Undecided souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being moved to their new octopus life form on a water planet? STO souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being born as hybrids? Or will the whole process start only after Pole Shift?

The Transformation is now. Those who are Service-to-Self are taken to their prison planets as they die, and not allowed to reincarnate on Earth except in situations where they are on the verge of their final decision so allowed one last incarnation to make that determination. Those who are Service-to-Other are either reincarnating on Earth or into Hybrid or even full Zeta bodies, depending upon their situation, their personal mission. Those who are undecided, at this time, are almost invariably moved along to their new water world, unless there is a match between the lessons the soul needs to learn, the opportunities it needs, and the needs of a family the babe would be placed within. Some mixed households are staged for the benefit of all. A highly Service-to-Other parent or child might benefit from having a highly Service-to-Self member of the family, so they can learn what to expect during 4th density during encounters or engagements with those in the Service-to-Self. An undecided, in this environment, might gain much wisdom in watching the interaction, and thus be a leader on the new water world. There are as many variables as there are souls involved.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

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