In reading a lot of posts on this ning I understand that many of us have been having dreams (visions) of things that have something to do with the coming Pole Shift. 

For instance, last night I had a VIVID dream of being in a vehicle with 3 others and driving over a massive hill TOWARDS a city that was about to be engulfed in a MASSIVE ash cloud... Weirdest of all was that part of the ash cloud looked like a Round Jet stream in the air (falling debris from Planet X?). I could remember that I was in the back of the vehicle and we were heading towards the ash cloud (which seemed to be rolling) to 'pick up' people and bring them out of the city (which had already started to prepare for the black ash cloud)...It was a sunny day and then everything went black???

So what have you all been dreaming about lately? Maybe there are others out there who have similar dreams or are wondering if other people have seen similar things as well. 

We are all connected through our souls.... and when we dream I feel that our souls are communicating with each other!!

So feel free to share with all here on the Ning!

Take Care

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About a month ago I had two very vivid dreams concerning the earth changes. In the first dream me and my husband are driving through extremely heavy rain.  All of a sudden the road is washed out right in front of us and cars are starting to float in the water.  Our car starts to sink and I am trying to roll down my window so that I can escape from drowning.  The next night in my dream, I am a passenger in the car and we are driving through a town.  It's very cloudy and hazy outside and then all of a sudden a huge ash cloud envelopes our car.  The driver is trying to close off the air vents but it's no use.  I remember closing my eyes and trying to hold my breath so that I don't breathe in any of the ash.   Thank you for listening.

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