A friend said that 90% of people suffer from some type of disturbance of neurosis, and 9% are balanced, but are subject to some change, and one% can be normal. Is this scientific fact, as we learn who is to be good or evil? Is mechanics of human conscience complex? As saberíamos who is Service to Others and Service to Self? Or the separation of evil and the good is automatic?

Highly Service-to-Other souls may be incarnated into humans who suffer from mental illness or have disease that affects their ability to express their concern for others. There are likewise highly Service-to-Self souls in such an incarnation, and their reaction to others around them may not look much different than the reaction of highly Service-to-Other souls incarnated in like circumstances. One cannot make assumptions based on physical disabilities. Likewise highly Service-to-Self souls may be incarnated into human bodies that are attractive, are raised in wealthy families that give them every advantage, and yet they do not concern themselves with others. A highly Service-to-Other soul in such a circumstance would maneuver to help others. Yet on the surface, they may appear similar to those who are highly Service-to-Self, as the Service-to-Self are adept at disguise. Thus, one should not assume, by surface physical appearance, the spiritual orientation of others. It is the actions that they are able to take that is the true criteria.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written December 29, 2007

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Mainly, we do the separating, ourselves, IMO, through our choices. STS people can at any moment choose to become temporarily or permanently STO. And STO people can likewise choose to act in STS ways and even become extremely and steadfastly STS. We decide who we want to be and will be. This is a freewill world and Universe. Certain other Universes are different, I have heard from sources I respect. The power of choice, at all moments and in general, is very powerful here. The power of will. A cave which has been dark for 10,000 years may be lit instantly by one small hole allowing light in and might never be dark again. We can make and expand holes at all moments.

I think that that the human conscience and all facets of our minds are both simple and complex. On the complex side, I think humans only grasp some basics and are frequently wrong, but many things we know are obvious. We also have many luminous guiding lights, such Carl Jung, who have penetrated complexities more than the average person.

Are we, as a race of beings, mostly neurotic, with only 1% being really balanced? Sure, probably, from one point of view. This world is like an insane asylum, where we all come to work out our mental illnesses. Some succeed more than others. Some don't try to heal themselves and many head in the opposite direction. However, over the course of many lifetimes, this world apparently bears a lot of fruit, in terms of evolving humans into better, higher beings.

Now, we're heading into very difficult times, but they will also be times where much inner growth is very possible. So say the Zetas and I think we can all easily conclude this about anything difficult we must face during any type of times.

Be sure to read the orientation section on ZetaTalk. You are wrong there. This density 3th density is about making the choice of STO or STS.  http://www.zetatalk.com/orientat/o00.htm And this decision takes approximately 1000 lifetimes.  

ZetaTalk: Many Incarnations, written Jan 25, 2003 Humans tend to underestimate the number of incarnations they will have before advancing to light form, the stage where a body no longer is a learning tool. They explore their past lives, digging about with a past life regression therapist, and remember only those that are pleasant or put their actions in a good light. The horrific times, or times when they behaved so badly they prefer not to dwell on the matter, are not brought forward. The soul, of course, does not forget, but the human consciousness, hearing these tales, discards them and will only allow the pleasant to come through. Incarnations run into the thousands, in the main, before a graduation is achieved. Nancy is an example of someone who quickly made her orientation decision, having done so in a little more than 1,200 lifetimes, but there are others who require 50,000 or more incarnations to firmly decide. Even then, entities may vacillate, and need to return to re-establish this decision.


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