As we have been preparing to cope with the predicted earth changes - how is everyone adjusting so far?

We are hearing of the snow storms in the northern hemisphere and floods and mudslides etc  Are your plans and preparations helping your situation or have they been constantly modified and made flexible.

It would be good to hear stories of your situation as it might help others cope and adapt better.

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I have always been optimistic, full of laughter, positive and with a heart to help all mankind...and I guess mostly I am still am...but this last while I feel bone weary and overwhelmed at times.  I want to be fully prepared for what lies ahead and help as many of my family and loved ones to awaken and do the same, but the last 2 weeks it's as if there is "pointlessness" to it all???? Very foreign emotion for me?? Anyone else experiencing this?


I have sooooo much to be grateful for, and am!!


Thank you




This weariness you describe could be a result of many things. It is shaky to say for certain from an outside point of view and over the web. Speaking from experience, I have fallen into times where I felt hopeless; lifeless, and this usually came from thinking of myself too much, when thoughts begin to create delusions. And we all do that at times to a degree. It is also possible you have been over-exerting yourself by helping others, etc. Too much of that will leave you feeling like a heap of cloth. It's not unusual for STO humans (and E.Ts) to feel overwhelmed at this time, as there is so much happening, a lot of pain in people, and this will only increase. You just need to figure this out on your own...
Laoch Aingeal said:

I have always been optimistic, full of laughter, positive and with a heart to help all mankind...and I guess mostly I am still am...but this last while I feel bone weary and overwhelmed at times.  I want to be fully prepared for what lies ahead and help as many of my family and loved ones to awaken and do the same, but the last 2 weeks it's as if there is "pointlessness" to it all???? Very foreign emotion for me?? Anyone else experiencing this?


I have sooooo much to be grateful for, and am!!


Thank you


I'd dearly love to build a dodecahedron (sp?) building.  You can easily add on and with a 100-gal. tank of water inside, you create a wonderful efficiently heated building, not to mention growing your veggies inside.   

Douglas Loven said:

well I haev started buying things here and there that do not need batteries or non-renewable a ligher. I got a crank flash light and a maginessiam fire maker. Just to name a few things. As for shelter...after thing have calmed down...i think a cheat-0 tent from wal-mart is unwise as it will tear and dry rot in a short time. So i am looking into other options in that regaurd.....any ideas?

Your action plans are marvelous.  Very impressive.  You're a good logical thinker and prioritizer.  Pls. think about storing the lumber for the chicken coop in a safe place since a chicken coop will be destroyed by the 200-300 mph winds during the hour of the pole shift.  Those winds are scheduled to SCOUR the earth.  You can build the chicken coop after the PS (if you can find chickens).  I don't know if chickens in a shelter could survive the horrifically loud noise that will occur during that long, long hour.  I recommend motorcycle helmets (or hardhats), ear plugs, AND ear mufflers. 

An aside:  I have 3 Yorkies & a mini long-haired Dachshund... I love all of them dearly & they are so hilarious, affectionate, and giving.  But when things get bad before the PS, and I can see that they can't tolerate the noise & shuddering earth, I'm going to put them down.  It will truly be the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  But if I say I love them, then this will have to be done.  If they could even make it through that terrible hour, they would later become food for coyotes, bands of feral dogs, or humans.   For me, losing one of them that way would be unspeakable.

Murray said:

Our update as to how we are coping now...

1.  Moved location after finding this site in April 2011 from 30 metres above sea level to now 1100 metres above sea level

2.  Have bought food to last more than 12 months.  Tinned food, containers to put it in etc etc.  About to buy food for others now, as I just know we will be finding survivors that had no idea what was coming.

3.  Have bought non hybrid seeds, but need to buy more.

4.  Have sold a business and now unemployed... and loving it

5.  Have hired shipping containers to survive the shift... these will be buried with 1-2 metres over roof on the side of a hill with doors facing out.  There is more to this as there is a bigger better plan evolving which includes a environmental blended habitat that does not draw attention to us.

6.  Purchased a hydro electric generator... but don't understand electrics, so am going to learn how to run a complete 12 volt system like Nancy has said.

7.  Purchased 2 way radios x 4 and earbuds, so we can talk to each other without anyone else hearing a speaker blaring.

8.  Purchased "protection devices" and are very aware that we need to be diligent about our own personal security.

9.  Purchased LED Lenser torches, and rechargeable batteries, these torches are extremely efficient, we have tried to standardise as much of the equipment as possible, so it is interchangeable if it...   WHEN it breaks.

10.  Am now looking for a First Aid Trauma kit, for ourselves and others.

Have times where I get an overwhelming urge to "move" and do something.  This has been happening several times in the past few months.  I am listening and acting on hunches and gut instinct now, and this week will be building a chicken coop, and planting a garden.  Read a great book called "One Straw Revolution" by a japanese farmer that was able to out produce the best farms in the USA, with his simple and earth loving philosophy.

My initial fear has been replaced with an urgency of preparation, and Nancy, the Zetas and the people in the Ning have all helped tremendously.

Love to you all, thanks Joy for a thoughtful blog, good on ya mate !!


I too, am surrounded by non-acceptors and just lost my best friend of 50 years because she won't talk to me about it.  Very painful.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of spouses who separate because of this huge issue.  Is there any way you can watch the constellations?  Follow the Big Dipper at the same time several nights in a row.  If you hold your arm out in front of your face but up toward the sky, you can tell how many degrees the constellation has moved from one night to the next.  Hold your hand as if you were telling traffic to come to a halt.  Each finger at arm's length represents approximately 2 degrees.  So if you see that the Big Dipper has moved more than a few degrees from one night to the next, ask your spouse how he would account for that.  The answer is Earth Wobble.  And the Earth is wobbling because of the magnetic pull from Planet X.  One night to the next, I observed Orion move 55 degrees!  That is huge.  I used this observation to convince a friend that the Earth Wobble was great that night. 

Be sure to make your observation at the same time every night.  Believe me, you'll see some huge differences that are difficult to explain -- unless you know about Planet X.  Ask your spouse to try and explain what he sees.  Also,
watch crescent to 3/4 moon over a few hours in one evening.  You may see some shocking changes in where the lighted part of the moon changes positions.  That would be a great one to show your husband.  I will attempt to send some photos but not sure how.  I'll send this post and see what happens.  Pls. forgive if they don't show up.

Kellie Sheldon Payne said:

Hi all,

I'm not sure how I ended up on ZT, but obviously I was meant too.  


My story:  non-believing husband, and two young children.  My girls are my reason to survive this. We are only NOW talking about it, as they have been hearing my conversations with the hubby and are asking questions. I'm not sure where my husband lies on the issue, but I did tell him that if he wants me to believe that this wont happen, he needs to prove it too me, as I have enough proof to show it that it will - if only he would let me.


I am a uni student, I have an exam in 2 weeks and yet I spend most of my days in here looking at things to help me decide on where to go and when.  We live in Western Australia, so we need to move east; unfortunetly, we only just moved from over there in Jan!!!  I wonder if I would have stumbled across this information if we didn't move?  I am now debating on if too stop studying next year and go back to work to earn the money to buy supplies.


As for supplies, we have nothing. I am hoping this shift does not occur in the beg of the year, as we are just not ready - mind or supplies!  I have started a list though, and as of this week will be beginning to purchase small items that are not too much of a stretch on the budget just yet.  I have read of a couple of people who have gotten loans to buy items, I dont think this is a bad idea - I see it as the only way that we are able to do this.  Chris has some wonderful Ideas, and I would so love to pick his brain some more!   I will be taking our dog, he is a great guard and snake dog, so I feel he will be able to protect us (or act as a warning signal) after PS.  I was even debating about getting some rabbits to take for a food source, the kids were not impressed with that idea as we have some as pets! But when you are hungry, you will eat anything!


My husband is in agreeance to obtain his gun licence and gain a weapon (gee that's surprising), and I will go and do a first aid course this coming year.  We also will be looking into a compound bow type of set up for when bullets are no longer.  As for the logistics, that is an issue that is concerning me.  How do we get all of our stuff to where we need to be!!!!  When do we leave, how do we know its time to leave? I guess it all comes down to gut feelings, but who can be sure.  


I have also started to print off information off the net for when there is no such thing, making my own survival guide as such.  As for family, my mum would believe me but as for the others - Im not too sure.  I do have a couple of friends who are really spritatul, and they would believe, its just sitting them down and talking to them.


So pretty much, we are in the beginning stages of preparing - I know we don't have much time, I'm just hoping we have more than we need.


I sit hours each day searching the internet, learning about aquaponics system, herbs and plants to eat, electricity, wind turbines, how to create  different tools from nothing, cob house skills...

But now I´m wondering about STO and STS orientation, what am I, who am I? Am I  a decided STO?  Become an octopi or a hybrid on earth, this seems more important to me than to survive the poleshift. I am decided to survive of course and I know that whithout the information Nancy and Zetas given us, few will survive where I live. Water and  vulcanoes is not an issue here but without our supermarkets many will surely die. 

Still, I want to sell our house  and get a piece of land on the country side. Our part of Sweden will become an island so maybe we have to go north to widen our possibilities?

@ Roger

I had EXACT the same "fight" inside my head! What am I, do I just think for my self? Am I STS or STO? I felt like if I am not STO I have no reason to live!

Then one night before the Christmas it all came very clear to me. I got visited. At least I think so. A VERY very vivid dream? of visitation.

Anyhow. After the visitation I no loger think of my orientation at all! So what I am trying to say is if you give the call, it will be answered.

But please ask one question to yourself: Why do you want to survive? Do you want to survive just to save yourself, or do you want to survive so you can help others?

What comes to selling your house. It is all in your hands. I have the same issue(well actually the whole Finland has). What to do with my house? I have decided to"go with the flow". I have a strong feeling that I will be quided to do the right decisions. Right now I have the feeling I have to stay here in the Southern part of Finland. I will be needed here. There are good people needing quidance when the big sloshing starts.

Have faith in YOU and seek for guidance. You will be helped :)

That s amazing Arto.

I too recently had a dream of a visitation. It was a very vivid dream. I rarely even remember dreams. 

I do not question my orientation. I do have a hard time watching people fall apart as things heat up.

I have to prioritize who I should focus on saving while people go crazy now. The kids take priority There is much social strife and global shuddering while Shiva and Kali dance. 

The children are the key to our future survival. All native American tribes knew this.

I have moved to a different region, and am finding my way. Not everything has gone according to plan, some things were taken. Sometimes it is like two steps forward and one step back. I think it will all work out. I am making new friends and have found a few who value preparedness and are a little like minded. We are not working together as a group but at least talk. I have been looking into my options which are limited as I have very little money. But I am finding that by helping others, I can probably find where I need to be. I will add that I rented an old farm house which, as it turned out, was full of mold and we became very sick. This makes me think about all that damp weather to be expected after the shift, and mold will certainly be something to think about. We moved out of that place and we have been recovering. I used lots of herbs and miso soup to get better. It is important to have a plan for healing. And avoid mold.

I spend a couple of hours each morning researching the ning, and the zetatalk website, as well as the various disaster websites that haven't yet been shut down or altered by the government. I watch the growing changes and try to memorize as much as I can of the zetatalk and related web pages, as I feel like things I print out might not make it through the shift. I feel (and have always felt) like I am in a safe place here in Northern California, and have accessed the google sea level rise tool, too make sure we are above water in the aftertime. My mom is a hippy, and moved us up here when I was a little girl, saying it was the safest place to be, but now with all the changes and the pending pole shift, it is difficult to get her to believe that her location will be flooded, and that she needs to move. I live about 40 miles from her, and am safe here, but she is right next to the river, which has already flooded once in the past 100 years. I tell her that she needs to go, and she looks at me like I am crazy, but I know in my heart that when the New Madrid shifts, she will listen.

I am not sure how I happened upon the zetatalk website, all I know is that it came to me when I was ready to learn. I feel like I am in a bit of a unique situation, as I life in a "hippy" community that has been well enlightened over the past 40 yrs. and in my soul, I believe that others are preparing here, just like I am, which will help all of us in the long run. We are already well versed on growing our own food, and communal living, as well as reaching out to the greater community as a whole. I read both of Nancy's books, and have been filled with much hope and joy, feeling like we're gonna be ok through this. Personally, I live on the top of a hill, at least 300 feet above the town itself, which is already 20 miles inland and 2000 ft in elevation. I have 2000 gallons of water storage, and am looking to increase that. I have spoken with some of my neighbors, and we are all ready to move about on water if need be. I have extremely vivid dreams, in which my family and I are safe and able to feed ourselves post-shift, with a little changes in how we get around. I have dreamed of landslides, and bridges failing, and have already made plans to compensate. I have wood heat, and a very well built home, which, should it survive the shift, will be more than what we need. I am preparing my friends for these changes by posting earth changes and relevant links on Facebook, which I have found to be an ok medium for getting info out there to the general public. In closing, let me just say that I am full of hope and am feeling ok about the things I have been doing to help others survive, and hope that other people that have taken on these things, feel as much hope as I do. We will be ok, we just need to get ready!!

For far too many, coping will mean "deliberately blinding themselves to the truth."  So we should not be surprised when people claim we are crazy even when the evidence cannot rationally be denied. The Zetas put it all together for us in 2008:

Those who claim that the crop shortages, combined with weather irregularities, combined with the rise in earthquake and volcanic activites are normal because any part of this has occurred in the past are deliberately blinding themselves to the truth. We warned that this would happen as the times got tense. Increasingly, those who must cling to denial will do so, with more and more shrill demands that all is normal. We have cited cases to be expected where people will go to their normal jobs even after the rotation of the Earth has stopped and the northern hemisphere has experienced 3 days of darkness. Denial knows no limits, as when someone who needs this crutch finds this does not suffice, then insanity results. We have stated that 43% of survivors will be insane to some degree, and this will include a number who were not in denial but who found the stress too great.

The reason for all this denial and insanity is that the coming cataclysms are so horrific, and affect so much of a person's life. Particularly those who live in cities and have no experience with or access to rural living where they might feed themselves will be unwilling to accept reality. Those who rely on social services or care from family members, who are emotionally dependent and cannot take responsibility for themselves - these people view the devastation in communication and government operations as a type of abandonment. When the thought of a catastrophe as great as we have described is contemplated, these individuals boggle, and thus conclude the catastrophe is not possible and will argue that endlessly. This type of denial will only increase as the pole shift approaches.

I am lucky in that we started a farm before I learned of ZT. I say we, but DH came along kicking and groaning almost the whole time, he was a city kid and I was country.  I've been spinning wool into yarn and making cloth and knitting and crocheting for years. I have my sheep and goats and chickens and a huge garden and started learning to seed save a few years ago. I've made many batches of soap, make several kinds of cheese, learned how to store food, learned to brain tan hides, learned to build, searched out ways to make shelters without the use of nails or screws, how to use & make herbal remedys, how to forage, first aid & emergency medicine, how to find water, how to distill water, how to douse, found a shortwave radio and books on how to use it, how to fish, smoke meat and so much more.

I've been following ZT since the GLP days before the Ning, and everything has unfolded in due time as they predicted. I am not sure we will be ready or even make it thru the PS,  but since I live in a hilly area there are plenty of places to lay low when the hour of the shift occurs and the winds howl. I've finally convinced my DH that this is happening and we are continuing to learn more about how to do for ourselves. Our plan is to buy some containers, place in a hill side and cover with dirt then fill them with supplies and tools. then when the time comes fell some trees in the gully behind the house, cover them with tarps and dirt and take as many animals as we can and secur them under the logs, then secur ourselves.

Our family isn't on board yet but we still hope the children will come around in time and have included plans for many people to join us, hoping the in-laws will come too. We even got an Alaskan sawmill in case there are any trees worth saving and turning into usable lumber...we are learning about wood gas now.

I am thankful that running the farm keeps me very busy so I don't have too much time to dwell on what might be and can instead concentrate on the tasks at hand. We have reached out to extended family and neighbors and think we just might be in a good area for community to come together and help each other, so maybe moving isn't necessary – though if we had the money we would move to a safer location; but it doesn't seem to be possible right now as we are living like everyone else is from paycheck to paycheck. We make do, search for tools at garage sales, and learn everything we can about how to survive well.

I used to dream of running a fiber arts school, in my mind I still see a large building with lots of tools to help make things out of fiber and wool, with fields of sheep and goats, huge gardens of food and flowers and herbs, a wood shop and a huge barn with lots of hay put up for winter, a cheese cave and root cellars, and lots of people coming and going- perhaps it will be a reality after the shift and I can help teach everyone how to do these things and keep the knowledge alive.

And then perhaps I won't make it - I keep remembering something someone said once about surviving - the holocaust saw many survivors, but who would want to live with those psychological scars & memories? To merely survive isn't always a good thing - as ZT points out many will be insane as they won't be able to adjust to the changes. I'm not sure I want to just merely survive, and I don't want to survive alone, I would rather take my chances with my family than move out into nowhere and have no one. I'm a social creature and need community.

How am I doing? As several have mentioned - some days are better than others. Some days I think why bother with all this as it won't survive anyway, I should just get a back pack and a sturdy pair of boots, a hatchet and knife with some flint and some fish hooks and hope for the best but expect the worst.

Then I have days like today - I'm OK today and tomorrow will take care of itself. Through all of this I am amazed at the awesome power of nature, whether it's a baby goat being born or a rip in the earth 5 miles long - this is an amazing time to be alive!

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