Would a Service-to-Other repel a Service-to-Self? Would a Service-to-Self attracted to a Service-to-Other?

Those in the Service-to-Self do not want to be around those in the Service-to-Other, as it reminds them of times in their long distant past when they had a grain of empathy. They lose their focus. One way to drive a Service-to-Self individual out of the room is to have a lot of love vibes in the room. Try it! It works! Service-to-Other

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written June 20, 2009

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Daily, we feel ourselves drawn to certain people and repulsed by others, and we ourselves draw people or repulse them.  I think this is undoubtedly due to our personal "vibes".  Good people sense what other people are about.  They sense their general leaning (towards STO or towards STS) and they sense their current thoughts, moods and motives.  Thus, human interaction is a quagmire or harmonizing and conflicting vibrations.  This can only be accepted, though we can often choose the type of company we keep, or choose to be alone.  When we feel the conflicting vibes, we can remember to exist in love and wisdom, as it says above.  Then, STS people, or those simply currently thinking selfishly, are either influenced towards positivity or start looking for an escape.  I wondered for many years why human interactions are often so strange.  I think it isn't so much what is said and done.  There are unseen energies at work, though our science cannot yet detect, measure and sort them much.  Machines which could precisely read people's thoughts and motives and general dispositions (towards STS or STO, or fully in one of these) would be very helpful !  Alas, we have only our sensitivities, but they can be improved and perfected, I think.  It takes many lifetimes to perfect them, but eventually we read people like a book and know how to react to each one.  Eventually, we become like a Jesus or a Buddha, I guess, and know so very much about hidden things in all humans.  What a power.

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