams that were just mishy mosh of junk, nothing I could find relative to these earth changes and/or my purpose.  Anyone have an ideas how I can access my subconsious or get the answers I need?

Last night was one for the most intriguing dreams I have had in months:


I only can recall bits and pieces but here is what I can gather:

I was with some family and it was dark outside (we were staring at the sky), and I was looking at what I initially thought was the moon, but it was too big to be the moon and it had a different color (like I was up close).

The people with me screamed...and I had a weird feeling that I was staring at the earths 'Dark Twin'...but what was more intriguing was that I turned my head to see 'EARTH' in the distance...I was staring at earth and the dark twin. Something shook and I remember staring at a different direction into space and seeing 3 stars that all seemed to glitter at different brightness. Then I thought: "I am looking at Orion"....The first thing my family and I said to each other was 'get a camera!'. And for some reaon I was frustrated because I couldnt find one.

The next thing I know I am with extended family looking at a computer screen while trying to explain what my immediate family (mom and dad) saw that night?


Then I woke up feeling emotionally drained and tired....I can't explain how I felt so tired when I got a good amount of sleep. But instead of feeling scared about the dream (even during it)...I felt determined and also had a bout of tell as many as I could.


Don't know if anyone has shared a similar experience, but I had to come onto the NiNG and explain what I can remember...


Peace and Love

Here is a dream I had a couple months ago that seemed to be about the pole shift events.  I was in the downtown area of a small town. I knew that because the buildings were only one story and the street might have even been dirt.  At the time I was thinking Hawaii.  Anyway I was with someone, my sister possibly, and the day was so bright and sunny, a beautiful day.  Then, behind the buildings and the (palm?) trees in back of the buildings I saw a gigantic wave rising up.  I was enormous, looming above the buildings. We were panicked and then the scene switched.        I was now in the air looking down at a stretch of sandy beach with vegetation around it.  Out of the trees to the left came two women with long hair.   In the middle of the stretch of sand was an enormous footprint! Yes, it was as big as a bus!  These two women walked into to footprint and when they got in it, they lay down and immediately sand began to collect over them and they were covered completely.  Let me also say that this was also a very bright beautiful day.  Anyway, the women were not seen and then, from the right came a mysterious figure all clothed in what seemed like a black trench coat and a black hat...reminiscent of a spy or a mafia person or someone with a dark govt. agency. The figure walked over to the edge of the footprint and gazed down into it where the women had been a few seconds before.  They were nowhere to be seen. For what it's worth, I find that the left side represents the past and the right the future.
Wow ! I have been dreaming of tidal waves for over two years now. I have also had a recurring dream of myself driving and all of a sudden my car is surrounded by water, like rivers have burst their banks and are flooding. I have this overwhelming feeling of fear and the sense of helplessness and my children are crying in the back of the car. It is at that moment I wake up. It all seems to vivid and scarey too just be a dream.

I understand completely, Kimberly!  I focus on questions like that in my two main meditative prayers at the beginning and end of my day...throughout the day as well, as in daydream prayers or mediations. 

I have had one dream of floating on some piece of debris with my best friend in what appeared to be a large, dark body of water..short and to the usually I cannot remember my dreams...and if I do..they are disjointed and do not seem to make sense...even though I understand that our dreams are usually symbolic..I usually cannot find a plot or obvious symbolic meaning..

before falling asleep, I ask for love and light to surround and protect my family and friends, I ask to know what to do, when, where and with in can I make a difference?  I still feel blocked in this.  It is frustrating!

I briefly read something on this site about a 'change agent' status for some are still blocked from knowing in their dreams..etc..  I cannot find anything on that subject now, however  : (

I do have hope and faith...deep, conscious breathing gets me through the anxiety that I sometimes experience.

Everything will be as it will be...though, we may not know what that is   sigh*

Love and Light to you!


Kimberley said:

Every night I go to bed and ask "who am I?", "what do I want?", "what is my purpose?", "what makes me happy?".  I ask to be shown "the way" and "how can I be of service?"...and then I ask to remember my dreams.  Not working!!!  I remembered only two nights of dreams that were just mishy mosh of junk, nothing I could find relative to these earth changes and/or my purpose.  Anyone have an ideas how I can access my subconsious or get the answers I need?
I used to dream since I was a child of being underwater either a river ocean or lake and I am able to breathe under the water. It got to the point I would be dreaming and think I wasn't? And I would say ok let's see if its only in dreamtime and would begin breathing underwater. It was so confusing because I don't know if in this reality I proved I could or if it was a dream. Then all of a sudden no more water dreams. The othher day I dreamt a bunch of noisy vibrating squwaking and as they got closer I'm watching as they are screaming thinking what the heck when I zoned in on the fast vibrating things I recognized a hummingbird mix of toucan and could see they were screaming at me they were vibrating super fast and then I woke.
I also had another dream that really freaked me out. It wasn't an actual dream I had been cleansing my body reprograming to gamma waves. I was taken on a journey that showed me all I have ever lost that was important to me and how immense my love had been and yet still I lost. Disaster areas where people were praying, radiating heart energy and catastrophes continued. It was a long tear jerking journey of love that didn't effect change. Then we went to my house. I believed if you could stay in heart space radiating love earth would tune into this. I was shown myself in my hammock in my bubble and then being wiped out. I was stunned. There is an incredible amount of power we have as humans yet it is in the human realm there is also another reality universal where we have no power. We are only in control of our reality. The earth has hers and we have ours we need to honor and respect all realities. It freaked me out because I always say love is the only way. Yet it didn't save me or any of the others. I came back shocked at the realization that this is not personal and that I must continue in love but allow all change we are goin through and get your butt to safety. When I tell my clients that I had this experience its amazing their replies. Some outright think all of this is bullshit and if it were happening it would be talked about. When I indicate it is everywhere they claim I'm trying to see more than there is. But, then there's ones who share with me. Most arte dreaming of tumbling under water or tsunamis 1000's of ft high and they stop in front of them. But then I have a huichol family who shared with me. I was working on emotions when I found a strong concern I asked why? There are four the wife husband and kids. The females version was that she and her daughter dreamed the same waves like clouds so high came in and wiped out puerto vallarta and tepic they saw soldiers and people running to higher ground anmd traffic then the water rushing them away it happened around 12pm and was over in an hour. Then the men, same dream focus different. He saw all of this but he also saw 2 mountaintops outside of tepic that the water tried to reach but left the top alone. The son on one mountain looking at the other where the father was looking back at him. They say it was maybe in july by the signs in the sky or august the clouds were dark the interesting part is they all agrred on time and 1 hour event. We scried our little town here on the beach of Sayulita, nayarit. I asked if it was a water event and was told shockinglu different. We would have a breakage and the oceanshore would be further out water would fill in the void creating an estuary and that we would not be able to return for 25yrs. So then I found 3 mountains between here and guadalajara and 2 of them would be ok. Weird.

This morning I dreamt of an EQ in France. Within the dream I thought it was Paris, but then Marseilles was heard in my mind, in 'real life' I have never been to either places.

I saw the disaster twice in my dream, from two different places. Firstly I was walking on a crowded street, lots of old stone buildings, very crowded with people walking around enjoying a sunny day, when I looked up and saw a building in half, the top burning and collapsing (reminded me of images of 9/11) then an awful scene of people jumping out of the building to save themselves, terrible...Next, I was inside a tall modern building, looking out of a window, across the old stone buildings, a river in front, to the left a large stone building swung round and collapsed...again people jumping out of the windows...the dream was very vivid, it has stayed with me all day...


Previously I've had many tsunami dreams, but none like the above...


love to all x

last night I dreamt i was paddling a yellow, plastic, narrow canoe along a very large lake. It was night time & my father was in the rear of the canoe. Due to the weight of my father the canoe began to fill with water & sink, I managed to reach a stretch of land, but wasn't strong enough to lift my father. I shouted 'Help' and a tall blond male appeared from nowhere and lifted my father to safety. Throughout all of this, many large passenger aeroplanes were crashing in front and around us, into the lake and/or into the darkness onto land - I lost count how many 8 or 9? Crashing with fire on the wings, spitting into pieces, awful sight...

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