In reading a lot of posts on this ning I understand that many of us have been having dreams (visions) of things that have something to do with the coming Pole Shift. 

For instance, last night I had a VIVID dream of being in a vehicle with 3 others and driving over a massive hill TOWARDS a city that was about to be engulfed in a MASSIVE ash cloud... Weirdest of all was that part of the ash cloud looked like a Round Jet stream in the air (falling debris from Planet X?). I could remember that I was in the back of the vehicle and we were heading towards the ash cloud (which seemed to be rolling) to 'pick up' people and bring them out of the city (which had already started to prepare for the black ash cloud)...It was a sunny day and then everything went black???

So what have you all been dreaming about lately? Maybe there are others out there who have similar dreams or are wondering if other people have seen similar things as well. 

We are all connected through our souls.... and when we dream I feel that our souls are communicating with each other!!

So feel free to share with all here on the Ning!

Take Care

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Last week or so i had a dream (at least I think it was a dream) that a pretty large earthquake occurred where I live in the Bay Area, California. Anyways, I managed to wake up as everyone in my house and neighborhood remained "asleep". I noticed a sense of what felt like time stopping. I walked out of my house and looked up in the sky to what was the clearest night sky I have ever seen here ever. What I saw to the north west sky was a huge planet. Very large and kinda brownish red in tint. I also noticed a comet with a white tail flying towards it. Soon after 2 men carrying black devices ran up to me and told me "Everything is normal". I was furious and screamed at them."Does that look normal to you?" One of the men who was in charge called someone in his walkie talkie thing and said something like "We have one whos not responding". They responded with, "Take them down". The 2 men soon pulled out an odd gun looking thing and started shooting ball type projectiles that absorbed into my body. I noticed that they made me feel weak like tranquilizers would do but I managed to fight and not succumb. The first man in charge ran out of those bullets and screamed to the second man to keep shooting me. I managed to escape around the block before I felt the effects of whatever it was they shot at me. I then awoke back in my room feeling as if I had ran a mile. I believe what i saw.

Two dreams last night concerned sea devastation, with enormous waves capapble of shifting boulders. .. . .prior dreams concerned clouds of actual rubble, ash & rocks (!) that moved slowly  across the sky making a groaning sound.

I have only had one dream that even comes to mind and i even told a friend about it i felt so unnerved by it. I only remember being with my mother and the ground started shaking and there was humming all around. i hear my mom yelling at me but i cant understand her, but shes pointing at the moon. i look up to see the moon vibrating as well as the stars in the background. then were thrown from or feet, as i hit the floor i look up and the moon and surrounding stars goes from vibrating to jiggling side to side then lurching. and i wake up. i have another one that is very foggy and i can barely remember it.  i read extensively about dreaming, telepathy, and the human brain. a thought of posting a discussion about dreaming crossed my mind but i shied away from it and never followed through. i just noticed this ZetaTalk today. this happened 2 months ago. thanks Nancy and the Zetas.

I had night terrors as a child, since I was young I have been remembering and writing down my dreams.

I have only drempt 3 apocaliptic dreams so far the last two over the past year and none of which were sociological disasters but all geological. Since the age of nine I've had a re-occuring dream that my hometown mountain would blow up and I couldn't get to my family because they were on the othe side of a bridge.  From my hometowns position on the Australian plate, I think I have some time after the shift until the mountain blows. (release of pressure from the plate rising)

One year ago I had a dream water was flowing up to the second story of our apartment, and we camped on the roof. The night after I drempt of running in the dark away from roaring sounds. 

It seems now to me my dreams are no different than this reality. I know I will be safe, it's working through the potential loss of my loved ones thats challenging.

Hi everyone,

On 31 march 2012. I had a dream about a planet zipping by earth and changing our moon into golden colour with very sharp edged surface. I don't know what to make of this dream. Any help from ZETAS is appreciated.

@JSingh: The Zetas only answer questions on the Zetatalk chat page. However, one of the rules for posting questions is that they do not answer personal requests, like your dream, or they would be getting overwhelmed with such questions every week. You will have to ask the Zetas yourself, and do recall for the answer. If you want to know about PX zipping by Earth, and any effects on the Moon, you can research those things on the website as well. Good luck.

Just posting this here because I don't know if anyone else experienced something similar this week? But I had the urge to just share this here this morning before doing anything else!

I had quite the experience last night in a truly vivd dream that I just feel the need to share today. Three things stood out from the very obvious 'Mass Abduction' dream that I sense I was a part of last night:

*A heads up that although somewhat detailed, each piece of this "dream" that I remember this morning lasted what seemed like (at the most) 30 sec....which leads me to believe more happened in between but I am remembering he most important parts!


1) It started when I was taken on a smaller ship with others (maybe 6-7 people around me that  could make out) and I could see the ground beneath me; at the same time the overwhelming feeling of moving at an incredibly high rate of speed through my chest and head as the ground began to slowly get smaller and smaller (then I go black)

2) I am walking around trying to keep people 'upbeat'. At first I am confused about where I am since there look to be rooms that are attached to many hallways (almost maze like). In each room there is a different vibe that I am told (I feel telepathically) to help 'lift the spirits of those I see with a negative aura (it looks like a grey / black light being emitted from what I sense were people). At first I am confused and when I help them, all the sudden the negative 'aura' lifts and they join me helping others.

Then, it is like a hologram was just lifted and I see A LOT of beings (Greys) that are observing, with some walking towards (not just me) but a lot of other people that seem to be "going thru the motions" from my point of view (people who I later think were living out the same hologram). I feel this was like a prep test, almost running a scenerio of what to do when those around me are 'down and out'!

I only think this is the reason because of what I remember happening next (after seeming to 'black out' again)....

3) I specifically remember beginning (I only remember the Greys walking towards me and then kinda blacking out) to be led somewhere that turned out to be a large 'hall' that I feel personally had a 'school like vibe'. There were TONS of people in there with me.  And then I rememer VIVIDLY a bunch of images...the most impactful (one that seemed to trigger my memory this morning when I turned on the morning news while getting ready for work) was the video showing Planet X and its passage thru our solar system.

While this may not seem as suprising since we (people on this NING) have seen the visuals Nancy and the Zeta's have given us. The message that I have stuck in my brain that has been repeated over and over this morning seems to be this:

As I watched this video I was filled with an overwhelming sense that I needed to remember and finalize the ways in which I will help those around me understand Planet X and its implications because the public will learn soon about its existence. (while I AM NOT talking about an announcement date...I wasn't given one of course, so this could happen anytime). Not only that, but I specifically remember looking to the people next to me and quoting Immanuel Velikovsky lines from Earth in Upheaval while using what I have learned on this NING from users and Nancy and the Zetas to help those understand because I felt they looked confused.

The last thing I remember....I was about to reach into my pocket and call my parents to gather the family together and grab the sealed envelope I gave them to hide for awhile a few years prior (it contains a point form syllabus for me to help the family understand what is coming: pictures from BATSRUS, Zetatalk, etc....)....but when I reach into my pocket on the way to the vehicle (later I figure it was the UFO taking me back home) I didn't have my phone!!!!


Then I wake up, and turn on the news and like walking into a brick wall I am hit with the memory of the "dream" I just had.

Just wondering if anyone else on this NING experienced something similar?

@ Corey Young

No, I haven't experienced any similar dream/vision recently. Sounds like time release information. It can be a jumble when you first remember it. The dream state is one of the ways that I'm able to remember more and also have had time release information come to me that way too.

Since you just had it come to you last night. It's still new to your conscious mind. Allow yourself to dwell on it over the next few days. Keep going over what you feel is the order of the memories. Putting them in order can be difficult and take time. You'll probably find more details will come to you.

Sounds like a timeline of sorts. I've had similar (see contactee thread). As much as we'd like to have the announcement date told to us we are NOT allowed to know via them and they are also definitely NOT allowed to give it to us in anyway or they will be sent packing immediately. Even though we may try.

My thoughts on what you remember.

The place (hallways) was probably training to help you get ready as you suspect. For things you'll do in the future.

The news video. If I'm reading correctly it's a memory and not something you've actually experienced yet. I've had similar, not what you describe of course, but things relating to myself. It's something you will experience at some point in the future. Since it's on the news I'd say some point post announcement. Perhaps you have some place you will go that you may or may not know about yet and will need to leave your current location. If you would leave where you are now (for good) I'm sure their are a number of things you'd need to do. Especially to help people with last minute info about what will happen.

Dwell on it more and let more come to you over the next few days.


The more I think about it the more I sense the overall objective was to 'encourage and empower' those in attendance to take action now (just as you describe) by finishing preparations etc... and brushing up on the things that I have already done (sealed envelope with outline of the Zeta's 7 of 10, last days etc... given to parents to hide until it was time to talk about it). The parts that I have no recall on yet I will have to search, and I agree that time released information is a definite possibilty for the remaining pieces.  I have honestly never thought of the 'time release' aspect of subconcious contact before, and I think that you are correct in that assumption.

The only reason why I suspect it was a single experience with remembering some of the pieces was that I had the overwhelming sense it all happened last night.

Thanks for the help @OrdinaryDragon, time for some more reflection and preparation!




@Corey, your welcome.

One other thing I thought of later. If you feel it was a visit you had last night one very big clue would be if you felt the paralyzed state. Assuming you know what it feels like. I did write a small bit on it to help others recognize it. I assume it feels mainly the same for others. I've had it last minutes but the last visit I had it only lasted a few seconds. But I know what it feels like now and can recognize it with only a second or two in that state.

The visit I wrote about that seemed more like a timeline of sorts came to me via a very vivid dream like yours. I didn't remember much at first when I woke up. Just little bits. Over the following few days more came to me. That was over a year ago now and still little bits pop in once in a while from that. I do know for me that visit didn't happen when I started to remember it via a dream. I have a vague idea when that visit might of happened but I don't know when it was. Remembering the important info from it is more important than when it actually happened though.

Continue to review it over the next few days running through it as you feel the order is and allow new parts to fit themselves in. If you have a preferred way to remember visits that works best for you I'd also recommend working on it that way.

Almost three three years ago I had a vision. I got up around 2:30 peed, pet the dog, laid back down, closed my eyes and my eyelids started vibrating. Then I was east of Richmond in something that had a curved glass shield and I watched Richmond crumble to the ground in a great quake. As my eyes stopped vibrating I thought What the Hell? Then went(eventually) back to sleep.I woke up at 6 a.m., got up peed, pet the dog and thought I've got 15 more minutes and closed my eyes. It was as if someone had pushed replay. I had the exact same vision,eyes vibrating till it was over. That's the day that I got online and started seeking information which brought me to the Zeta sight. I have been working on my property trying to make it as self-sufficient as possible, because I believe i m going to be helping others survive. My dreams over the last two years have been of me walking with other people in different water worlds. Sometimes in boats with destroyed cities in the distance. Sometimes walking to the mountains and having to cross water covered bridges. A couple weeks ago I ordered a bunch of books on edible plants and am learning a lot. I think as we have the time and the money we have to keep moving forward in our survival information and preparation. Everytime I think I might be overthinking or doubting myself another storm destroys a town. Or a bridge becomes impassable and I am thankful for the warnings I have received and the steps I have taken towards preparing regardless of what others are saying.

My most recent dream about the Pole Shift was a few weeks ago. I'm standing in a field and there is someone with me. I know it's a man but I don't see his face. There are stone ruins scattered around and the sky is grey and the clouds are moving very fast. The wind is blowing, there is a big storm coming. I see a few other people who are wandering around zombie like, staggering who are sick. Possibly the plague. I turn to my right and a large red meteor streaks across the sky above us and lands in the distance with a great explosion. I say to the person next to me, the destroyer is coming. It was so real, I woke up feeling scared and had to assure myself that it was a dream. 

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