Inuit in Northern Canada Speaking about the 'Earth Tilt'

This website has more video's, feedback and even discussion by filmakers who were supposed to be doing a documentary piece on 'Global Warming' and "Climate Change"....Well as they say, they were not prepared for the response they received....

And here is the the same piece being mentioned on a Zetatalk Newsletter.

I feel this is interesting because it shows that people who rely heavily on nature are more astute to the changes in the world that surrounds lets all take this as an example and get in tune with our nature!!!

Take Care

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Very interesting video clip and comments below it:
In Southern Ontario: "For most of the years I observed the moon it was always in the 11 o'clock to 11:30 overhead position in the sky while 'running high' across the Southern Ontario sky. However 6 years ago the Moon advanced to almost directly overhead while it ran high"

In Northwest Ireland "The Sun has been setting across the horizon more and more to West each year. With a huge Jump in 2009. Venus is also too far to the north and the Moon too high in the sky"
Great pieces of info, Corey, again thanks... Got to "pay it Forward!"

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