What type of "lessons" would beings from higher densities be returning to Earth to learn? I understand their main reason for returning is to help those during the coming shift, a sacarfice of sorts. But what could they possibly be learning from their incarnation back in 3rd density?

Graduation into 4th Density Service-to-Other existence does not mean the entity has mastered their ability to interact with others completely. It means the entity thinks of others at least 50% of the time. Highly Service-to-Other entities can be vain if they found this assisted their chances in prior incarnations. They can have a tendency to hoard if they experienced starvation and want in their prior incarnations. They can be fearful, not wanting to take risks, even when the situation calls for it, and a lesson to be learned is to take that risk. They can have a tendency not to trust others, but to rely on the self to ensure a task gets done, and need to learn to rely on teammates more. There are an infinite number of lessons to be mastered.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written June 7, 2008

Can Zetas answer please (I'm Sorry for Bad English). Does the whole experience repeating in circles of lives, does the souls of higher density learning the same lesson as others at the same time or they have another lesson, the souls of 5th density or higher have their own kind of work they have to make?

Lessons are many. Some entities have the same lesson before them almost endlessly, as they struggle with it. Meanwhile, they progress on other lessons.

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written November 28, 2009

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Patience ?

An invasive and pervasive Me-culture continues to predominate the social media scene today. Many young people and adults are captivated by the possibility of becoming famous and wealthy merely by promoting their unique brand or avatar through the Internet. This is counter-intuitive to the worldwide consequences of the impending catastrophic changes on Earth due to the next pole shift when lessons learned in the face of pain and death will depend more upon the collective rather than the individual. Those precious fourth-density souls who have volunteered to return to our lower existence are greatly appreciated because they have placed service and self-improvement above the unpleasantries of third-density living. However, those in the grip of self-centeredness, pride, and lust do not care about personal sacrifices or others who sacrifice themselves for them. Perseverance with empathy, gracefulness, and joy while experiencing repeated denial and rejection from those being saved by one's sacrifice is never an easy lesson, but it is always essential in completing the learning processes for all those involved.

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